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1. Yili Zhixuan introduced new oat milk and coconut milk fermented plant yoghurt for the first time
2. Coca Cola layout bubble fruit vinegar drink, aiming at the scene of food to relieve greasiness
3. Nestle China’s first health food, can effectively enhance the middle-aged and elderly mobility
4. Nestle pushes two milk partners to wake up in the morning and help sleep at night
5. 20 billion active probiotics + plant combustion supporting ingredients, mint health small fiber can effectively help weight management
6. Yili children’s milk powder adds new members to protect children’s healthy growth in an all-round way
7. Danone is the first to introduce children’s plant-based yogurt, colored with fruit and vegetable juice
8. Holly released soybean milk series of desserts, playing with cheese, sweet potato and other online Red elements
9. Western style pastry Chinese innovation, new baking brand huamuzi won millions of angel round financing
10. Mengniu officially controls miaokelando, or rewriting the 100 billion cheese market
11. In addition to digestive and immune health, Cargill invested US $25 million in probiotic producer biogaia
12. Huabin invested 30 million yuan to enter new retail and Red Bull launched new channels
13. The joint strategic investment of 2 billion yuan was obtained by Youxian every day, accelerating the local implementation
14. Haidilao dumpling shop and rice noodle shop, mainly for 10 yuan
15. Coca Cola cooperates with 7-11 to open theme convenience store, immersive experience and strengthen communication with young consumers
Product and coconut milk fermented plant yoghurt, nutrient burden free
On December 19, at the 2021 customer conference of liquid milk division of Yili Group, Yili plant selected two new plant-based products, Oatmeal Milk and plant-based yogurt, and joined hands with Li Yuchun, the brand spokesman of Yili Group. He advocated “it’s time to eat some vegetables” and advocated a new plant nutrition life of “nutrient nutrition, no burden”.
It is reported that the core selling point of plant selection oat milk is high dietary fiber and 0% sucrose. It is made from 100% sunlight oat by enzymatic hydrolysis. It is pure plant-based and tastes smooth. Plant based yoghurt is made of natural coconut milk and fermented with Yili bl-99 patent strain. It is the first plant yoghurt fermented by coconut milk at room temperature in China, with no sucrose added.
As a leading brand in the field of plant-based dairy products, in recent two years, plant selection has been accelerating the speed of product development, continuously increasing the layout of plant-based market, stimulating market vitality, practicing consumer education, and hoping to establish a set of new category standards.
The product picture is only for illustration. Please refer to the marketing version for product packaging
Photo source: Food and beverage industry journal
On December 16, Coca Cola’s meizhiyuan brand launched a new apple vinegar beverage, aiming to create another star product in addition to the fruit orange. Aiming at the dining scene, the new product advocates “refreshing and greasy, accompanied by delicious food”. It is understood that the product is made of 100% apple juice fermented and blended with fresh bubbles. It has a richer taste level, and is low in sugar and fat, so that consumers can enjoy the “thin” delicious without burden.
On the packaging, 330ml modern cans and advanced hand-painted patterns are used, which are closer to young consumers in terms of appearance and function demands. The new product was launched in Guangdong, with a unit price of about 4 yuan.
Photo source: Juicy source
Recently, Nestle’s first health care product, such as ammonia sugar, has been launched in China. It is reported that the product has been proved by clinical trials that it can effectively improve the mobility of middle-aged and elderly people, and help improve the three key factors supporting the mobility: bone health, muscle strength and joint function.
Specifically, the milk powder is rich in three key ingredients, one is ammonia, which is the main component of cartilage, the second is rich in calcium and vitamin D3, and the third is rich in high-quality milk protein. Health care claims to increase bone mineral density. From the packaging, the product uses intelligent can lid, seal upgrade, and spoon powder separation, clean upgrade. At present, the product has been put on the shelves in the official flagship store, with the price of 800g / 369 yuan.
Source: Nestle
Recently, Nestle Yiyang, a nutrition brand of Nestle, has launched the Fuyi milk companion series of protein solid drinks, including Xiaoneng good morning and Xiaoneng goodnight. Among them, the good morning style added black tea powder and yellow essence powder to start the day’s vitality, and the good night version added sour jujube seed powder and longan meat powder to help you sleep comfortably.
Both products are rich in balanced nutrients such as protein, vitamin and folic acid. They are nutritious and low-fat. They can be brewed in hot water alone, or used as a companion for milk, soybean milk and coffee. The products have been put on the shelves in tmall flagship stores, and the price of the combined package is 2 boxes / 100.7 yuan.
Photo source: Nestle flagship store
Recently, peppermint Health launched a small fiber probiotic solid beverage to help improve intestinal health during weight management. The product is packed in small cans with 20 billion live bacteria added to each can, including a patented strain BNR17, which can help intestinal sugar control and effective weight management. In addition, Arabica green coffee powder and guarana extract are added to the product to help accelerate metabolism. This product is currently on the shelves of e-commerce apps, with a new price of 229 yuan, one free for each purchase, with a limit of 300 copies.
Photo source: Mint health
On December 12, Yili Group’s milk powder division announced the launch of three new products – QQ Xingzhen high milk powder, QQ star organic milk powder and QQ Xingyang milk powder – at the 2021 annual Partner Conference to meet the growth needs of children at a specific stage and fully cover the current market segments of children’s milk powder.
Specifically, QQ star hazelnut high Gamma The rare A2 raw milk from our own farm was selected. Every 100g milk powder contained 1200mg calcium, and the double calcium absorption combination of vitamin K2 and vitamin D was added to meet the daily calcium demand. In addition, the optimal amount of DHA was added to meet the intellectual supplement demand of school age.
