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Big event & wind vane

Jinmailang food is ready to go on the market. At present, it has begun to coach securities companies to go on the market

Author: Hai Feng

Information sources: Official Website of jinmailang food, restaurant, official website of jinmailang beverage

Jinmailang plans IPO, photo source: Internet


According to the information disclosed by Hebei regulatory bureau of China Securities Regulatory Commission, jinmailang food has signed a listing guidance agreement with CSCI, which means that jinmailang food has officially embarked on the road of listing. It is worth noting that the main body of signing the listing guidance is jinmailang food, not including jinmailang beverage business.


At present, both jinmailang food and jinmailang beverage are controlled by jinmailang investment. Jinmailang investment holds 51.6% and 52.17% of the above two entities respectively. Comparatively speaking, jinmailang food has a relatively high degree of equity concentration, which are all held by founder fan Xianguo, son fan Mingqiang, general manager of jinmailang investment and Cheng’an. Among them, fan Xianguo holds 70% of the shares directly and indirectly, which is the actual controller of jinmailang food. In addition to 52.17% of shares held by jinmailang investment, the remaining 47.83% of shares are held by affinity, a private equity fund.


This also means that jinmailang food and jinmailang drinks may be listed separately. Of course, the beverage business may be incorporated into the main body of jinmailang food listed companies in the future.


Looking back, we can find that both jinmailang’s food and beverage businesses have experienced the experience of cooperation with domestic and foreign food giants. Jinmailang food cooperated with Nippon Nikkei Group. At that time, Nippon Nikkei Group held about 15% of the shares. The two companies carried out joint venture cooperation in 2004 and separated in 2015. Jinmailang invested and bought back all the shares held by Nippon Nikkei Group. Jinmailang beverage business cooperated with uni President China. At that time, uni President China held nearly 50% shares. In 2006, jinmailang investment and uni President China jointly invested 1.8 billion yuan to create jinmailang beverage. In 2016, uni President China withdrew and transferred all shares of jinmailang beverage to affinity.


According to the information of “top 500 private enterprises in China 2020” issued by all China Federation of industry and commerce, jinmailang investment ranks 464, with a revenue of 21.8 billion RMB in 2019, which means that the total revenue of jinmailang’s food, beverage and other businesses is 21.8 billion RMB. As more detailed information has not been disclosed, it is not clear for the time being the proportion of food and beverage business in the overall revenue. However, it is expected that the revenue share of jinmailang food will exceed that of beverage business, and the scale may reach a gap of 2-3 times.


Since jinmailang investment also includes other businesses, assuming that the total revenue of the two businesses of food and beverage is 20 billion RMB, if the revenue gap of food and beverage is calculated as three times, it means that the revenue of jinmailang food is about 15 billion RMB, if the revenue gap is calculated as two times, the revenue of jinmailang food is about 13 billion RMB.


At present, Riqing food’s Greater China business has been listed in Hong Kong, with an operating profit margin of about 10% and a net profit margin of about 8%. If the net profit margin of jinmailang food is calculated as 10%, based on the above data, the annual net profit of jinmailang food should be between 1.3 billion and 1.5 billion RMB. At present, the market’s P / E ratio for instant noodle enterprises is about 20-30 times It is a new stock and its position in the convenience food industry. Its market value may reach more than 50 billion RMB.


Of course, according to the share of fan Xianguo, the founder and chairman of jinmailang, in an industry conference, it is estimated that the overall revenue of jinmailang investment in 2020 is expected to exceed 30 billion RMB. According to this calculation, jinmailang food is likely to become a company with a market value of 100 billion RMB.

Jinmailang food a bucket and a half a bag and a half instant noodles series products, photo source: jinmailang food official website

Jinmailang food old Fanjia non fried instant noodles, photo source: Official Website of jinmailang food


At present, jinmailang food’s business involves several parts, all of which are noodles, including instant noodles, dried noodles, self heating food and flour. Instant noodles are the core business, including several strong single products in the field of instant noodles: a bucket and a half, a bag and a half, old fan Jiafei fried, spicy Shanghuang, big soup noodles, Wudong noodles, etc.


