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Wang Laoji cites LINGJI to exceed 500 million sales target! First high end product to be “Maotai partner”

Aiming at the health needs of the accelerated development in the post epidemic period, the “cilingji” of Guangyao Wanglaoji will accelerate the expansion.

At the launching ceremony of “Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and Guizhou Rosa roxburghii Tratt · Gleditsia sinensis industry innovation alliance” recently held, Wang Laoji released the first high-end fruit juice product “refined Rosa roxburghii Tratt” of Rosa roxburghii Tratt, and announced to invest 50 million in Rosa roxburghii Tratt R & D and health product development.

“Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and Guizhou Rosa roxburghii Tratt · Gleditsia sinensis industry innovation alliance” was officially established


After the press conference, Li Chuyuan, chairman of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group, said that cinningji would also launch breakfast products and revealed the direction of new product layout in the future. Now, let’s take a look.


Exceed sales target


One of the main raw materials of cilingji series is the characteristic fruit of Guizhou named “king of vitamin C”. The brand is the product of Guangyao group enabling the Rosa roxburghii Tratt industry in Guizhou, so as to realize the poverty alleviation of counterpart areas. Its products were initially announced on the market in June 2019. At present, it has launched products such as compound juice, throat sugar, Guiling ointment and bubble wine.


Xiaoshidai learned that this year, CI LINGJI series not only exceeded the sales target of 500 million yuan, but also handed over the latest poverty alleviation “report card”.


According to a recent notice issued by Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., the sales volume of CI Ning Ji series has exceeded 500 million yuan this year, which has driven the sales volume of Guizhou Rosa roxburghii production and processing enterprises to increase by more than 30% year on year, making contributions to Guizhou Province’s poverty alleviation. Today, the planting area of Rosa roxburghii Tratt in Guizhou has exceeded 2 million mu, benefiting over 217000 farmers, with an average income increase of more than 7000 yuan.

Speech by Li Chuyuan, Secretary of CPC Committee and chairman of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group

However, there are still many challenges on the way to promote the small fruit of Rosa roxburghii Tratt into a larger industry.


“Rosa roxburghii Tratt ripens from August to September every year, and its deep-processing products are mainly made of fresh ripe fruit. Therefore, for a long time, Rosa roxburghii Tratt industry is faced with seasonal supply, storage and processing pressure, and consumers can not tell why Rosa roxburghii Tratt products are good “Rosa roxburghii Tratt prevention and treatment of respiratory disease joint research group (hereinafter referred to as the research group)” principal researcher Dr. Wang Yu said at the scene.


According to reports, since the establishment of the “industry university research joint research group on the prevention and treatment of respiratory diseases of Rosa roxburghii Tratt” led by academician Zhong Nanshan in April this year, the research group has carried out a number of studies on the detection and efficacy of total components of Rosa roxburghii Tratt, and released the phased results in 2020.


In view of the quality control problems of raw materials such as difficult storage and moldy storage of Rosa roxburghii Tratt fresh fruit, the research group tried to learn from the processing method of Chinese herbal medicine to treat Rosa roxburghii Tratt fresh fruit. The results showed that Rosa roxburghii Tratt has the opportunity to refer to the processing of Chinese herbal pieces, which can avoid the current situation of difficult storage of fresh fruit.

Dr. Wang Yu, the main researcher of the “industry university research joint research group of Rosa roxburghii Tratt for the prevention and treatment of respiratory diseases”, introduced the research results of Rosa roxburghii Tratt’s ingredients and their effects on improving immunity and protecting eyes

In addition, Wang Yu also introduced the related effects of Rosa roxburghii Tratt on eye protection, immune regulation, anti alcohol and liver protection. For example, in the field of alcohol and liver protection, Wang Yu said that the research group used cilingji refined Rosa roxburghii Tratt to study the effect of alcohol and liver protection. The preliminary conclusion is that refined Rosa roxburghii Tratt has a certain anti alcohol effect on acute drunken rat model, and has a certain liver protection effect on multi day drinking mouse model. “It involves the mechanism of antialcoholism and liver protection, which needs further study in the future.” She said.


High end new products to be “Maotai partner”


After discovering more functions of Rosa roxburghii Tratt, Wang Laoji also determined the main selling points of the new product, helping to solve the problem that consumers don’t know much about the advantages of Rosa roxburghii Tratt.


