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Five key words to see consumer password in 2020

, trend, cloud, broadcast, volume, these five words may not fully cover everything that happened in 2020, but in the view of new retail business review, they have provided us with the development vane of the retail field in the next year.
2020 is hard to describe in one word.
At the beginning of the new year, the new crown epidemic is like an invisible hand, dragging the world economy to an unknown rough road, and the fate of many families, enterprises, cities and countries has been forcibly rewritten.
However, under the shadow, the Internet industry is showing a bright color.
Dingdong shopping, HEMA Xiansheng and other Internet vegetable selling modes are breaking through the “ceiling” of offline stores; Pingan haodoctor and Jingdong health have changed the tradition of offline medical treatment and explored more business boundaries of online services; Dingding, Huawei welink and other cloud technology service platforms have nearly 100% user growth every month during the epidemic period
One side is the great crisis, the other side is the surprise brought by “cloud” consumption. It can be said that 2020 is a year of spiral growth, and it is the active consumer industry that runs through the whole year.
Live delivery of goods is booming; group buying in the community is on fire again; domestic beauty products are on top of the dust; healthy sugar free drinks are on the rise; new brands are coming to a phenomenal explosion; many consumer brands, such as Nongfu spring, blue moon, perfect diary and bubble mart, are stepping onto the altar of IPO
The superficial prosperity cannot hide the change of the underlying logic.
China is transforming from a world factory to a global consumer center. At the same time, generation Z is rising, and their consumption power accounts for 40% of China’s total consumption power. The injection of this power provides a huge blue ocean market for the consumer industry.
In 2020, there will be subversion and remodeling. The new retail business review summarizes five keywords, not only to see the consumption code in 2020, but also to look forward to 2021. What will happen to the active factors of Chinese consumption? Can the consumer industry maintain sustainable growth and development
While staying up late, painting brush, playing games and disco dancing, they are also afraid of lack of energy, fear of dark circles and sudden death. Therefore, they drink bedtime drinks and thermos cups to soak wolfberry, and consume the most expensive eye cream and the best concealer.
A cup of milk tea a day, which is called “reward the tired self”, but also afraid of growing meat and acne, so they eat “low-fat, 0 sugar” meal, as well as a large number of anti sugar pills and nutritional supplements;
“Single dog” while saying “no longer believe in love”, while eating a person eating hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot, on the mobile phone to eat favorite CP, a smile on the face of his aunt said “good sweet, eat to, is true, this is love”;
They would rather have a good meal on their own, but they should also serve the “cat owners” and “dog sons” well, buy them several thousand yuan special toilets, and let them stay in a five-star pet hotel when they go back home on business;
“Moonlight clan” read yingzi Yamashita’s “broken away”, vowing to be a fairy with low desire, and then plunge into the live studio of Li Jiaqi and Weiya to automatically open the purchase program
“Don’t scold! Stop swearing This is the first reaction of contemporary youth after reading the above paragraph.
How many contemporary youths can really do what they want? Even if they do, will they feel too indulgent and turn to remedial measures?
In order to “follow the heart”, young people will revitalize the business of health and nutrition products, meal substitutes and baldness prevention products in 2020, and also drive the booming development of “XX economy” such as single economy, insomnia economy and pet economy.
Meal replacer, protein bar, whole wheat bread, 0 sugar bubble water, low fat chicken breast How attractive these products are for people who want to lose weight and don’t want to exercise.
But in addition to trying to get rid of fat by substituting meals, the epidemic has also made young people pay more attention to their health and take self-cultivation as an investment. It’s only primary health preservation to soak medlar in boiling water, coffee, cola, beer and other drinks. All kinds of nutritional supplements and functional products related to health preservation can be regarded as the essential choice for advanced health preservation.
For example, a young person with a high pressure and insomnia can have a bottle of melatonin or sleeping drink before sleeping. Pillow on the pillow of cotton wool belly spray with lavender spray, listen to natural white noise or meditation music played in mobile phone App…
If you still can’t sleep well, you can only use strong anti hair shampoo, apply all kinds of hair tonic, and take up expensive anti hair apparatus to prevent yourself from saying, “I’ve become bald, and I’ve become stronger.”
