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If you look at Zhong Xuegao’s “Lixiang kingdom” from this perspective, you can find these opportunities to create popular products!



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From Zhong Xuegao to lixiangguo, Zhong Xuegao, who started selling dumplings, swiped the screen some time ago.


I don’t know if you were surprised when you first saw this news. Many people began to speculate about the reasons behind Zhong Xuegao’s selling dumplings. Whether it’s the broken circle road that the new brand must go through or many other analyses, consider it from another angle. According to Zhong Xuegao’s thinking, the layout of “Li Xiang Guo” is also reasonable. In fact, this reminds us once again: “Home consumption” is a very noteworthy consumption scene.


In addition, the epidemic has inadvertently accelerated the rise of home consumption scenarios, which has also made giants such as Yizi, Pepsi and Nestle constantly mention home consumption in their global strategic layout and start layout from different categories.


In addition, in foodaily 2021, one of the 12 business hot spots, “New Youth kitchen, from staple food to seasoning, it is mentioned that the attitude of the new generation of young people towards” cooking “is also an important factor affecting how to explore the home consumption scene.


What kind of opportunities does the superposition of the above multiple factors bring to the long-standing home consumption, and what kinds of sub categories do it pave the way for innovation? Today we will


Entering the family refrigerator, the trend of frozen desserts is strong,

Meiji and Unilever reap in China


Back to Zhong Xuegao’s idea at the beginning, it goes from frozen desserts to frozen fast food,


As we all know, Zhong Xuegao’s goal at the beginning of his founding was to create a middle-class family ice cream brand with warehousing consumption. In 2018, when Zhong Xue Gaogang was founded, the penetration rate of packaged ice cream in China’s household consumption was less than 50%, while that in many European and American countries was more than 80% (from the statistics of Kaidu).


Photo source: Zhong Xuegao


Now, the expenditure of urban households on ice cream at home has increased by 18% year-on-year before the outbreak of the epidemic, and this figure has soared to 37% after the outbreak. Although the epidemic has contributed more than half of the growth, we have seen the counter attack of frozen desserts, a subdivision category, which has stepped out of the shackles of summer convenience stores and onto the supermarket shopping lists of Chinese families, and even become a high-value social sharing tool.


Relevant data show that in recent years, China’s ice cream production has increased by 25% every year. It is estimated that China’s per capita ice cream consumption will reach 2.9kg by 2021. However, compared with the average consumption level of 4.5kg in the world, there is still a big gap in the leisure market.


In June 2020, Unilever, which owns ice cream brands such as keaido and Menglong, will hold the Taicang production base upgrading ceremony and invest 100 million euro (about 800 million yuan) to build a new ice cream factory. The new factory will meet the needs of personalized customization and cross-border production in the future. It is understood that this is Unilever’s largest investment in the field of food in recent years.


Photo source: tmall


In November 2020, Meiji group of Japan also announced that it will increase the capital of RMB 650 million to Meiji fruit making food industry (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. to set up a new production base for ice cream and ice cream, and expand the market share of this business in China. The capacity of the new factory will be 1.3 times that of the original Guangzhou factory.


In frozen desserts, healthy snacks will be a very important innovation opportunity in the future, such as the integration with other categories such as baking.


Photo source: coolhaus


The convenience food in the refrigerator is on the rise,

The traditional category has become a new hot spot


In addition to instant noodles, rice noodles, snail noodles and other regional delicacies, in fact, there is a fast food category in the refrigerator that urgently needs rejuvenation, especially in the refrigerators of Chinese people, and lixiangguo seems to have found this.


According to the Research Report on the market prospect and investment of China’s frozen food industry in 2020 issued by China Commercial Industry Research Institute, it is estimated that the scale of China’s frozen food market will be close to 350 billion yuan in 2025, with a compound annual growth rate of more than 10%. This figure will reach 146.7 billion yuan in 2019. This year, driven by the epidemic situation, the net profit of Sanquan, an old fast-frozen food player, will reach 452 million yuan in the first half of 2020, with a year-on-year increase of 409.61%.

Among them, according to the “quick frozen food industry data analysis” released by AI media consulting, 73.4% of Chinese consumers’ purchases of quick frozen food in 2020 are dumplings and wonton. It can be seen that dumplings and wonton, which can be used as staple food in people’s daily cognition, and the simple operation method of cooking, are purchased more frequently, among which dumplings are the food that resonates in the north and south.

