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The world’s first Mead Johnson Foundation was established in China, and Mead Johnson started a new journey of public welfare in China

Foreign giants have increased their market share in China, not only in terms of products and marketing, but also in the practice of local public welfare.

Yesterday, Mead Johnson, a nutrition brand of Lijie group, announced at the 2020 national health theme forum that Mead Johnson public welfare foundation was officially established with the approval of relevant national social management departments. This is the first Mead Johnson Foundation set up in the world.

The foundation also represents a new stage of Mead Johnson’s public welfare journey in China. Gu Lei, vice president of Mead Johnson Greater China, said that it marks the normalization, platformization and sustainability of Mead Johnson’s public welfare undertakings in China.

2020 national health theme forum

In fact, as early as last year, Laxman Narasimhan, the group’s chief executive, announced that it would set up the liguss / Mead Johnson Foundation in China when he started his new career in China.

Now, let’s take a look.

Independent operation

Xiaoshidai learned that, unlike many other companies taking the lead in public welfare in the name of enterprises, Mead Johnson Foundation operates completely independently.

“The establishment of Mead Johnson Foundation represents that our public welfare is no longer limited to the scope of corporate social responsibility, but as an independent entity to create value for society.” Gu Lei said.

In Mead Johnson’s view, the independent operation of the public welfare foundation will release more energy.

Gu Lei, vice president of Mead Johnson Greater China

Gu Lei explained: “the Mead Johnson Foundation, which is completely independent of the enterprise operation, will open up multiple existing public welfare platforms for maternal and Child Health established by Mead Johnson and its partners, break through the limitations of the scale, sustainability and influence of a single project and single platform, and break through the energy and resource constraints of a single enterprise and its stakeholders, so as to be more multidimensional, broader and more independent A new and more integrated platform will continue to focus on relevant issues, and gather more enterprises, social groups and public forces with the same values and concerns, so as to realize the superposition, complementarity and leverage of resources. “

According to reports, the foundation will focus on five major areas, including: supporting children with rare metabolic diseases and special nutritional needs, paying attention to their health and development; supporting 1000 day nutrition and early life development, helping children get the best start in life; enabling new mothers, children’s families, non-governmental organizations and communities to create a healthier world; supporting poverty alleviation And disaster relief; through extensive cooperation, seek solutions to other social and environmental problems, and create a sustainable future.

At the forum, Guo Peiyuan, director of Simeng corporate social responsibility promotion center, who has long been concerned about the field of social welfare, also said that unlike the internal public welfare departments of the enterprise, the enterprise public welfare foundation is a non-profit corporate organization, and the establishment of the enterprise public welfare foundation represents a long-term commitment of the enterprise to local social and community social responsibility.

It is reported that at present, there are more than 1200 enterprise foundations in China, less than 20% of all foundations, and they are still in the initial stage of development.

Guo Peiyuan also pointed out that looking at all the enterprises that set up foundations, most of them are outstanding enterprises in their respective fields, “which is a sufficient and unnecessary condition for them to become outstanding enterprises.”.

Relying on expertise to deeply cultivate China’s public welfare undertakings

In fact, as a nutrition company based on providing scientific nutrition for mother and child groups, Mead Johnson has gradually transformed from public welfare participants and practitioners to advocates, influencers and platform builders to comprehensively protect mother and child groups.

At the beginning of this year, when the epidemic situation in Wuhan was the most severe, Mead Johnson noticed that the local maternal and child groups were also facing unprecedented challenges, such as going out to buy milk powder.

To this end, Mead Johnson quickly developed online “meizan recommendation” small program. Users can get the information of the nearby maternal and infant stores and the contact information of the nutrition consultant in real time through the small program to understand the supply situation and place an order. In the special period, more than 2000 Mead Johnson nutrition consultants in more than 300 counties and cities across the country have also become “riders”, providing free door-to-door “contactless” distribution services to connect the “last mile”.

Data show that the app has served more than 140000 people in two weeks, helping consumers avoid the risk of going out to purchase during the epidemic.

On the other hand, Mead Johnson set out to build a comprehensive maternity assistance platform in Hubei. The company, together with China children’s foundation, NCP life support network and Dr. Chunyu, launched the public welfare project of “protecting new students for love war epidemic” in early February. The project provides comprehensive assistance services such as epidemic prevention materials, nutritional support, assistance in contacting hospitals, online consultation and psychological support for pregnant mothers in Wuhan, Hubei Province.

Mead Johnson launched the “special milk powder subsidy project for children with phenylketonuria” in China

In the period of shortage of epidemic prevention materials, Mead Johnson provided comprehensive epidemic prevention kits for 5100 pregnant and childbearing mothers in Wuhan; guarded more than 1400 pregnant and childbearing mothers in Wuhan through wechat group for 7 * 24 hours; welcomed the birth of more than 860 newborns; and helped more than ten pregnant women infected with new crown pneumonia to give birth to healthy babies.

Since then, the platform has also launched online services to cover pregnant and childbearing families across the country. The platform online “pregnant women’s epidemic prevention and treatment guide”, “pregnant women’s epidemic prevention manual”, “pregnant women’s comfort manual” and other guides and online courses, with a total of more than 50000 people.

Build a new ecology of maternal and infant health

Since entering the Chinese market for 27 years, Mead Johnson’s public welfare projects have been continuously upgrading and innovating. The establishment of Mead Johnson Foundation is also an extension of the previous “care to the beginning” plan.  

According to the data, the “care to the beginning” program is a public welfare program jointly organized by Li Jieshi, Mead Johnson and China children’s and youth foundation to help improve the situation of maternal and child malnutrition and stunting in poverty-stricken areas of China. At present, the program has successfully covered 15 counties in China. More than 5600 pregnant women and 1700 healthy newborns have benefited from the program. At the same time, Mead Johnson has helped train more than 1000 primary medical staff.

At this forum, many participants believed that in the post epidemic era, maternal and child health is still facing many problems and challenges, such as unbalanced development, inadequate services, and insufficient ability to meet the growing health needs of women and children.

Therefore, in the new era, it is more important to link the professional forces of the government, public welfare institutions, enterprises and other parties to build a maternal and child public welfare ecosystem.

Chen Liang, chairman of Mead Johnson Foundation, said, “I hope that Mead Johnson Foundation will become a carrier of a new ecology of maternal and child welfare after its establishment, form a long-term platform mechanism, base on its specialty, give full play to its advantages, complement each other’s advantages with various social organizations, institutions, business partners and the public, and jointly create a shared future of maternal and child health.”

Continuing its expertise and experience in the field of special nutrition, Mead Johnson Foundation will take the lead in exploring and supporting public welfare projects related to rare metabolic diseases and children with special nutritional needs, aiming at arousing the public’s attention to rare diseases, helping to reduce the incidence of rare diseases and helping children with special nutritional needs through a series of ways such as nutrition support, disease consultation, training lectures and enabling organizations Rare disease group.

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