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Golden salesman Li Guangle: relying on these, he took infinite food to detonate Cangzhou rest food market

The pace of 2021 has come quietly. When the new year comes, we should bring home endless happiness.
In Cangzhou’s supermarkets, the publicity of “bring infinity home in the new year” can be seen everywhere, attracting consumers to stop.
Li Guangle, general manager of Cangzhou Yinengda Food Co., Ltd
It was Li Guangle, general manager of Cangzhou Yinengda Food Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Yinengda”) who made the publicity.
Cangzhou Yinengda Food Co., Ltd
Today, with infinite food, Li Guangle has increased the sales volume of products based on the brands of gangrong, infinite, ranli, lejinji, Youchen, Zuozi, yadu, Weilong, jiujiuya and so on, and successfully ranked in the list of “top 100 Chinese sugar and fruit snack golden dealers in 2020” in Ningbo whole food exhibition 2020.

Talking about his own experience, Li Guangle said modestly: “treat employees as family members and customers as friends.”
serve customers and accurately grasp the market trend
For many years, the sales volume of Li Guangle’s products in Cangzhou has been very good. He thinks that the most important thing for his products is to consider more about the terminal experience, which can be considered from the following aspects:

Leak detection

Li Guangle is keen to select the categories that are missing in the product structure, so as to enrich the product structure and drive the overall sales.

Product selling point

Before acting as an agent for the products, Li Guangle will conduct in-depth market research to consider whether the selling points of the products meet the positioning needs of ennda.

Manufacturer policy

To a certain extent, the manufacturer’s support for dealers represents the strength of the manufacturer and the execution of the business model. Therefore, Li Guangle pays special attention to the manufacturer’s policies.

The position of self

In addition to considering the factors of manufacturers and products, Li Guangle pays more attention to his own positioning. If you choose products that are in line with your own positioning, you can get twice the result with half the effort.

Infinity in Cangzhou market several into several out, has not received the desired effect. Li Guangle realized that the atmosphere of bulk cargo in Cangzhou is good, and it may improve if infinity is regarded as bulk cargo.
After making the decision, Li Guangle acted for infinity decisively. He made more efforts to promote the stackers and make scene sales. Driven by him, infinity sold 3800 yuan per square meter per day. From then on, infinity became popular in Cangzhou, and the company became famous.
Infinite success agent, thanks to Li Guangle combined with their own selection principles, give full consideration to product positioning. In many years of work, Li Guangle has been insisting on strengthening its own positioning, choosing the most suitable products, and has become an indispensable backbone of Cangzhou leisure food market.

Do a business and make a friend
Accurately grasp their own positioning, but also to accurately grasp the market trend, to find their own sales channels. At present, Li Guangle’s products are laid in offline channels such as stores, BC chain stores and schools, and are welcomed by the upstream and downstream.
In response, Li Guangle said, “be a man first, and then do things.” As a distributor, we should learn to deal with the relationship between upstream and downstream.
For manufacturers, dealers should strengthen communication. Li Guangle will regularly feed back to the manufacturers and tell them his experience. He insisted that manufacturers do a good job of service providers, need the strong support of dealers.
For the terminal, dealers need to play a good role as service providers. Li Guangle always pays attention to the feeling of the terminal and improves his work according to the feedback of the terminal. “Terminal services play an important role in sales. Our dealers should keep up with the market trend, make timely adjustments, maintain a heart of serving consumers, do a business, make a friend and pay attention to customer experience,” he said
Li Guangle’s success comes from his insistence on sincerity.
conforms to the trend of diversified development of leisure food
In recent years, the FMCG industry has developed rapidly. With the continuous upgrading of consumers’ consumption concept, consumers’ demand for product quality is stronger, and the requirements for dealers are also further improved.

In the following work, Li Guangle believes that dealers should not only precipitate, but also learn to innovate. They should always keep up with the trend, conform to the needs of the times, and be more firm and pragmatic in doing a good job as service providers

First of all, in terms of products, we should choose diversified products to cater to the market and meet the needs of different consumers;

Secondly, in terms of channels, we should deeply cultivate channels, do fine and precise development. Just like Li Guangle’s accurate positioning of offline traditional channels, dealers need to find the most suitable channel.

At the same time, as a dealer, we should be good at organizing and planning sales activities. Li Guangle said: “we will plan scene theme marketing and launch innovative activities according to different seasons, festivals and stores.”
Under the leadership of Li Guangle, we have started to make reasonable preparations for the sales promotion by the end of 2021.
“Dealers in this era have to dare to accept new things. The new year is coming and the Shenzhen Spring Fair is approaching. We are ready to meet new opportunities,” he said
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Editor in chief: Li Jun
Author: Guo Jia editor: Liu Yuting

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