As jinmailang food takes flour as its core business, it also takes the wheat upstream industry chain as one of its core strategies, with its Hualong flour as the core, cooperates with many cooperatives and farms to carry out wheat order agriculture, and adopts the methods of unified seed supply, unified field management and unified product acquisition.

Jinmailang food factory layout in China


At the same time, food production bases have been set up in 14 cities across the country, which can basically cover all market areas in the country. Relying on these supply chain capabilities, jinmailang food can achieve an annual production capacity of 12 billion copies of instant noodles, a daily processing capacity of 5500 tons of wheat and an annual conversion capacity of 1.8 million tons of wheat, ranking among the top six in the same industry in the world and the top three in China.


Finally, let’s talk about jinmailang’s beverage business. Since jinmailang was initially a joint venture with uni President China, many of its products are very similar to uni president’s beverage products. For example, the tea beverage series includes iced black tea, iced green tea, jasmine green tea, and the juice beverage series includes honey grapefruit, ice sugar Sydney, peach and orange.

Jinmailang beverage’s large single product is cool and open. Breakthrough source: Official Website of jinmailang beverage


After the end of the joint venture with uni president, jinmailang beverage began to make efforts in differentiated products and launched a series of bottled water and light drinks. Among them, the core large single product appeared in bottled water: jinmailang is cool and white, which is a very pioneering and recognizable product in China’s drinking water market. It was launched in 2016, with revenue of 250 million in 2017, 1.25 billion in 2018 and 1.25 billion in 2019 In terms of growth rate, it should have become one of the core businesses of jinmailang beverage.

Jinmailang beverage products series all products, photo source: jinmailang beverage official website


At present, jinmailang beverage has eight product lines, including bottled water, light drinks, tea drinks, juice drinks, tea drinks, soda water, functional drinks and milk drinks. It has 15 beverage production bases in China, which are located in Miyun of Beijing, Longyao of Hebei, Zhengzhou of Henan, Tianchang of Anhui, Xianning of Hubei, Hangzhou of Zhejiang, Baoji of Shaanxi, Yanzhou of Shandong, Jinzhong of Shanxi, Changchun of Jilin, Harbin of Heilongjiang, Qian’an of Tangshan, Luohe of Henan, Tangyin of Henan and Suiping of Henan. It has 50 automatic beverage production lines, more than 1300 business offices, covering 1.7 million terminal outlets.


At present, jinmailang beverage has a good foundation in the product end, channel end and production end. How to activate these foundations to achieve good business growth may depend more on how jinmailang beverage’s ability in product innovation and brand marketing can be maintained and continuously improved, which will bring great imagination to the future development of jinmailang beverage At the right time, jinmailang drinks may be listed separately.

Xi’an Bingfeng plans to go public through IPO, with revenue of 301 million yuan, net profit of 81.44 million yuan and net interest rate of 27% in 2019

Author: Hai Feng

Information sources: Xi’an Bingfeng official website, Bingfeng beverage counseling application report, IPO early know

Bingfeng beverage counseling application report, photo source: Official Website of Shaanxi regulatory bureau of China Securities Regulatory Commission


According to the information of IPO early knowledge and Shaanxi regulatory bureau of China Securities Regulatory Commission, Bingfeng beverage, a local beverage enterprise in Xi’an, has signed a listing guidance agreement with Huachuang securities. It plans to be listed on the small and medium-sized board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange from now on. It is expected to submit IPO application materials to China Securities Regulatory Commission before May 31, 2021. The planned amount of fund-raising is at least 460 million RMB, and the purpose of fund-raising has not yet been determined Yes, according to our judgment, it may be used in factory investment, market development, etc. If you want to get the PDF document of the ice cream beverage application report, you can follow the FoodPlusHub official account and get back to “ice peak”.


