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Mingyi international enters the field of liquid milk strongly, and Mingyi Tianlai ranch ecological fresh milk is officially listed

“Tianci good milk, natural milk fragrance”, this is the definition of the newly listed Tianlai pasture Alpine ecological fresh milk by Mingyi international. The quality of a cup of milk is closely related to the ecological environment. What kind of air cows breathe, what kind of water they drink and what kind of grass they eat determine the quality of fresh milk.



The source of Minjiang River


In order to keep the fresh nutrition and natural milk flavor of high-quality fresh milk perfectly, Mingyi invested a large amount of money to introduce the world’s advanced full set of pasteurization production line. The automatic control system is the key to modern dairy processing and production. Through the fully closed standardized milk purification, degassing, homogenization, flashing, pasteurization and other processes, the dairy production and product package are automatically completed Installation, the whole process of computer automation management. It has a precise temperature control system to ensure the maximum retention of nutrition and flavor in milk.

With the advent of the information, data and intelligent era, consumers’ understanding and ability to meet the diverse needs of dairy products have been improved qualitatively. Mingyi international will build an ecological whole industry chain with 10000 mu Alpine ecological pasture and ecological high-tech park as the core, integrate high-quality industrial resources, push the “fresh” dairy industry into a new process, and finally make all efforts into the recognition of consumers and industry partners, so as to contribute to the comprehensive revitalization of China’s dairy industry.

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