QQ star organic milk powder contains 85mg high-quality lactoferrin per 100g milk powder to help children build a strong physique; QQ star goat milk powder selects 100% pure goat milk from Europe, adds imported probiotics to promote intestinal health, DHA, Ara and other nutrients to promote children’s intelligence development.
Source of Xinhua Finance and Economics: 6031
Recently, Danone North America announced the launch of the first children’s plant-based yoghurt brand silk. The product is based on almond milk, broad bean protein and coconut oil, fermented with active probiotics, and colored with fruit and vegetable juice. The product is rich in calcium and vitamin D, and contains 25% less sugar than ordinary flavor yogurt substitutes. It has three flavors: Mixed Berry, Apple Cinnamon and strawberry. It is reported that the product will be launched in the designated retail stores in North America in December 2020.
Photo source: Danone
Recently, Holly launched a series of soymilk desserts, including soymilk sweet potato box, soymilk molecular cheese, soymilk milk fresh milk cup and soybean milk cake. Among them, the bean milk and sweet potato box is mainly composed of soybean milk. It has multiple layers of texture, such as cheese mousse, large pieces of sweet potato and cake. The bean fragrance bursts out layer by layer and tastes gradually. The outer layer of soy milk molecular cheese is white chocolate shell, and the inner layer is soybean milk mousse, soybean milk sandwich and soft cake. The triple taste can enjoy the melody of soybean milk.
Photo source: Holly
In December, huamuzi, a new baking brand, completed the angel round financing of millions of yuan from Zhonglin capital. The brand was established in January this year. It cuts into the baking industry from flower cakes and is committed to the pastry innovation of integration of China and the West. She Weiqiang, the founder, was the chief operating officer of Wang xiaohalogen.
The first batch of flower cake products on line added new and popular Western flavors to the traditional cakes, such as cheese rose, snow Meiniang rose, egg yolk rose, etc., to attract customers with the innovation of integration of China and the West. In addition to the flower cake, huamuzi also launched such explosive products as floss cheese toast. At present, the monthly revenue of the brand has reached 1.5-2 million yuan.
Photo source: Pencil track
On December 13, miaokelando officially announced its deep cooperation with Mengniu. Mengniu Group paid RMB 3 billion to subscribe for a shares of Shanghai miaokelando Food Technology Co., Ltd., and obtained about 18.8% shares of miaokelando. If the CSRC approves the transaction, Mengniu Group will become the controlling shareholder of miaokelanduo.
According to miaokelando’s financial report, last year’s brand revenue was 1.744 billion, making it the largest cheese production enterprise in China. Mengniu is one of the top two dairy companies in the dairy industry. Last year, Mengniu set up a cheese company. At the same time, Mengniu and Alla box of Denmark set up Elsevier to create high-end cheese products. The cooperation of the two powers means that the domestic market pattern of 100 billion cheese may be rewritten.
On December 10, Cargill made a fixed investment of US $25 million in biogaia, a leading probiotic producer, and acquired the company’s initial minority equity. This investment has enhanced the partnership and cooperation opportunities in human and animal digestion and immune health. At the same time, this investment demonstrates Cargill’s continued commitment to expand microbiome research and development of digestive health products.
Photo source: palven
12、华彬斥资3000万元进军新零售, 红牛发力新渠道
On December 9, wanlishi, a listed company, announced that the company plans to establish “Xiamen Huabin Wanli new retail Co., Ltd.” jointly with Huabin investment and Shenzhen Ruima. The registered capital of the company is 50 million yuan, including wanlishi accounting for 22%, Huabin investment accounting for 60% of the registered capital, and Shenzhen Ruima accounting for 18% of the registered capital.
According to the announcement, the establishment of the new retail company is mainly to adapt to the new product sales formats in the market, explore more diversified sales scenarios and sales methods through new sales channels such as live broadcast platform and private e-commerce, so as to expand new profit growth points for the company’s high-quality development and performance growth.
On December 9, the joint strategic investment of Qingdao Conson, sunshine venture capital and Qingdao municipal government guidance fund was 2 billion yuan. This is the largest strategic investment of fresh e-commerce in the local area so far.
The company will build a national eco chain headquarters Industrial Park and intelligent supply chain center in Chengyang District of Qingdao, actively integrate into the general trend of Qingdao’s open development, and promote the upgrading of Qingdao’s agriculture and food industry with the domestic leading fresh e-commerce business as the leader.
Image source: Google
In early December, following the launch of Qiao Qiao’s flour, the seventh sub brand of potato flour, Haidilao launched two brand-new sub brands of “Meng Xiaojiang” and “sister Luo” in Zhengzhou, respectively focusing on rice noodles and dumplings. Compared with “Qiao Qiao’s powder” trial business flow is less, the two stores in the evening dining peak basically reached 90% of the attendance rate, the overall operation of the store seems to be more mature.
Photo source: Weiwei finance and economics
On December 11, 7-11 and Coca Cola theme convenience store opened in Guangzhou. It is reported that the theme convenience store is a cross-border masterpiece of double strength. It combines classic elements of Coca Cola with the brand characteristics of 7-11, integrates classic and modern fashion, integrates display, sale and interaction, creates immersive experience with fancy interaction and sound and photoelectric effects, and creates a fashionable impression of the world of play.
Eight clock in points are set up in the store, such as changshuang food, happy constant electricity and magic ice. They are committed to bringing more novel shopping and playing experience to consumers from the perspective of viewing, listening, touching and tasting.
Photo source: Finance Street
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