It is understood that based on the above preliminary conclusions, Li Chuyuan proposed to position the refined Rosa roxburghii Tratt liquid, the first high-end fruit juice product of cilingji, as “Maotai partner”. “There is a saying that a thousand cups of wine are less than a confidant. Now a Rosa roxburghii Tratt and a cup of Maotai are less than a thousand cups. They are not drunk.” He joked at the event.


In fact, the practice of linking the new product with Maotai also reflects Wang Laoji’s goal of starting from the drinking scene, so as to promote it to high-end consumers. At present, the main ingredients of vitamin C are the juice of Nongfu. In this category, cilingji refined Rosa roxburghii Tratt is the first high-end product aiming at the drinking scene with clear positioning.

Cilingji refined Rosa roxburghii Tratt liquid, a new product of cilingji, was officially launched

so, apart from precisely targeting the consumption scene, what’s special about this high-end new product itself?


According to Wang Laoji, the vitamin C content of a 50 ml bottle of cilingji refined Rosa roxburghii Tratt liquid is as high as 600 mg. When browsing the official flagship store of Wang Laoji tmall, xiaoshidai noticed that at present, refined Rosa roxburghii Tratt is also the product with the highest unit price in the cinningji series, and the single bottle price of 12 pieces of 50ml combination is about 50 yuan.


It is reported that this new product has been launched in the official flagship store of Wang Laoji tmall and the wechat app mall of Wang Laoji, and will enter other e-commerce platforms and offline channels such as Shangchao in the future.


After the drinking scene, spinningji’s latest target is breakfast. Li Chuyuan told xiaoshidai that Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group is cooperating with international giants to launch healthy breakfast products related to Rosa roxburghii Tratt and sell them to the international market.


“In the future, based on the grand health strategy, Wang Laoji will continue to develop products to meet the health consumption needs of the public, centering on the latest research achievements of Rosa roxburghii Tratt, such as immune regulation, anti alcohol and liver protection, eye protection, anti-oxidation and so on.” Li Chuyuan told xiaoshidai.

“Guizhou Rosa roxburghii Tratt, Gleditsia sinensis total component detection and efficacy research results conference” held


In this regard, Zhu danpeng, an analyst of China’s food industry, believes that cinningji is expected to provide a solid foundation for Wang Laoji’s category diversification strategy in the future, and play a greater potential relying on the channel advantages of the brand herbal tea.


It can be seen that from the initial listing of compound juice, throat sugar and Guiling cream to the latest refined Rosa roxburghii Tratt liquid, Wang Laoji is continuously exploring more possibilities around big health to meet different consumer needs. On the one hand, this has brought business increment to Wang Laoji. On the other hand, it is expected to provide new ideas for the development direction of Rosa roxburghii Tratt industry.


Cooperate with Nanshan Pharmaceutical Innovation Research Institute and other teams to build an international scientific research alliance


After the initial success of the project and sales of Rosa roxburghii Tratt, Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group decided to increase R & D investment to consolidate the poverty alleviation achievements and provide consumers with more abundant products of Rosa roxburghii Tratt.


At the event, Guangdong Pharmaceutical Group initiated the alliance with Guangdong Nanshan Pharmaceutical Innovation Research Institute, Lingnan Modern Agriculture laboratory, academician Su Guohui of Hong Kong University of Guizhou Academy of Sciences, and Professor Wang Yitao, director of State Key Laboratory of Chinese medicine quality research of Macao University.


“The alliance of Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and Guizhou established by us should also be the first alliance of Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and Guizhou in China at present.” Li Chuyuan said at the event that Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group will invest 50 million yuan in scientific research and plan to promote the continuous research of Rosa roxburghii scientific research projects and the development of Rosa roxburghii health products through three years of scientific research and capital investment.

Rosa roxburghii Tratt

According to the introduction, the alliance will strengthen the research on active ingredients of Rosa roxburghii Tratt, provide guidance for the development of functional biomedical raw materials of Rosa roxburghii Tratt and cinningji series products, and provide scientific and technological support for raw material control, process optimization and product quality control of Rosa roxburghii Tratt, “strive to build a six party research platform with complementary advantages and integration of industry, University and research, and accelerate the implementation of scientific research and achievements ”。


With the help of this alliance, Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group also released a signal to make Rosa roxburghii “in line with international standards”.


Today, xiaoshidai learned from Wang Laoji that in the future, it hopes to bring more international scientific research talents, technologies and resources into this alliance through the international window platform of Hong Kong and Macao, so as to jointly tap the value of Rosa roxburghii and develop the Rosa roxburghii industry.


With the blessing of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group and expert team, I believe Rosa roxburghii Tratt industry will burst out stronger vitality in the future.


A kind of

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