Bingfeng beverage is a beverage brand with a very long history. It has been more than 60 years. In 1994, Bingfeng beverage was selected as “famous trademark of Xi’an city” and “famous brand product of Xi’an city” by Xi’an municipal government. At the same time, Bingfeng beverage was awarded “famous trademark of Shaanxi Province” and “famous brand product of Shaanxi Province” by Shaanxi provincial government. According to the calculation of annual revenue, the annual sales volume of Bingfeng beverage products should exceed 100 million bottles, close to 200 million bottles, and the market is mainly concentrated in Shaanxi market.


All products of Bingfeng beverage, photo source: Bingfeng beverage official website

At present, the core product of Bingfeng beverage is glass bottle Bingfeng soda, and the core flavor is orange flavor. It has been put on the market since 1948, followed by canned Bingfeng soda. According to some media reports, the market share of Bingfeng soda in Xi’an market can reach more than 80%, and other products include sour plum soup, purified water, juice soda, tea, etc Products.


Among the above products, glass bottle products are produced by Bingfeng’s own factory, and pop can products are produced by Xi’an Futian food. Futian food is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zhuhai Zhongfu industry, a listed A-share company. Zhuhai Zhongfu is a supplier of PET bottles, and it also has OEM processing business of beverages.

Equity structure of Bingfeng beverage, photo source: Bingfeng beverage counseling application report


At present, the equity structure of Bingfeng beverage is 100% owned by Xi’an sugar and Wine Group Co., Ltd., while the equity situation of the parent company Xi’an sugar and wine is relatively scattered. There are two major shareholders, Yingxin Guofu and Zhang Jun, holding 35.7143% and 25.8516% of the shares respectively. Zhang Jun is the executive partner of Xi’an Junyue sugar and wine enterprise management consulting partnership (limited partnership), and the latter holds 35.7143% and 25.8516% of the shares respectively There are 20% shares of Xi’an Tangjiu and the executive partners of several other limited partnerships. Several other limited partnerships hold 8.81% shares of Xi’an Tangjiu. In this way, the actual controller of Bingfeng beverage is Zhang Jun.


It is worth mentioning that at present, Xi’an sugar wine and Pepsi still maintain cooperative relationship, holding 20% and 80% shares of Xi’an Pepsi Cola Beverage Co., Ltd. respectively, and the cooperation has been maintained since 2003.


According to the data of Bingfeng beverage counseling application report, from 2017 to 2019, the operating revenue of Bingfeng beverage was 251 million yuan, 283 million yuan and 302 million yuan respectively; the operating profit was 76.34 million yuan, 89.69 million yuan and 92.08 million yuan respectively; the net profit was 57.31 million yuan, 67.52 million yuan and 81.44 million yuan respectively. The products are mainly sold in the form of distribution.


According to the revenue data in 2019, the net profit margin of Bingfeng beverage is as high as 27%. This high net profit margin level is very high even in the world, and even exceeds the net profit margin level of Coca Cola in 2019. You should know that the mode of Coca Cola is that the bottler is responsible for production and sales, which is equivalent to the way of licensing, and it does not directly produce and sell itself Beverage products, so Coca Cola company net profit margin can be maintained at a relatively high level, and Bingfeng beverage is one of the production and sales.


Why can ice peak beverage maintain such a high net profit margin? We speculate that there may be several aspects. A, ice peak drinks are very low in content, only water, sugar, flavor and additives. At the same time, ice peak drinks are mainly glass bottle products, and glass bottles can be greatly reduced by the way of recycling. B and ice peak drinks are owned in Xi’an and Shaanxi markets. It has a very long history, and its products are well-known. At the same time, the market is mainly in Shaanxi, and the investment in the market is very small. C. in fact, the retail price of Bingfeng beverage is not cheap at present, even if it is necessary to leave enough profit space for dealers and terminal retailers. Due to the high retail price and low cost, Bingfeng beverage has a high margin.


