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Where is the core competitiveness of forests?

2020 is a journey of “reshaping”, especially in the field of new consumption.
With the explosion of brand, the change of channel and the stimulation of investment enthusiasm, is the core of new consumption track marketing, product, channel and brand? Where is the dividend of the era that no one wants to miss? What is the key to success of brands like Yuanqi forest?
Yuanqi forest, arguably the most popular beverage brand this year, is full of advertisements for “0 sugar, 0 fat, 0 card”. The company has been established for only four years, and its valuation has soared to 14 billion yuan. Recently, the registered capital of Yuanqi forest (Beijing) Food Technology Group Co., Ltd. has increased to about 285 million.
On the surface, there are at least two reasons for Yuanqi forest explosion.
Brand identity is the beginning of marketing
From the brand name to beverage packaging, Yuanqi forest is full of “Japanese” elements, from the Japanese “Yuan” in the logo of “Yuan forest” to the words “Yuan forest” on the packaging, we have to admit that these have quickly reduced the threshold of consumers’ cognition of the brand, established a clear brand image among consumers, and helped products open the first door of the market.
Although Yuanqi forest is quietly tearing off its “Japanese” coat recently, the brand says that the highly recognizable “Ku” will still be retained as a trademark.
As early as 2018, Yuanqi forest successfully completed the registration of category 32 trademark with the word “Qi”. In addition to “気”, Yuanqi forest also registered “Edo chaliao”, “けしき”, “沢” and other Japanese trademarks.
Some “Japanese” trademarks of Yuanqi forest
Other brands that have chosen similar strategies include Chennai tea, mingchuang Youpin and early French heshengyuan.
Through the name, logo and other elements, the brand can quickly fix the cognition and positioning of the brand in the consumer group, and take the brand identification as the core to implement the strong brand strategy.
As the most intuitive way of brand visual marketing, brand identity is the shallowest and the most important brand asset.
Every brand needs to have a personalized logo, and the construction of brand identity is an important way to obtain consumer loyalty. Especially in the era of information flooding and high homogeneity of products, no matter how high-quality brand is, it is difficult to leave an impression without its own unique symbols and image characteristics.
When consumers see it, they can recognize, familiarize and love it as soon as possible, so as to build brand trust, motivate consumers to buy and get spontaneous communication from consumers.
In recent years, brand identity construction in new consumption field all follow this principle.
For example, Chennai tea, Xicha and Ruixing Xiaolu tea in the field of tea consumption, the brand “honeycare” in the field of pet consumption, and huaxizi and perfect diary in the field of beauty and cosmetics Remember that a brand’s identity will soon make people sign.
Logo is the most intuitive brand visual marketing
The differentiated brand identity can also make the target consumer groups of the brand remember the brand more effectively, make it stand out in many competitive products, and greatly increase the purchase rate and repeat purchase frequency of consumers.
Platform dividend of new consumer brands
Zhizhilian believes that the biggest difference between new consumer brands and traditional consumer brands lies in the use of social networks and new media. The former was born on the Internet and has a better understanding of the advantages of social networks and e-commerce platforms, and uses these advantages to open the market for brands.
Tang Binsen, the founder of Yuanqi forest, once said, “we dare to spend 1.8 billion on advertising when we create 2 billion revenue.”
We should know that Yuanqi forest is far from the beverage leading enterprises in terms of channel, scale, revenue and supply chain. There is no strong competitive barrier in technology, brand, scale and other aspects, but these do not affect the growth of its brand value, which is closely related to its Internet marketing.
In station B and variety show, where young people are active, Yuanqi forest is very active. “Brother full of vitality”, which has cooperated with mango TV, has become a hot search regular. It sponsors documentaries and variety festivals such as “a string of life”, “life like boiling” and “our song” in station B, with fancy implantation.  
The tiktok forest has also been active in many social media platforms such as WeChat, micro-blog, jowin, Xiao Hong, etc. Not only stars such as Fei Qiming and Xu Kai have paid attention to it, but also leaders such as Li Jiaqi, a big brother in the live broadcast industry, have recommended it. Among them, there are nearly ten thousand articles on planting grass in Yuanqi forest in xiaohongshu, which is five times as much as the Oriental leaves, which are also sugar free tea drinks.
The tiktok forest super brand day, Tmall endorsement, Li Jiaqi live direct delivery, and the way of shaking the grass and draining are perfectly implemented, and a brand marketing way of brand rising is launched, which is centralization and detonation and distribution to the center.
In this year’s double 11 activities, Yuanqi forest also won the first place in the sales of water drinks of tmall and Jingdong.
In the context of the current national trend, Yuanqi forest is good at using other brand resources to realize multi circle traffic sharing through cross-border marketing. For example, we will jointly promote with zhiyouquan, a national beauty brand, and achieve more powerful touch for consumers in the form of lipstick with drinks.  
Cross border co branding appears in the development of almost every new consumer brand.
For example, Xicha and Haolilai launched joint desserts, Naixue’s tea and HEMA launched joint zongzi, huaxizi and Luzhou Laojiao launched joint limited customized gift boxes There are always ways for new consumer brands to develop their own brand dimensions, provide more choices for consumers and increase brand-new consumer experience.
Of course, the above are just the superficial reasons for the rise of many new consumer brands, such as Yuanqi forest. The most fundamental reason lies in the brand’s clear understanding of the target consumer groups.