Source: Tencent

In addition, the main consumers of quick-frozen food in China are women aged 26-33 (38.95%), who generally have higher income and pay attention to the quality of family life and the health of their families. This may be an important reason why lixiangguo chooses dumplings (some data show that the first consumers of Zhongxue high school ice cream are mainly women aged 27-35).

Source: Guoli

According to the same idea, apart from dumplings and wonton, who will come out in the future in the main food categories such as pancakes / hand-held cakes / pies, dumplings / pastries / fried dough sticks, New Year cakes / Ciba, and Tangyuan / Yuanxiao? How can they stand out?

When young people become the main consumer,. With the accelerated pace of life, young people have less and less time to prepare meals at home,



The refrigerator gives the baking category a lazier choice


First of all, baking category is a category deeply affected by family consumption, especially the “home baking tide” in early 2020, which once became a new “entertainment means” in the family.


According to cbndata’s “tmall food baking industry trend report 2020”, the development of tmall platform baking market in recent three years is gratifying, and the consumption scale and number of consumers are on the rise. Under the foreshadowing of large consumption of baking utensils in previous years, the consumption scale of baked goods has increased rapidly this year. In the purchase of baking products, women account for 80%, and the younger generation after 90 and 95 is obvious, and exquisite mothers also show strong purchasing power; however, compared with the old customers, the proportion of male new customers has increased significantly.

With the growing maturity of baking market, various kinds of semi-finished products / premixed powder emerge in endlessly, which can not only avoid the complicated production process, but also enjoy the fun brought by baking, and become the gospel of baking lovers.

However, with the amazing growth of all kinds of semi-finished crust cake bottoms and pastry green bodies stored in refrigerators, we should realize that for this class of young people,

Quick frozen biscuits, for example, are an example of how young people can be more lazy. Foodaily found that in the United States, many bakery stores have already launched quick-frozen baking products, and the biscuits and other products sold to the outside world have reached 90%, with clear follow-up operation instructions, so as to help consumers copy the same complete taste and taste as the finished products in bakery stores, and even ensure the texture of the product surface, making simple production more ceremonial and successful I feel it.

However, levain bakery, an American baking brand, adheres to the concept of “let consumers do less”. After discovering that refrigerated cookies can guarantee the integrity of taste and taste, it launched quick-frozen cookies. Consumers can experience the happiness of doing it by simply operating through the recipe guidance, and can also eat the delicious food made by hand.

Image source: Facebook


The lazy man in the refrigerator takes care of the bag,

The secret of second makes you a weapon


Liberated from the heavy and trivial housework, the purpose of the new youth kitchen is to enjoy a higher quality of life with less time cost. Small cooking videos can be seen everywhere on the social network, and fresh food e-commerce with a large number of giants… All kinds of signs are supporting this fact. Food brands are also aiming at this opportunity to make young people fall in love with the kitchen and provide better and more convenient cooking solutions for young people.


Among them, lazy cooking bag is an opportunity that can not be ignored, and it is also a category derived from consumption scenarios and behavior migration. We should have the same enjoyment as the restaurant food, and save more time and effort than the take out and convenient fast food. The demand for delicacy and laziness brings higher requirements for the food bag.


Asahico Co., Ltd. of Japan is a brand focusing on bean curd products. It has launched a convenient salad bean curd cooking bag, aiming at the fitness and weight loss crowd. It takes salad as its selling point. It tastes stronger and comes with salad sauce in the same package. Just take out the water from the package and add a variety of vegetables to the salad. It is also very suitable for the fast-paced lifestyle.

Let’s look at another excellent product – fried beef potato cake, which is also from Japan. It’s a fried meatball made from French beef broth and served with delicious honey sauce. Whether it is fried or microwave oven, it can be eaten after simple cooking, and it is also suitable as a side dish of Bento, which greatly meets the needs of consumers.

From the above, we can see that quality, efficiency, health and sense of ceremony are the key words of innovation based on the micro scene of refrigerator. In addition, the freshness represented by the refrigerator is also bringing new innovative keywords for snacks and other categories. Let’s look forward to more creativity.


It’s true that the epidemic has accelerated the rise of home consumption scenarios, but is it a correct truth that we don’t know how to use it? Obviously, home consumption reflects the change of consumption behavior, which will inevitably bring new innovation opportunities. And focus on staying at home in the kitchen corner of the “refrigerator”, is a good place to stimulate product innovation.


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