The loss of face value is both important and unimportant to young people, just as Ta people yearn for both love and freedom, which is a kind of “Schrodinger’s view of singleness”, thus achieving the “single economy” – living in a single apartment, eating one person’s food, participating in all kinds of research and further education, striving for one person; at the same time, they go through all kinds of dating application platforms, hoping to find the next level of life The entrance to the section.
Young people choose “obedience”, and brands do not hesitate to follow up, break down and subdivide these “obedience needs”, and then refine and perfect all kinds of innovative products and services, so as to meet young people’s sense of health, fat burning and sports
“Tide” has been popular for many years, but it can still best summarize the consumption preferences of young consumers in 2020.
This year’s national trend is no longer limited to fashion brands, but spread to all aspects of young people’s lives.
National style songs, opera culture, Chinese painting and calligraphy Guochao culture is popular among the young people represented by users of B station, which further promotes Hanfu, Guofeng culture and innovation and other sub categories into the mainstream. Wearing Hanfu and keeping accounts has become a kind of life attitude of young people.
At the same time, “Guochao” also represents the rise of China’s cutting-edge brands.
Yixian e-commerce, the parent company of beauty brand perfect diary and little Odin, was listed on the New York Stock Exchange in September this year. Huaxizi, with its national trend positioning, high-value products and rapid iteration, is expected to break the circle rapidly, with an annual sales of nearly 3 billion yuan.
At the same time, high-definition led beauty mirrors and various beauty instruments that are used to “match” beauty products have gradually become just needed; beauty refrigerators that can better preserve beauty care products have also been “planted grass” by consumers.
They not only represent the new growth speed of national brand in the face value economy, but also highlight the strong influence of the “content marketing brand” played by the cooperation between brand and content platform, KOL and Koc.
When it comes to “tide”, another thing we have to mention is “tide play”. This is a special Chinese term, such as blind box, hand-made, etc. The 2021 annual business hot spot of food and beverage industry just released by foodaily yesterday also defines “brand trendy interest” as the future
The market value of the newly listed bubble Mart has exceeded 100 billion, which shows its influence on young consumers. Behind the IP empowerment, high profit rate and repurchase rate, young people love to spend 69 yuan to “gamble” and have a surprise feeling. And looking around, the market suddenly like a night of spring breeze, everything can be blind box.
This year’s “tide”, as well as the retro tide and new tide of time-honored brands. When it comes to IP cooperation and cross-border, they are no less popular than the new Internet Celebrities
The big white rabbit milk and ice cream co operated by Guangming and Guanshengyuan have been used on the SNS platform; Luzhou Laojiao has a series of cross-border activities, and jointly launched “ice cream in pieces” with Zhong Xuegao, produced a joint gift box with huaxizi, and produced a joint wine with the animated film Jiang Ziya
In addition to Zhong Xuegao, a cross-border dumpling maker, Xicha is also a cross-border co branded maniac. It has cooperated with dove to produce Zhizhi Taotao bath milk, developed a series of food substitute products with wonderlab, launched a co branded ice-cream with Helu snow and a co branded T-shirt with taipingniao In the first half of this year alone, 54 brands were linked.
Whether it’s cross-border or joint brand, it’s mostly because brands want to follow the rhythm of “tide”. After all, it represents the consumption trend of young people and represents a broader market and future.

The epidemic has moved everything in people’s daily life and work online, and “cloud economy” has begun.
During the day, employees have opened the online office mode, and the “cloud office” through online software such as Tencent, nailing and zoom has become a new way of work that everyone must try and adapt to; the student party has also rapidly entered the era of “cloud course” because of the “suspension of classes” and various training institutions are stepping up the development of online courses.