However, on the other hand, Bingfeng beverage has a very high market concentration and obvious regional characteristics. At the same time, relying on the old products, although it has a high reputation, the products are aging. If the consumer demand and preferences shift, there may be great risks for a beverage enterprise with low revenue.


At the same time, there are also some worries about the future growth space of Bingfeng beverage. On the one hand, it is very difficult for glass bottles of Bingfeng soda to expand to other provinces and markets. On the other hand, at present, the pop can products have the foundation to expand to other markets, but after losing the foundation of Shaanxi market popularity and long history, they can be popular in other markets There is great uncertainty, and the beverage market is fierce. It should be a very challenging thing for Bingfeng beverage to expand its market.


However, no matter what, Bingfeng beverage is a beverage enterprise worthy of continuous attention and tracking. On the one hand, it is how old beverage brands are rejuvenated, and on the other hand, it is whether the high net profit margin of Bingfeng beverage can be maintained for a long time with the expansion of revenue scale.

Wang Laoji speeded up the expansion of ciningji product series, recently released new high-end juice products, and will develop breakfast products, with 50 million investment in R & D of Rosa roxburghii Tratt

Author: orva

Information sources: Official Websites of xiaoshidai and Wang Laoji

Photo source: Wang Laoji’s official website


Recently, Wang Laoji’s cilingji series released a new product, cilingji refined Rosa roxburghii Tratt, which is a high concentration fruit juice product. The content of Rosa roxburghii Tratt juice is more than 90%, and the vitamin C content of each 50ml refined Rosa roxburghii Tratt is up to 600mg. It is positioned as a high-end fruit juice drink and focuses on the scene of anti alcohol function. At the same time, Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group announced that it will invest 50 million yuan in the scientific research of Rosa roxburghii Tratt and the development of Rosa roxburghii Tratt health products. Li Chuyuan, chairman of the board, said in an interview that the cinningji series will also launch breakfast products in the near future.


Cilingji brand is the product of Guizhou Rosa roxburghii Tratt industry, which is the counterpart of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group. This kind of Guizhou wild fruit is rich in vitamin C, flavonoids, amino acids, proanthocyanidin B2, catechin and other components. Since 2018, Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group has rapidly and efficiently researched and developed a series of cilingji products through the research of Guizhou characteristic fruit Rosa roxburghii Tratt. Combined with Wanglaoji’s brand advantages, it has successively launched cilingji natural high-dimensional C beverage, cilingji throat syrup, cilingji Guiling cream, cilingji bubble wine and other related products. The R & D of CI Ning Ji series products has also developed from “health” rich in vitamin C to “functional” such as eye protection, immune regulation, anti alcohol and liver protection.

Photo source: Wang Laoji’s official website

According to the official notice of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical, the sales volume of cinningji Series in 2020 has exceeded 500 million yuan, which is a rapid growth compared with the sales volume of 100 million yuan in 2019. Driven by ciningji products, the sales volume of Guizhou Rosa roxburghii Tratt production and processing enterprises increased by more than 30% year-on-year, contributing to Guizhou Province’s poverty alleviation. Today, the planting area of Rosa roxburghii Tratt in Guizhou has exceeded 2 million mu, benefiting over 217000 farmers, with an average income increase of more than 7000 yuan. At the same time, it has become a new revenue driving force in the functional beverage product matrix of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group.


Guangdong Pharmaceutical Group plans to transform the scientific research achievements of Rosa roxburghii Tratt into the economic growth pole of Rosa roxburghii Tratt industry through three years of scientific research and capital investment, so as to further boost the Rural Revitalization of Guizhou. Guangdong Pharmaceutical Group, together with Lingnan Modern Agricultural laboratory, Guizhou Academy of Sciences, Guangdong Nanshan Pharmaceutical Innovation Research Institute, academician Su Guohui team of the University of Hong Kong, and Professor Wang Yitao team, director of the State Key Laboratory of traditional Chinese medicine quality research of the University of Macao, has formally established the industry innovation alliance of Rosa roxburghii Tratt and Gleditsia sinensis in Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and Guizhou, striving to build a six party research platform with complementary advantages and integration of industry, University and research Taiwan, accelerate the implementation of scientific research and achievements.

