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It is said that oatly plans to go on the market within this year, and the first share of bean products will go on the market today. Orekin responds to the Red Bull trademark case, and Ruixing signs a large purchase order for coffee beans. Chayan Yuese sued chayan guanse

Hot company information and announcement


Oatly plans to go public this year (CNBC)

Oatly, a plant milk brand, plans to raise $1 billion in an IPO in 2021, CNBC reported today, according to people familiar with the matter. The company has hired Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan Chase and Credit Suisse to manage the offering. Oatly declined to comment.

Ease financial pressure? Liquor stocks appear frequently, state-owned equity “blood transfusion” free of charge

On the evening of January 5, Luzhou Laojiao announced the progress of free transfer of some state-owned shares of the company and its controlling shareholders. According to reports, Luzhou SASAC, the actual controller of the company, plans to transfer 111193 state-owned shares of the company, 10% equity of Laojiao group, the controlling shareholder of the company, and 10% equity of renxinglu group, the concerted action of Laojiao group, to Sichuan Provincial Department of Finance for holding on behalf of social security fund. As of the announcement date, the state-owned equity transfer procedures of Laojiao group and Xinghu group have been completed, and the transfer procedures of Luzhou Laojiao SASAC directly holding Luzhou Laojiao shares have not been completed. Such a phenomenon of free transfer of state-owned shares also appears in the other two liquor enterprises, Guizhou Maotai and Laobaigan liquor. The objects of transfer are all provincial Department of finance.

Zuming shares of “the first share of bean products” listed today (released by Binjiang)

On January 6, Zuming bean products Co., Ltd. was listed on the SME Board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Zuming Co., Ltd. is the first enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales of bean products to land on the capital market in China.

General Administration of Customs updates registration list of infant matching factories (General Administration of Customs)

Recently, the General Administration of Customs updated the registration list of infant matching manufacturers in France and Belarus. According to the latest list, the registration of two French enterprises and one Belarusian enterprise is valid until December 31, 2024.

China Red Bull responds to the trademark case again: the judgment of the first and second instance is not the end of the legal relationship between the two parties (company news)

In response to the trademark case statement issued by Tiansi group yesterday, China Red Bull said today that the judgments of the first and second instance are not the end of the legal relationship between the two parties. China Red Bull also said: “disputes over the interpretation of articles 14 and 19 of the 95 joint venture contract and disputes over the ownership of a series of Red Bull trademarks arising from these two articles shall be settled only by Huabin group and Thailand Tiansi through international arbitration, and the people’s court shall have no jurisdiction over them. The result of international arbitration shall prevail. At present, the arbitration case is in the process of hearing and no award has been made. ” The full text of the statement is as follows:

China Red Bull claims that the result of the trademark judgment has no actual impact on production and sales (company announcement)


Origen announced yesterday that it consulted Red Bull of China on the result of its trademark judgment, and red bull of China replied: “the result of the judgment has no actual impact on the production and sales of Red Bull Vitamin functional drinks. The judgment result will not affect the performance of the strategic cooperation agreement and related procurement agreement between the two parties. Your company shall continue to supply goods to our company in accordance with the strategic cooperation agreement and related procurement agreement, and continue to cooperate with our company’s business expansion plan. “


Peng Bo: Nongfu Shanquan Zhong Yu surpasses Warren Buffett to become the sixth richest person in the world (Peng Bo)


Zhongyu, founder of Nongfu Shanquan, has soared to US $91.7 billion, surpassing Warren Buffett to become the sixth richest person in the world, according to the Pengbo billionaire index. It is reported that the share price of Nongfu Shanquan rose by 18% in the first two trading days of 2021, and it has risen by 200% since it was listed in September.

Han Fangjun is the general manager of Unilever (China) Co., Ltd. the company calls it to further implement relevant laws and regulations

A few days ago, industrial and commercial information shows that Han Fangjun has been added to the senior management record of Unilever (China) Co., Ltd. as the general manager. In response, Unilever China today replied that the company’s main organizational form is Unilever Hefei Industrial Park. The industrial park is under the jurisdiction of Han Fangjun, vice president of Unilever group and President of North Asia supply chain. This update reflects the further improvement and implementation of the relevant provisions of the company law. Han Fangjun’s functions have not changed.


“Cha Yan Yue se” sues “Cha Yan Guan se” and goes to court again (surging News)


On January 4, 2021, chayan Yuese sued chayan guanse for unfair competition, according to the China court trial website. At present, the case is still under trial. According to public information, “Cha Yan Yue se” milk tea shop has nearly 200 branches since it opened its first shop in Changsha in December 2013. In May 2019, a milk tea shop named “Cha Yan Guan se”, which is only one word different from “Cha Yan Yue se”, opened in Changsha. Then the two sides fell into a protracted dispute over intellectual property rights and competition.


Hungry? Sue hungry? Get 10000 yuan (China News)

On December 30, 2020, lazas network technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., an affiliated company of ehemo, sued ehemo catering management (Beijing) Co., Ltd. for trademark infringement. The civil judgment of the first instance of ehemo catering management (Beijing) Co., Ltd. was made public. According to the judgment, the people’s Court of Chaoyang District in Beijing ordered the company to immediately change its business name. After the change, the name of the company should not contain the same or similar words as “hungry” and compensate lazas network technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. for 10000 yuan.

