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Golden salesman? | Mao Wenchao: I have achieved the ultimate in driving product sales

“Social e-commerce” has been popular since its birth in 2018. Numerous brands and enterprises have devoted themselves to this battlefield, but few have succeeded.
Mao Wenchao, general manager of Anyang xingduo Food Co., Ltd
Mao Wenchao, general manager of Anyang xingduo Food Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “xingduo food”), has achieved success, and his experience is undoubtedly worth learning. Let’s follow Mao Wenchao’s success story.

select products according to quality
I started to enter the leisure food industry in 2012. At that time, I didn’t expect to have the honor of “top 100 Chinese confectionery and snack golden dealers” in the whole food exhibition since 2015. I just thought that food is the most important thing for the people, and it’s always a long-term job to engage in the rest food industry.
“2020 top 100 golden candy and snack dealers in China”
When I first entered the industry, I knew that product selection was the most basic test for dealers. Therefore, I consulted a lot of peers in the industry, but no matter how much I consulted, I would not be as good as practicing it myself.
Some products of Anyang xingduo Food Co., Ltd
At the beginning, I chose to represent Miss Dong, little prince, koukoumio, fariz, Shuanghui and other well-known brands.
However, with the development of the market, the consumption concept of consumers has also changed. Many brands focusing on ration pack are aware of this and begin to pay attention to casual bulk snacks. I found this opportunity, acting for the bulk products of Oreo, Master Kong and other brands for the first time, which was recognized by the market.

I don’t need to say much about Oreo’s brand awareness. After acting as an agent, I carried out all-round publicity in the sales channels in combination with the local characteristics of Anyang. The sales volume in the first month broke through expectations, and the brand influence of star food in Anyang also improved.
With more and more experience, I firmly believe that product brand can affect sales. The leisure food market is huge, so it is also a huge project to find well-known brands. Just as I was thinking, I came across the whole food show. Since the first total food exhibition, I have participated in it. It’s also a great honor to be honored as one of the “top 100 Chinese confectionery and snack golden marketers” for many times, which is my recognition and motivation.

In the past total food exhibitions, I can always find several products that are suitable for me. With more times of participation, the sensitivity to the market has been cultivated, and the selection is more handy. Once the product is selected, the sales volume will naturally increase.
sales channels are all pervasive
Where do you like to buy snacks now? If I ask, there will be a lot of people tell me, of course, online shopping! Therefore, we have also built an e-commerce platform.
But only one e-commerce platform is far from enough. For the elderly, shopping in the supermarket will be more rewarding. A friend once told me that after a busy week, the happiest thing is to go to the supermarket after work and store the next “spiritual food”. Therefore, we have achieved “all pervasive” online and offline channels. At present, it has basically covered the entire Anyang market.
I once went to the sales channel specially for cooperation. There were many consumers visiting our exhibition. I think this is a kind of recognition from consumers.

When the sales channels are well maintained, the sales volume of the products will increase correspondingly. Of course, I also summarize some other methods

First, we have a perfect team

I am very lucky that all the members of the team are determined to improve the sales volume of the products. They think and work hard together, and the effect is naturally correct. Therefore, we must establish a perfect team, perform their duties, and develop towards the same goal.

Second, intensive cultivation channels
How to make a good channel? This requires the cultivation of service awareness.
For manufacturers, we are service providers. Only by improving product sales and promoting products, can we serve manufacturers well and win their trust.
Family members of Anyang xingduo Food Co., Ltd
For sales channels, we are still service providers. We need to do a strong channel backing, such as regular display exchanges, holiday arrangements for promotional activities and so on. With the joint efforts of our team, our sales channels have achieved good results.

Third, use products to drive products

The reason of
is very simple. One product is always the first to bear the brunt, and then this product is used to drive other products. In this way, not only the product structure is optimized, but also the overall sales volume of the product is improved, killing two birds with one stone.

In my opinion, to be a distributor, we should choose the most appropriate channel, adjust measures to local conditions, select channels, and then choose products according to channels, so as to avoid detours.
continuous pursuit of brand
The brand is the eternal pursuit, the agent market position high brand has been my direction.

With the healthy development of the whole food market, consumers will become more rational and healthy.
The concept of consumption of consumers has changed, and the working concept of dealers naturally needs to be updated. We will do a good job in the future on the basis of existing brands, looking for more good brands. If it can meet the different needs of consumers, it will be natural to improve the sales of products.
The spring whole food exhibition in Shenzhen in 2021 is a food exhibition I have been looking forward to for a long time. At that time, I can not only see many new products, but also see many friends in the industry to share business opportunities.
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