Li Chuyuan, chairman of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group, revealed that the spinningji series will also launch breakfast products in the near future. The “spinningji” of Wang Laoji of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd It can be seen that Wang Laoji has aimed at the health needs in the post epidemic period. At present, most of the domestic functional health care concepts are still in the traditional health care concept of “three kinds of drugs, three kinds of poisons”. The food and beverage categories with the same origin of medicine and food may have become the opportunity point for functional categories. In contrast, in the second half of 2020, haowangshui completed the angel round financing of 10 million yuan, goodnight water with sour jujube kernel as the main tranquilizing ingredient was financed, and grain brands wangsatin and wholly Haoli, which are conducive to intestinal health and low calorie satiety, were successively financed. The monthly sales of single grain mill products exceeded 1000 pieces, among which the monthly sales of walnut black sesame powder, the best-selling, exceeded 50000.


The good sales performance of CI Ningji and the product layout of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group also make us realize that the R & D foundation ability of big brands is an indispensable key ability of functional products. On January 6, Wang Laoji released a new enzyme product with sweet potato and Schizonepeta tenuifolia as raw materials, and continued to expand its grand health product matrix.

Big company news

Weihaomei acquired fona international, a seasoning company, for $710 million

Author: turo

Sources: Official Websites of foodbusiness news and fona

Photo source: fona website


Weihaomei, the world’s leading condiment company, announced its acquisition of fona international for $710 million. Fona International’s products are targeted at food and beverage companies as well as health products and nutrition companies, with sales expected to reach $114 million in 2020. Weihaomei said it would keep the brand of fona.


For the strategic consideration of this acquisition, weihaomei said that the acquisition of fona can broaden the range of their condiment solutions. On the other hand, the technology and high added value of fona products are also the places weihaomei values.


It’s the second big acquisition of Vermeer in the last two months, after Vermeer bought chili sauce brand Cholula for $800 million in November 2020.

Yu Garden shares acquired 70% stake in the wine group of 4 billion 530 million yuan.

By Ethan

Source: Yu Garden shares announcement, twenty-first Century economic report, wild horse finance, wine network

Source: announcement of Yu Garden shares

In December 31st, Shanghai shares of Yu Garden group, a listed company of the Fosun Group, announced that the company participated in the 70% equity auction of Sichuan Tuopai Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “group”) in December 31, 2020, and won a stake of 4 billion 530 million yuan. So far, after five years of waiting, Fosun finally incorporated shede group into its management, which is also the second company that Fosun Group acquired in the liquor industry after Jinhui liquor.


After the auction, the announcement of Yu Garden shares shows that the group’s subsidiary businesses include the liquor business (holding 29.95% stake in the wine industry), the pharmaceutical business (holding 100% stake in Sichuan Pacific Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.), the hydropower business (holding 100% stake in Sichuan Tuopai Power Development Co., Ltd.), and other minority investments. As of September 2020, the total assets of shede group are about 4.392 billion and the net assets are about 2.47 billion. In 2019, the operating revenue of shede group is 2.91 billion yuan, and the net profit attributable to the owners of the parent company is 220 million yuan.


Before joining shede group, Fosun had been selling Tsingtao beer in the secondary market. From the perspective of asset allocation and the major category of alcoholic drinks, Fosun was trading “beer for liquor”. One more thing to say here is that Fosun’s sale of Tsingtao beer is not entirely “bearish” on beer. It may be to avoid the diversification strategy of Tsingtao Beer Group and the risk of high-end beer market competition in the future. We have made some analysis in the daily article “Qingdao Beer Group’s learning from the diversification strategy of Japanese beer to build a second listed company in three to five years, our observations and Reflections on this”.