Because it saves the travel time between schools and training institutions, the flowers of the motherland experience the unprecedented “sense of fullness” in the era of knowledge explosion. So there is an interesting interaction in which primary school students are crazy to hit a star and nail is forced to “beg for mercy” online
In the evening, people’s “cloud” choices are more abundant: turn on the TV, cloud supervisor, the construction of huoshenshan hospital, invite three or five friends to have a dinner and karaoke, join the cloud disco organized by the bar, and even have a cloud sleep
Obviously, in this “cloud Carnival” participated by the whole people, on one hand, the general public gradually developed from passive or active efforts to self entertainment and ease, on the other hand, all kinds of enterprises made unremitting efforts to “go to the cloud”.
For example, when the diagnosis and treatment of chronic diseases or common diseases are affected during the epidemic period, internet medical enterprises solve the dilemma of “people have to go to the hospital instead of going to the hospital” through the way of “doctors’ online consultation + offline delivery to the home”. Online consultation, online pharmacy and other business formats also usher in the development turning point.
Everything can be “cloud”, not only refers to people’s life, but also the offline business of enterprises can be “cloud”.
Sun Laichun, founder of Lin Qingxuan, opened the “cloud recovery” of all employees of the company with an open letter. Shopping guides sold goods online through online small programs, nailing + hand panning and other tools. During the epidemic period, they created a 15 day performance counter attack growth of 45%.
It not only moved the official mobile phone purchase program to the mall, but also simulated the whole shopping process of young people.
If you can’t make up your mind after choosing the blind box, you can shake the mobile phone to eliminate several styles. By using technical means, bubble Mart grasped consumers’ psychology and experience of choosing the blind box offline, and moved to the online accurately.
The test of “cloud” is how strong the enterprise’s digital ability is. Enterprises like Lin Qingxuan and bubble mart, which can move their business online, must have made great efforts in digitization in the early stage.
After all, opportunities are always reserved for those who are prepared. Only by seizing them can we succeed.
The most direct embodiment of “broadcast” is live broadcast, and people of all ages seem to be keen on this new form of expression.
How can you cook a bowl of instant noodles in a snow pan and just take a few photos to show the delicacy of food materials and dishes? The whole process must be recorded live;
The aunts of morning exercises in the park open their tripods, put up their mobile phones, open the live broadcast page, and play a set of Mulan Boxing energetically according to the rehearsed lines and movements;
The young man who was forced to stay at home because of the epidemic suddenly had a whim to live broadcast his sleep, which attracted 18.57 million fans to watch
Among all live content forms, e-commerce live broadcasting is the closest form to commercialization. According to the live e-commerce towards trillion market released by KPMG and Ali Research Institute in 2020, the overall scale of live e-commerce is expected to exceed 1 trillion yuan in 2020, and double to 2 trillion yuan in 2021.
At the same time, the report believes that the development of live e-commerce shows a “4A” trend – anyone and anything can be broadcast. Live e-commerce is no longer the patent of a few major anchors, and its sales scope has expanded from clothing and beauty to virtual goods and services such as courses and travel products; it can be broadcast anywhere and anytime , e-commerce live broadcasting has been everywhere.
New retail business reviews suggest that 1a, any brands, should be added to 4a. The best evidence is that luxury brands, which used to be high above the others and didn’t eat fireworks, have begun to embrace live broadcasting.
In March, LV broadcast live in little red book, attracting more than 15000 people to watch in one hour. This is the first live broadcast of LV through the Internet platform in nearly 30 years since it entered the Chinese market;
In June, Chlo é, a high-end fashion brand, launched its first live broadcast, with more than 60000 viewers. From the warm-up of the live broadcast to the day of the live broadcast, the daily number of fans recruited by stores was more than 10 times of the usual number;
In October, Cartier, a top luxury brand, moved the jewelry show to live on Taobao. Within two hours, there were 770000 people in the “most expensive” live room in history
However, when the above-mentioned 5A converges in the live broadcasting industry, things will turn against each other when they are extreme. With the rise of live broadcasting, there are also a lot of chaos in the industry.
Stars with goods frequently overturn, live room data fraud, counterfeits rampant With the introduction of relevant industry norms, the live e-commerce industry will usher in the second half of the competition. The way to realize the flow by relying on the reputation of the anchor with goods is out of date. The professional degree of the anchor, the understanding of the product and the supply chain behind the goods are the focus of the competition.