Hohhot Education Bureau says there is no compulsory ordering of milk (Hohhot Education Bureau)


According to a notice on the official website of Hohhot Education Bureau yesterday, a recent anonymous response was received from the petitioner that “primary and secondary schools in our city force students to order milk, and the designated supplier is Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co., Ltd.”. After investigation, the above situation does not exist.


Lucky coffee signed the purchase agreement of yergacheffe coffee beans in Ethiopia (upstream News)


On January 5, lucky coffee and its partners signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement on the procurement of premium coffee beans from Ethiopia’s yegacheffe. According to the agreement, lucky coffee plans to purchase 1000-2000 tons of fine coffee beans in Ethiopia’s yegacheffe production area every year from 2021 to 2023. This Agreement may lead to the largest purchase order for boutique coffee by Chinese enterprises in Ethiopia. It is reported that after the high-end product line “small black cup · SOE yejiaxuefei” goes on the market, lucky coffee will also quickly launch a series of products such as “SOE limited Yunnan boutique coffee”.


Yunnan Coffee Industry Association: there is no phenomenon that Ali cooperates with other enterprises to suppress Yunnan coffee (Yunnan Information Daily)


On the evening of January 5, Yunnan Coffee Industry Association issued a statement to the media, saying that there was no case of Ali setting standards for Yunnan coffee. The news released at the media meeting held by the association on the afternoon of December 31, 2020 was a misunderstanding caused by information errors in communication between the two sides, and there was no case of Ali cooperating with other enterprises to suppress Yunnan coffee.


“Kanto boiled off the ground to flush water and then sold,” Rosen responded (surging News)

On the afternoon of January 5, the official microblog of Rosen (Beijing) Co., Ltd. issued a statement in response to the incident of “washing water off the ground and then selling” in Kanto: the stores involved were closed for rectification, and a special working group was set up to investigate.

Home Inns enter the retail coffee track


The first store of home like hotel’s coffee brand “Ru coffee” was recently completed, which has become the beginning of cross-border coffee retail of the first travel hotel. Sun Jian, general manager of the first travel home hotel group, said that there are more than 4000 hotels under the company. “In the future, in economic business travel hotels, you will see” such as coffee “in a corridor or even a corner; in medium and high-end hotels,” such as coffee “will have a more comprehensive landing.”


Resignation of independent director of Yanjing Beer (company announcement)


Yenching beer announced yesterday that the board of directors recently received a written resignation letter from Yin Jianjun, an independent director. Yin Jianjun, for personal reasons, requested to resign from his position as an independent director of the eighth board of directors, a member of the audit committee of the board of directors and a member of the nomination committee of the board of directors.


Yizi acquires Hu, a healthy snack company (company news)


Yizi announced yesterday that it has acquired Hu master Holdings (HU), the parent company of health snack Hu products. Kitchen and hutch continued to open high-end vegetarian restaurants in New York, according to hutch. The brand has become the leading brand of high-end chocolate in the United States.


Funa acquired $170 million


Recently, weihaomei announced its acquisition of fona international, LLC, a natural condiment company, for us $710 million. It is reported that fona focuses on nutrition and natural condiments, with annual sales of about $114 million, and is expected to grow at a medium to high single digit rate. Weihaomei said the acquisition is expected to help raise the company’s gross margin.

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Shenzhen Stock Exchange Issues industry information disclosure guidelines for listed companies engaged in food and wine manufacturing related businesses (Shenzhen Stock Exchange)

Today, the official website of Shenzhen Stock Exchange released the “Shenzhen stock exchange industry information disclosure guidelines No. 14 – listed companies engaged in food and wine manufacturing related business”. According to the guidelines, listed companies engaged in food and wine manufacturing related businesses shall perform the obligation of information disclosure in the form of interim report in case of one of the following situations that has a significant impact on the company.

The price of paper rises to the point of pork. Should we hoard toilet paper? (China News)


According to media reports, less than 10 days after some paper enterprises issued the first wave of price increase letters on December 7, 2020, enterprises in Shaanxi, Hebei, Shanxi, Jiangxi, Zhejiang and other places successively issued the second wave of price increase letters, generally “increasing 200 yuan / ton”. Since then, the main producer of bagasse pulp household paper in Guangxi paper enterprises also announced price increases. In the view of the industry, the price increase is mainly due to the high price of raw material pulp, which leads to the increase of papermaking cost.


Eight batches of unqualified food notified by the State Administration of market supervision


Yesterday, the official website of the State Administration of Market Supervision announced eight batches of substandard food, including five categories of food, including edible agricultural products, alcohol, fried food and nut products, starch and starch products, and convenience food. Details are as follows:



French restaurant restart plan shelved (Reuters)


Reuters today, novel coronavirus pneumonia, was told by the French minister at the meeting on Tuesday that hotels and cafes would not be reopened in January 20th, due to too many new crowns. A spokesman for the finance ministry declined to confirm the news or comment further. Nearly 200000 bars, restaurants and cafes in France say they are facing serious difficulties as stores close, some of them facing bankruptcy. They have called on the government to provide more financial help.

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