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The packaging design of the new year’s gift box has a new year’s flavor!

Meet Shenzhen
on April 6, 2021 spring total food exhibition

There are a lot of friends recently
I want to see some new year gift boxes
After all, 2021 is not far away
Today Xiaobian will share a wave first
More interesting new year gift box packaging design
A younger style
It’s also a new design direction~
Fm2021 radio channel New Year gift box
Via: happy making ceremony

Different from the conventional New Year gift box on the market
This retro radio is packaged in a 2021 Spring Festival gift box
Take “time travel” as the creative idea
Make the user experience rich in the new year

The overall use of saturated warm color design
Large area of sky blue makes the overall vision fresh and bright
Radio elements combined with geometric figures
It can make consumers have intuitive sense of substitution
There is also a score entry on the cover
DIY music creation according to user instructions
Enhance the interesting interaction with users

The opening method is also referred to
On mode of radio tape placement
Give users a more real experience
Shadow play New Year gift box
Via: Dongfang Haoli

This new year gift box
First of all, the inspiration comes from the habit of going to the theatre
The packaging is in the form of shadow play
Present the lively scene of Chinese New Year in the gift box
Let consumers have the feeling of being on the scene
Transparent frosted texture on the outer seal
To present the image of the main character
Combined with the characteristics of the painting “hundred sons playing in spring” by Su Hanchen, a painter of Southern Song Dynasty
The dance scene of children playing lion and children beating gongs and drums
Enhance the overall strong festival atmosphere
Let’s take a look at the words “good drama with stage” in the inner box
The visual form of stage play
Light gold color block filling
In addition to the use of traditional Chinese characters and mellow strokes
The whole is solemn and formal without loss of intimacy
In addition, the cover with a variety of bright colors
Depicting auspicious clouds, fireworks, bridges and other elements
Stepped structure design
Create a stage sense of shadow play at the same time
Packaging shows more oriental classical charm
On the independent package of the inner box
The spot color plus bronzing process design is selected
The colors of seven colors continue the same style of illustration
And in the form of full version highlight the words “good drama with stage”
Setting off the golden age of the new year
Don’t miss the New Year cake in the inner box
Three dimensional fruit and depiction of new year elements
It skillfully presents the Chinese traditional auspicious culture
Let you enjoy the delicious and experience the fun at the same time
Of course, as the theme gift box of shadow play
Packaging is also used through a range of essential materials
Day and night
Turn on the lighting if necessary
You can experience the process of performing shadow play
Restore the traditional festival atmosphere
Gilded time New Year gift box
Via: Oriental good manners
Finally, let’s take a look at this money rolling gift box
The whole is presented in the traditional New Year style
Consumers can feel intimacy in the first sight
What’s interesting is that
The outer seal is added with elements similar to quicksand box
The gift box is flipped up and down
In the flower window, the Yuan Bao, the copper coin and the gold piece roll down
It means “money is rolling”
The cover presents the flower window elements by borrowing the scenery
With crabapple pattern as window lattice shape
Chinese style combined with transparent design
Intuitively show the inner box packaging form
It also creates a unique courtyard atmosphere
It’s packed in a red gift box
In the traditional form of couplet layout
Black font around the gold outline of the auxiliary icon
Further echo the New Year atmosphere
In addition, on the quicksand gift box
In order to achieve both sides can comply with the direction of orthography
The content of “Zhaocai”
And in the outer box, draw a picture of the lion
And then express the best wishes
Independent packaging of inner box
There are not too many decorative elements on the whole
And choose “good color head” text as the main visual
The moral of “seeking a good winner”
The bonus is even more unconventional
Choose the fashionable blessing words
Enhance interactive interest
And the design of the handbag
The joint was decorated with four copper coins
The implication of money~
After reading the above new year’s gift box packaging
It can be found that
On the basis of retaining the original traditional style of gift box
The elements of new trends are also used more flexibly
Not stick to the past conventional packaging design
Let the New Year gift box have a new interpretation at the moment

Of course, the traditional culture of gift boxes is highlighted
Immersive scene experience
Consumers can feel it
The New Year atmosphere of a certain time or thing
Naturally, more emotions will be placed on the gift box

Although the elders will pay more attention to the New Year gift box
But for the design of the new gift box
There is often a stronger love and tolerance
After all, I want to get a good start in the new year
Blessing profound meaning of packaging will harvest high popularity ~
Source: Top Packaging

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