“As soon as he yells, I’ll buy it. I can’t control myself.” Xiaoyu, a fan of Li Jiaqi, thinks he is poisonous. In the live studio, the anchors demonstrated and called to plant grass, either with brainwashing language or slightly exaggerated facial expressions. At the same time, with the lifelike cooperation of the on-site control, a limited or limited product was swept away in an instant.
“Seizing is earning” is the consumption psychology created by live broadcasting. Therefore, we can see the popularity of live broadcasting with goods.
Ministry of commerce data show that in the first quarter of this year, e-commerce live broadcast exceeded 4 million. Faced with such a battlefield, the giants will not be absent. Kwai tiktok, Jingdong, and many other business giants are also not only short, but also short video giants such as jitter and fast hand.
Since the beginning of this year, group buying in communities has been comparable to the live broadcast. After Xingsheng youyou and Shihui group, meituan, Didi, pinduoduo and Ali also entered the competition one after another.
Recently, the users of community group buying are immersed in the carnival of “today’s 10 cents a radish, tomorrow’s 1 yuan a bag of chestnuts”.
BD of each platform has broken the threshold of convenience stores, beauty salons, water delivery stations, express delivery stations, lottery spots and small restaurants around the community. Their goal is only one: to recruit team leaders to complete the important closed loop of group buying mode.
The former focuses on non hard necessities, which is an advanced TV shopping mode, that is, a marketing mode; the latter focuses on fresh and other hard necessities, which is an Internet vegetable selling mode.
Although their models are different, they have two common characteristics: one is the concentration of consumer demand; the other is the relatively low price of products. It is precisely because of these two characteristics that they become the new traffic cake coveted by giants. Behind them, they are driven by the “Involution” of traffic.
It is not difficult to understand that this year has been set as the year of “internal turnover”. With the slowdown of economic growth, the aggravation of aging population and the solidification of social strata, development has encountered bottlenecks, and “internal turnover” has become a common perception.
Internet companies can’t escape the curse of “inner volume” and enter the era of stock game.
When the traffic dividend disappears, the growth of each platform slows down more and more obviously. Just like cabbage, when it grows to a certain stage, it no longer grows high and grows up, but rolls up in situ.
Where there is an incremental market, there are giants. Nowadays, live e-commerce and community group buying are the new flow depressions that they strive to “involute”.
However, as the cake is so big and more people participate in the sharing of the cake, the difficulty of eating the cake will inevitably increase – who can laugh to the end?
Counsellor, tide, cloud, broadcast and volume may not fully cover everything that will happen in 2020, but according to the new retail business review, they have provided us with the development wind vane of the retail field in the coming year
“From the heart” demand will not only be the pursuit of the younger generation, any consumer group will become the beneficiaries of technology and commerce; whether it is consumption upgrading, degradation or consumption classification, the ultimate pursuit is the word “counsellor”.
No matter how the times change, “tide” will not be out of date, because it represents new fashion trends and new consumer demand. In the face of the ever-changing trend, both time-honored brands and new brands will make great efforts to adapt, cater to and satisfy themselves, because “tide” is the future that is happening.
To be sure, the boundaries between online and offline will continue to disappear, and they will be integrated and seamlessly connected. One day in the future, the word “cloud” may fade out of people’s sight. Consumers will not care whether they go online or offline to buy a can of coke, smoke a blind box and buy a suite. For enterprises, we should always remember the classic saying: customers don’t need a quarter inch drill, they just want a quarter inch hole.
Shopping guide, anchor, no matter what the title is, selling goods, serving users are their ultimate goal. Therefore, for enterprises, it may be a positive solution to ensure good product quality, do a good job in pre-sales, sales and after-sales services, and treat live e-commerce as a sales channel rather than a tuyere with an ordinary mind, and win in the increasingly fierce competition.
Also need to put right the mentality of the flow of “volume” understanding. Perhaps the state of “Involution” will not end in a short time, but any enterprise, instead of focusing on “Involution” and self pity, should actively look for new market demand, innovate product categories, change business models, enhance brand image, and break the shackles of “Involution” with “growth”.
Goodbye, 2020.
Hello, 2021!
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