On November 9, “laomengle (Beijing) beverage Co., Ltd.” established by Yuanqi forest became a hot topic again. Previously, news such as the registered trademark “ha ha ha” of station B and the joint venture of Coca Cola and Mengniu to set up “keniule” dairy company have accumulated a lot of popularity on social media. The appearance of “laomengle” has opened up a lot of brain holes on the surface. Behind it is the marketing interaction between Yuanqi forest and its target group, that is, the young people aged 20-29 who are highly educated and pay attention to fashion.
Yuan Qi forest “old fierce”“
This kind of interaction not only reaps the traffic of social platform, but also highlights the brand’s bold, young and playful temperament and image, which gives people a deep impression. It is also a positive interaction with its target consumer group, that is, the young people aged 20-29 who are highly educated and pay attention to fashion.
It is no different from the previous bold and fancy marketing actions, and the sharp and free and easy marketing behavior of qiqizi Zhang Yuqi as the image spokesperson.
As an innovative Internet beverage brand, Yuanqi forest is undoubtedly a “Challenger” in the industry. At the moment when all brands are flocking to the concept of “rejuvenation”, they do not fall into the misunderstanding of how to define the concept of “rejuvenation”, but choose to talk with young people and play with them.
If you want to make the brand younger, be a young person first.
Boldly naming the new company “laomeng” is not only for the sake of good network sense and good communication, but also for the display of young people’s mind that Yuanqi forest will play and dare to play. Yuanqi forest starts to integrate into young groups from its name, and is a brand loved by young people in an all-round way.
In the face of saturated beverage market, Yuanqi forest has become one of the hottest consumer brands in 2020 with its stable and accurate market positioning, unconventional marketing strategy and amazing new product sales speed. He even led the sugar free beverage race with his own efforts. Later, he liked tea, Yili, Jianlibao, Arctic Ocean Almost all beverage manufacturers have launched new sugar free products one after another.
Zhizhilian believes that the changes of the consumer industry in recent years are multifaceted: the continuous penetration of e-commerce channels and emerging content platforms brought about by the development of the Internet, as well as the mature supply chain and shopping The trend of online and offline integration of traditional formats such as mall and convenience store has made Yuanqi forest, Zhong Xuegao, huaxizi and other new consumers have a “good brand” at the beginning of their birth.
Of course, these brands have also seized the key time window in the rapid development. For example, Li Ning seized the Guochao window, Wang satin and Jiang Xiaobai seized the new food consumption window, bubble Mart seized the Chaozhou play window, huaxizi, perfect diary seized the pingti and Guochao windows
All of these brands seize the time window at the right time, flexibly choose a variety of marketing mix, and maintain close contact with the target consumer groups.
Through Martech, we can achieve accurate touch + refined operation, maximize the use of flow value, increase multiple brand exposures, establish a continuous relationship between the brand and users, and successfully seize the user’s mind. Even if we can’t become the first brand in the category, we can further enlarge the marketing effect through differentiated marketing, and strengthen brand recognition in the target group I know.
At the same time, where ordinary consumers can’t see, that is, in combination with digital technology, the core competitiveness of these brands lies in the supply chain construction of brands, the construction of data standardization, the planning of peripheral products, and the development of other markets (such as packaged drinks market and sinking market).
This kind of brand quickly and low cost to know which platform, for whom, respectively with what kind of design scheme is the best effect, and through intelligent delivery to maximize ROI.
For example, Yuanqi forest has obtained the keywords of “sugar control”, “sugar abstinence” and “sugar cut” from xiaohongshu, thus implementing the core value of “0 sugar, 0 fat and 0 calorie”; the data of urban single population, adult population living alone and single rate have become the confidence and confidence of “one person food” products such as zihiguo; the second dimension, network aborigines and Z generation are expanding and sinking to bubble ma Playing track for the tide
In the first half of the year, bubble mart’s revenue exceeded 800 million yuan
For brands, solid data and technical support are needed behind any marketing activities, among which co branding and cross-border are typical.
Taking Zhong Xuegao as an example, he has made his products involved in more fields in the form of joint branding. For example, Zhong Xuegao has jointly launched “sliced” ice cream with Luzhou Laojiao, and cooperated with Martell, a new partner, to make a joint branding activity of “sliced with degree” The significance of CO branding lies in that it can not only obtain marketing volume and reach more potential audiences with the help of cooperation, but also capture new consumption trends with lower cost.
The significance of cross boundary is also here.
Zhong Xuegao’s parent company launched the dumpling brand “lixiangguo”. Xicha launched the artificial meat hamburger and opened the first pet social store “Xicha pet friendly theme store”. These brands tear down the single label. At the same time, their target group is still the fashionable and avant-garde young people in the city, just more subdivided, who are vertical people who pursue both health and taste.
“Zhong Xuegao’s dumplings”
So behind the popularity of the brand is not only the dazzling marketing activities on the surface, but also the solid technical and data support. Only in this way can we firmly grasp the needs of consumers and take the lead in the brand and marketing.
Lian Weiliang, deputy director of the national development and Reform Commission, said at the 18th China Reform Forum on the 28th that China will soon become the world’s largest retail market for consumer goods.
In 2019, China’s total retail sales of social consumer goods will exceed 40 trillion yuan for the first time, an increase of more than 42% compared with 2015, and will soon surpass the United States and become the world’s largest retail market of consumer goods.
In addition, China has the largest number of middle-income groups, the largest manufacturing added value, the largest number of Internet users and the largest number of top 500 enterprises.
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