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From quality lock fresh to avant-garde new clothes, daily fresh uses high standards and art to shape high-end temperament

new year of the ox clothes will appear at the end of 2020. The leader of high-end fresh milk pays homage to the fresh life with art.

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At the end of 2020, the domestic high-end fresh milk benchmarking brand, Daiichi Xianyu, together with Italian pioneer artist Paola tassetti, will launch the 2021 “cattle” turn the year of the ox exclusive. The new packaging perfectly integrates the western techniques of expression with the Chinese New Year tradition, and integrates the best wishes for the Chinese year of the ox into the paintings, which makes people shine.
Looking back on the almost magical 2020, the global situation is turbulent and complicated. However, the domestic dairy industry is booming under the promotion of the victory of anti epidemic and internal circulation. As a representative brand of domestic high-end fresh milk, Daiichi Xianyu welcomes the new year in such a “Chinese style” way, showing a high degree of confidence in the domestic market and its own future.
What is the hidden meaning behind this Limited package designed for the new year of the ox? Under the confidence of daily fresh words, does it make people look forward to the prospect of low-temperature milk?
Fresh language new clothes: pay homage to fresh life with art
Since its birth, daily fresh language has always spared no effort to create a “fresh, high-end” product image. This time, the Limited packaging of pioneer artists follows the classic style of white bottle and gold lettering. The eye-catching point lies in the bottleneck sealing paper with red background and gold color. The color is bright, the composition is exquisite, and it is full of festive and peaceful atmosphere. On the whole, it brings the association of red wine and champagne, and the sense of quality and dignity is ready to come out.
Photo source: daily fresh language
The cover paper was designed by Paola tassetti, a famous avant-garde artist in Italy. Although the paper is small, it integrates traditional festivals and original high-quality concept. We can not only see the distinct Chinese elements: the Chinese Red symbolizing wealth and auspiciousness, the golden cow head symbolizing the year of the ox, but also the natural elements such as flowers and leaves representing fresh life. Packaging makes a resounding slogan of “cattle” turning the world, implying the moral of “turning the bottle cap, unlocking the vitality”, so that consumers and bottle caps can “cattle” together.
Photo source: Daily News
Paola tassetti, with its unique artistic style, is proud of the European art world. This year, she was rated as one of the top 10 “artists” in Italian media. Paola’s research scope covers biology, botany, anatomy, archaeology, architecture and urban landscape, and is good at integrating natural elements through the perspective of human body structure. In her works, there are full of living flowers, trees, rocks, shells, birds and animals, vivid colors and meticulous depictions, which show the outline of an ideal nature beyond reality.
When talking about the new packaging design for daily Xianyu, Paola said: everything in nature is impressive. In 2020, the epidemic has interrupted people’s daily life. Let’s stop and re understand the connection between individual and nature, and then focus on the expression of body, mind and emotion. Niushou is the representative of vitality in Chinese traditional culture. It coincides with the coming year of the ox in the Chinese lunar calendar, so the ox head is selected as the origin and soul of this packaging design, which integrates poetic and picturesque ideas into the works, and uses the blooming composition to convey positive energy. The awe and praise of life expressed in the works is always the ultimate proposition of human beings.
Through the new packaging, the brand appeal of daily fresh language has been completely expressed: let art link with life, let nature link with life, let brand link with fresh individual.
Foodaily learned that the daily new year’s gift box has been sold on online platforms such as Jingdong and tmall. If you buy the milk card jointly designed by artists, you can get designer’s red envelope and unique printed silk scarves, which is full of sincerity.
Photo source: daily fresh language
High end model: the extraordinary road of daily fresh language
Founded in 2017, daidaixianyu adheres to its high-end tenet from milk source, processing, marketing and packaging. According to the interim financial report released in August this year, daily fresh milk has achieved a three digit rapid growth, ranking the first domestic brand of high-end fresh milk.
Daily fresh language is located in the high-end exquisite crowd, with unique and noble brand design and packaging to enter the market, to meet their ultimate pursuit of quality. In November last year, Daiichi Xianyu joined hands with the powerful musical actor ayunga to become the first spokesperson of the brand, spreading positive energy and defining a new standard of quality life. In May this year, Daiichi Xianyu signed a new contract with Tang Wei to become a new spokesperson, consolidating the group positioning of high-end new women and elite middle class.
Photo source: daily fresh language
In line with the brand demand of “original lock fresh, shining future”, daily fresh language quickly builds awareness in the hearts of consumers through the emotional scene marketing with high degree of agreement.