In addition to the active layout of liquor, Fosun also focuses on wine. In the middle of November this year, it was reported in the market that Fosun Group was conducting contact and investigation or equity cooperation with Junding winery. It is also reported that in addition to investigating Junding, Fosun Group has been in contact with a number of wine companies and has also inspected wineries in Ningxia.


It is worth noting that, with Fosun to participate in the auction, shede group also has industrial investment. This is a municipal first-class state-owned enterprise established in Suining this year, with a registered capital of 5 billion yuan and total assets of nearly 60 billion yuan. According to the 21st century economic report, since Tianyang holding’s dishonesty led to the freezing of 70% of the shares of shede group by the bank and the actual control of St shede by the second largest shareholder Shehong County People’s government, it has become the consensus of the local government to buy this part of the shares, making shede liquor industry become a state-owned enterprise again. But in the end, the bidding result backfired. Therefore, it remains to be seen whether the major shareholders and the second shareholders of shede group can work together to run the company well in the future.

Gujing gongjiu purchased 60% equity of Mingguang liquor with 200 million yuan to increase its market share in Anhui Province

By Ethan

Information source: Gujing gongjiu announcement

On December 31, Gujing gongjiu announced that the board of directors approved a proposal to purchase 60% equity of Anhui Mingguang Liquor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Mingguang liquor”) with about 200 million yuan, and Gujing gongjiu will pay with its own funds. Based on this consideration, Mingguang liquor’s overall valuation is 333 million yuan.


Gujing gongjiu first disclosed its acquisition intention in mid November of this year. We also reported it in issue 144 weekly, which was in the process of due diligence at that time.


The revenue target of Gujing gongjiu in 2020 is 11.6 billion yuan. Affected by this year’s epidemic situation, the company only achieved 8.069 billion yuan in the first three quarters, accounting for 70% of the target. Therefore, the acquisition of Mingguang liquor can make up for some decline in performance and increase the market share in Anhui Province.


In addition, in recent years, local liquor enterprises with a long history have become the “hot cakes” to be acquired. On the one hand, it has the potential of brand rejuvenation, on the other hand, it has a better reserve of old wine. In recent years, with the development trend of high-end liquor market, the demand for high-quality base liquor has increased significantly. Gujing gongjiu plans to achieve the goal of 20 billion sales revenue by 2025, of which the secondary high-end and high-end will be the main force. Therefore, the base liquor reserve of Mingguang liquor industry may also be one of the important factors to attract the purchase of Gujing gongjiu.

Investment and financing news

Ailan has completed the financing of 127 million US dollars and will continue to invest in the big health industry

Author: Hai Feng

Source: official account of Elan health holding, Elan’s official website, Tmall store.

Image source: Aland official website


Recently, Alan has announced that it has completed the A-1 round of $127 million through its official account, and has been voted by Affinity (Chun Qi capital). Henderson and China have been investing in China. It is worth mentioning that in July 2016, Allan joined the Henderson group to invest in the construction of the Heng AI health service industrial park. This is a strategic investment in Henderson China. partnership.


Affinity, the leading investor in this round of investment, is one of the largest private equity funds in Asia. At present, the total scale of funds under management is 14 billion US dollars, mainly focusing on consumer retail, enterprise services, finance, medical care, industry and logistics transportation industries.


This round of financing will give eland the opportunity to further expand the layout of the global nutrition and health industry. On the one hand, it can support the global development of its business, on the other hand, it can have more abundant funds to carry out mergers and acquisitions, including further integration of global resources, continuous building of core capabilities, new product R & D, production line construction, digital transformation and brand building in China So as to enhance the core competitiveness of Aland in the field of global nutrition and health products services, and help personalized nutrition become the propeller of its overtaking in the field of global nutrition and health management services.


Iland’s last round of financing was in 2017, with an investment of US $70 million. After 2-3 years of development, it has gradually established its own competitive advantage in the production end, channel end, brand end and global market. At present, Aland has established 3 international R & D centers and 10 production bases in Asia, North America and Europe, and has established its own industrial chain from R & D, production and sales. It has more than 10 global nutrition and health products brands and has entered more than 80 international markets. From 2014 to 2019, Aland ranked first in the “top 10 export enterprises of Chinese health care products” issued by China Chamber of Commerce for import and export of health care products for six consecutive years.

