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How can manufacturers join hands to achieve the same goal?

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Former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill once said that “there are no forever friends, only eternal interests”. In fact, the relationship between manufacturers and dealers is a friendship based on interests. With the continuous change of the market, the relationship between manufacturers presents a trend of close contact and strengthening cooperation. So, how dealers and manufacturers should work together to build a better leisure food market has become a common problem in the industry.
Jianxiaoyu, general manager of Baoding Weihua Trading Co., Ltd
Jianxiaoyu, general manager of Baoding Weihua commerce and Trade Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Weihua commerce and trade”), put forward the advocacy of “manufacturers hand in hand, work together with manufacturers to build the market on the basis of gaining the trust of manufacturers.

Brand is the foundation of development

“This is the tenth year of my career.” Kan Xiaoyu said: “in 2017, I officially entered the bulk industry. So far, I am still a learner in the bulk industry.”
Kan Xiaoyu believes that brand is the foundation of development. Therefore, he not only tries his best to build his own brand for China business, but also takes the manufacturer’s brand as the first consideration when selecting products. Under the guidance of the brand, he chooses Oreo, Ma Dajie, Milo, crayon Xiaoxin, Mars Dake, Jintong, guorenyuan, anheyi, douni, Jiabao, Kouya and Shuanghui Meat, fragrant dangdangdang and other food, and successfully increased sales.
Since 2017, Kan Xiaoyu began to focus on bulk brands. With the fast update and iteration speed of bulk food, Kan Xiaoyu needs to pay close attention to the industry trends at any time. He actively participated in major exhibitions and won the title of “2020 top 100 Chinese candy and snack golden dealers” in 2020 Ningbo whole food exhibition.
Brand represents quality to a large extent. Kan Xiaoyu’s choice of brand is to ensure the quality of products. High quality products have also been unanimously recognized by consumers, which has laid the foundation for building the brand of China business.

Service is the key to success

Dealers need great patience and care to provide terminal services. Over the years, Kan Xiaoyu has insisted on providing terminal services in detail. He has strict requirements for terminal business
1. The display of bulk food should be beautiful. Kan Xiaoyu requires terminal operators to stack products by hand. For example, for pastry products, they must be displayed one by one in order to achieve the most beautiful effect.
In fact, according to Kan Xiaoyu’s requirements, bulk food can be displayed in the following ways:
1) The bulk leisure food is displayed according to the commodity property, and is displayed by brand in each classification;
2) Among special foods, sugar free foods are generally displayed in leisure pastries or mixing areas, but they should be displayed in a centralized manner with obvious marks; fine foods with conditions can be displayed in special areas and set up fine food areas; those without conditions can be separately displayed in their own food classification.
2. Keep abreast of the terminal. Kan Xiaoyu asked terminal salesmen to send back the display photos every day. He said: “the terminal supermarket is the place that has the closest contact with consumers. Only if the image of the supermarket is beautiful, can it be recognized by consumers, so as to improve sales volume. In this way, as dealers, we can also win the trust of the terminal supermarket. “
Good service is not only a kind of accomplishment, but also a necessary ability for dealers. Of course, dealers are not only required to do a good job in terminal services, but also to do a good job in the service of upstream manufacturers.

Manufacturers work hand in hand

In recent years, contradictions and disputes between manufacturers and distributors have occurred frequently. The industry has begun to vigorously seek solutions. Confidants should know the other party, find out the core issues of cooperation between manufacturers, and formulate targeted strategies. Only in this way can we have an unbreakable cooperative relationship between manufacturers and dealers. To this end, Kan Xiaoyu proposed the advocacy of “manufacturers work hand in hand and make concerted efforts”. In order to realize his advocacy, dealers need to polish their eyes and choose the most suitable manufacturer for cooperation.
First of all, the dealer should consider whether the manufacturer can provide appropriate service. Dealers sincerely represent products, naturally need manufacturers to provide the same sincerity to produce products, which requires manufacturers to continuously improve their innovation ability. In this changing era, especially in the leisure food industry, young consumers like to pursue new products. Therefore, dealers are more inclined to manufacturers with innovation ability.
Secondly, dealers and manufacturers should trust each other. In recent years, because of the performance growth, string goods, temporary futures processing and other problems caused by the frequent occurrence of contradictions between manufacturers, the reason is that some manufacturers still do not trust dealers after cooperation, when the market encountered resistance or found market problems, they can not timely communicate with dealers effectively, resulting in the solution lag, affecting the rights and interests of consumers, thus affecting the cooperation between manufacturers Trust in the process.
Therefore, mutual trust between manufacturers plays an important role in cooperation. Of course, the trust of manufacturers cannot be separated from the efforts of dealers themselves. Kan Xiaoyu believes that dealers should take improving product sales as their mission. If the products are sold well, the trust of manufacturers will naturally increase.
According to relevant data, China’s leisure snack industry has a large market space and is still in the growth stage. In 2018, the retail sales of leisure snack industry will reach 1029.7 billion yuan. It is estimated that the scale of China’s leisure snack industry will maintain a compound growth rate of about 11% from 2019 to 2022, reaching 1.3 trillion yuan by 2022. The trillion scale of leisure snacks is still growing steadily, and the industry competition continues to be intense.
In this case, Kan will continue to explore bulk food, find more innovative manufacturers, strive to win the trust of manufacturers, realize “manufacturers work together, work together to build a more perfect leisure food industry”.
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