In September 2020, daily fresh language and Shanghai intercontinental star kitchen will launch the Mid Autumn Festival fresh milk moon cake gift box, with a fresh milk ice skin flow heart moon cake built in. This cross-border attempt perfectly caters to people’s demand for quality and health in the post epidemic period, more accurately targets high-end consumers, further expands drinking scenes and strengthens high-end positioning with the help of festival marketing.
Source: a 6031
From the concept of new products launched in recent years, we can also deeply perceive the brand image of “new benchmark of high-end fresh milk”.
In October last year, the cold extract latte with fresh milk as the core ingredient came into the market, focusing on the “era of fresh coffee”.
At the beginning of April this year, under the upsurge of returning to work and production, the spring limited fresh milk was released, reflecting the fresh outlook on life of “optimistic and continuous”.
On this year’s world earth day, the first high-end desert organic fresh milk launched in China focuses on “the original purity and fresh nutrition contained in the unique milk source”, deeply impressing consumers with its mellow taste.
Photo source: daily fresh language
This month, Daiichi Xianyu deeply explores the use of low-temperature fresh milk, understands the dietary needs of urban elites, and introduces a new low-temperature fresh milk, the exclusive version of Daiichi Xianyu master, which is specially designed for making high-end Street drinks and boutique coffee. It sets up a new high-end fresh milk professional track and leads the fresh milk raw material market.
Photo source: Daily News
Just a few days ago, the daily fresh language launched the excellent protection A2 fresh milk adhering to the fresh gene for babies who drink fresh milk for the first time. A2 protein is selected as the primary protein of the product, which has better gastrointestinal affinity and inherits the rare nutrition to the next generation. Exclusive ranching, special feeding, patent testing, triple exclusive forging out the unique high-end quality of Youhu A2.
In terms of packaging design, daily Xianyu adheres to simple and differentiated style, adopts pet transparent bottle body, and the type of champagne bottle enhances the high-end sense of the product. The gold foil wrapping at the bottleneck forms an elegant “ruff collar” logo. The logo and selling point information are gilded, elegant and full of texture. The overall packaging is simple and elegant, with different limited colors, it has a very eye-catching visual expression in the sales terminal.
Blessing in the year of the ox: the domestic low temperature milk market is ready to develop
According to the data of the white paper on fresh life, the sales of low-temperature fresh milk in China will increase by 19.5% in 2019, and the market penetration rate will reach 33.6%. Compared with the penetration rate of more than 90% in Europe and the United States, China’s low-temperature fresh milk market still has considerable room for development.
Since the second half of this year, the domestic low-temperature milk market has risen again. The superposition of consumption upgrading and enterprise strategic transformation, coupled with the rapid improvement of cold chain logistics in recent years, the field of low-temperature fresh milk has now become a new track for domestic dairy enterprises.
Despite the external factors such as capital support and policy support, the key factors that determine the success or failure of low-temperature milk competition still lie in milk source, technology and cold chain. The so-called “the one who gets the milk source gets the world”, and the milk source becomes the key to success. Fresh and pollution-free large-scale high-quality pasture has become a scarce resource, behind the competition is the financial strength and milk source management ability.
From the very beginning of its birth, daidaixianyu has taken the lead in the source of milk.
First of all, daily fresh language quickly covers the distribution range of 300-500 km around the factory through the new factory, providing strong support for product freshness. Secondly, the quality of raw milk can be controlled within one hour from the original milk processing to the gap standard. It is every link to adhere to high standards, daily fresh language products have super high quality. Each 100ml contains 3.6g of primary milk protein and 120mg of primary high calcium. Mellow and strong fragrance has become the synonym of the product, and has won the highest praise of “the best in the universe, fairy milk”.
In addition to milk sources, technological breakthroughs will also promote the expansion of low-temperature milk. The super pasteurization technology is expected to pass the national standard, with longer shelf life and larger distribution radius. In the cold chain channel, e-commerce platforms such as fresh milk home app, tmall, Jingdong, Daiichi Youxian and dingdong shopping have become the focus of online competition. Take daily fresh language as an example, through the “Tianxianpei” intelligent milk ordering platform jointly built with Alibaba, we have established distribution centers in more than 10 core cities across the country to transport the whole cold chain of fresh milk to the intelligent freezer downstairs of consumers, and the community housekeeper delivers fresh milk every day.
Daily fresh language undoubtedly set a benchmark for the domestic low-temperature milk industry.
Photo source: Daily News
We should use high fresh quality to shape high fresh life, and pay homage to fresh life with fresh art. Daily fresh language new packaging let us see the pursuit of the ultimate fresh brand original intention, let us feel the people-oriented brand culture, and endless brand power. Only by adhering to high standards in every link can we have the confidence and calm of opening a new chapter in 2021.
“Cattle” turn the world around, live you and me. From zero to one, the future is infinite!
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