Eland’s several famous nutrition and health products brands, photo source: eland official website


At present, Aland’s core brands include Aland, Biocare, bloem, natural wellbeing and Aland way. Among them, Aland is the main brand, and its products are mainly vitamins, minerals, protein powder and probiotics, covering the global market at present; Biocare is a British Nutrition and health care brand, with many different series, including probiotics, intestinal digestion, basic nutrition, functional nutrition, etc., among which there are nutrition and health care products for women; bloem is a Dutch brand, focusing on herbal products Natural wellbeing is a British brand of nutrition and health products, which includes several sub brands such as vertese, vitplus +, monkey wellbeing, etc.; elandway is a brand of sports nutrition products, which mainly focuses on the Chinese market at present.


From the past development of Aland, the globalization development route can be divided into two parts: one is to do mergers and acquisitions in R & D and production to consolidate its products and supply capacity; the other is to expand its brand, products and market. On the one hand, it is to acquire nutrition and health products brands in other countries’ markets; on the other hand, it is to promote its different brands to various markets 。


From the point of view of its development path, it can be regarded as a strategy for further development of food and beverage companies with a certain foundation. From the perspective of globalization, we can see our own development opportunities and realize the global development of business through mergers and acquisitions. Of course, without considering the development of globalization, taking the Chinese market as the core, we can also consider the development from the merger and acquisition of production and brand end.

Baowan, a famous liquor operator, has completed a round of pre-A financing of 100 million yuan

Author: orva

Source: winemakers

A few days ago, Baowan, a new world famous liquor brand operator and service provider, has completed a round of pre-A financing of over 100 million yuan. This round of financing is led by Jingwei China, followed by CICC and Qingliu capital. The pre-A round of financing of Baowan famous liquor attracted much attention. Three representatives participating in this round of investment said:


Wang Huadong, partner of Jingwei China, said, “at present, China’s liquor market is in a period of transformation, and consumers also have more new demands in liquor consumption. Li Shiyi’s team is a rare person in the industry who has experience in retail, liquor, wine and foreign wine management and operation. We expect Baowan to launch more innovative products and services.”


Lu Yin, managing director of CICC capital and representative of CICC Qihong’s executive partner, said that liquor is the track with the largest market share in China’s liquor industry, which is obviously driven by consumption upgrading and is easy to produce large companies. Baowan takes advantage of the market boom of “famous liquor + sauce liquor + Vintage liquor”. We are firmly optimistic about the liquor track, but also optimistic about the professional ability and industry experience of Baowan famous liquor team. As the earliest external investor of Baowan, we have made additional investment in this round and will continue to strongly support the company and the founding team in the future.


Liu Bo, partner of Qingliu capital, said that under the “Maotai economy”, Baowan famous liquor entered the market as the top team of high-end sauce liquor. Under the radiation effect of sauce liquor consumption in the past two years and China’s profound liquor culture, we are very optimistic about the opportunity for Baowan famous liquor team to build a world liquor enterprise with sauce liquor.


It is understood that Baowan famous liquor was established on May 9, 2020, with strong supply chain advantages. In terms of product layout, the product matrix straddles the “golden flavor” of Maotai flavor and Luzhou flavor, and focuses on the first-line head brands, realizing the full coverage of short-term, medium and long-term market outlets. Baowan famous liquor accurately locates the crowd, starting from the high potential group of liquor, the company takes the world famous liquor brand operation service provider as the strategic positioning, and is committed to becoming a trustworthy international liquor enterprise.


Li Shiyi, chairman and President of Baowan famous liquor, graduated from Peking University with a bachelor’s degree in foreign affairs and economics, a master’s degree in Business Administration from Peking University’s International MBA and fudham University in the United States, and won the award of “the drinks business” of the year in Asia in 2018. With rich experience in foreign enterprises, state-owned enterprises and private enterprises, it has changed the industry pattern of domestic wine, imported wine and new chain retail in China. Its core management teams are all from the top 500 and well-known enterprises in China’s liquor industry. They have rich management experience and market operation experience in liquor brand building and complex organization. At the same time, they have strong industry resource integration ability, and their core competitiveness such as brand power, product power and channel power are obvious. In the long run, the founding team’s rich experience in wine, imported spirits and beer will provide support for the enterprise in relevant fields.

Shark fit, a healthy instant food brand, recently completed tens of millions of yuan a + round financing

Author: orva

Source: 36kr

Photo source: 36kr

Recently, shark fit, a healthy instant food brand, announced the completion of a + round financing of tens of millions of yuan, led by Qingshan capital and followed by Meihua angel. Four months ago, shark fit completed a round of financing of RMB 15 million in September 2020. The investor is Meihua venture capital, which is included in the 135th issue of weekly.


Shark fit ranked first in tmall’s fresh chicken breast category in 2020. The company was established in Shandong in 2017, taking instant chicken breast as the breakthrough point, including chicken breast, chicken ball, chicken breast shredded meat and other ready to eat chicken series. At present, it has developed 50 products, including 11 staple food products, 7 meat products, 13 baking products, 10 snacks products, 4 drinks products and 5 seasonings products. Shark fit is a one-stop light truck fast food brand, targeting young consumers.


Shark fit has the gene to be good at operation. At first, it paid attention to online display, click, transformation and other online user data to capture user needs. At present, with the help of online advantages, it has formed three major competitive barriers: segmentation category head effect, supply chain advantages, and brand mind formation.

Soda liquor brand horsepower ton obtains tens of millions of Yuan Angel round financing

Author: turo

Source: 36kr

Horsepower ton product chart, source: 36kr


Recently, the soda brand horsepower ton has received tens of thousands of yuan of angel round financing, and the investor is Unilever Alumni Foundation. Horsepower ton said that this round of financing will be used to expand the team and expand sales channels.


Horsepower tons plan to go online in January 2020, focusing on low alcohol Suda liquor with a unit price of about 12 yuan. At present, there are four SKUs, namely, grapefruit, lime mint, litchi and apple.


The concept of sodas only emerged around 2015, and it has broken out in the past two years. According to Nielsen’s data, the hard soda industry will grow at a very fast speed in 2020. In the 15 weeks to June 13, 2020, the off-site sales of hard soda in the U.S. retail industry will quadruple year on year to reach $900 million. During the 52 week period ending June 13, 2020, total sales of hard soda were $2.7 billion. In July, the maximum weekly sales amount of off-site drinks exceeded 120 million US dollars, showing a certain seasonality like many other drinks. In addition, the number of brands of hard soda is also growing rapidly, from 10 in 2018 to 65 in July 2020.


In the domestic market, although there are some innovative brands, the low alcohol / traditional alcohol alternative beverage is still a relatively small market, and the category potential needs to be verified for a period of time.



Recently, the flagship store of Bama tea tmall launched a cold extraction instant tea powder with sweet scented osmanthus and black tea taste. It is packaged in a small cup and can be brewed in cold water by using freeze-drying cold extraction technology. In addition, the cup body adds interest to the product through creative words. (information source: Bama flagship store)


Mengniu Guan Yi milk released the first 0 sucrose yogurt, and the product does not add pigment, flavor, preservatives, etc., the main natural ingredients, add a small amount of natural sugar and rich probiotics and prebiotics formula, to protect the intestinal health. (source: official account of Mengniu)

Recently, zhouheiya’s new brand “zhouxiaoban” launched a new product of snail powder in tmall flagship store. In addition to the classic ingredients, consumers can also buy marinated eggs, duck feet, duck necks and other marinated products for combination and collocation to increase the taste richness of the product. (source: Zhou Heiya food flagship store)

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