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February is about to have big action again, this kind of sheep milk powder “black horse” action is frequent!

In recent years, as a new type of milk powder, goat milk powder market is heating up. In 2020, affected by the epidemic situation, all walks of life across the country are in a recession, but in the infant milk powder market, many brands still act frequently. In the field of infant milk powder, the small branch of sheep milk powder, for example, in 2020, many brands have made great efforts and become the “protagonist” in media reports.

As the main pure goat milk protein formula of obijia dairy, yangzizi, an infant goat milk powder, won the “best growth star of the year” award at the 7th baby industry conference (CBIS) in Beijing from December 13 to 14, following the successful signing of the women’s volleyball Olympic champion and world champion Wei Qiuyue on November 19.

Meanwhile, on the afternoon of December 29, Yang Zizi & Yadi media held the signing ceremony of CCTV advertising in 2021 at the headquarters of Yang Zizi in Wangcheng, Changsha, which also means that Yang Zizi will spend a lot of money to promote CCTV advertising Yellow Gold files at the end of 2020.

Yangzizi, a brand of baby goat milk powder owned by obijia dairy, has been on the market for 9 years since it was launched in 2011. Over the past nine years, yangzizi has become a “dark horse” in the field of goat milk powder from an unknown brand of goat milk powder for infants and young children. It has successfully ranked among the top ten camps of goat milk powder for infants and young children in China. How does this goat milk powder successfully break through from many brands of goat milk powder for infants and young children? Today, let’s take a look at the origin of this low-key sheep milk powder.

Solid entity enterprises as backing

In recent years, looking at the domestic market, many dairy enterprises seize the opportunity of infant milk powder market warming up and join in one after another. Obijia dairy, which has a 10-year development history, is one of the excellent performance stocks. In 2011, yangzizi infant formula was officially launched, injecting new strength into obijia dairy industry.

From the successful completion of yangzizi Changsha factory in 2016 to the new appearance of yangzizi packaging in 2017, and then to the successful registration of milk powder formula in 2018, yangzizi has gone through nine years of development.

As the only infant goat milk powder of OBI Jia dairy, yangzizi’s important strategic position in Obi Jia dairy is self-evident. Obijia dairy, focusing on China’s infant industry, is a professional dairy industrial company integrating production, sales, scientific research and service. Now it has two large-scale milk powder industrial bases in Changsha, Hunan and Dublin, Ireland.

Yangzizi’s production base is located in Changsha, Hunan Province, which is one of the few large-scale milk powder industrial bases in Central China. It not only has a strong production capacity of infant milk powder, but also has advanced inspection and detection capabilities. It has successfully passed the CNAs laboratory certification of China National Accreditation Committee for conformity assessment.

In addition to Changsha milk powder industry base, Obi Jia dairy’s strong strength is also reflected in its wholly foreign-owned milk powder industry base, namely emer í milk powder factory located in Dublin, Ireland. As a typical representative of Changsha’s foreign investment and economic cooperation in 2019 and the first agricultural and animal husbandry industrial investment project with Chinese investment background in Ireland, emer í milk powder industrial base phase I has a total investment of 45 million euros, an annual production capacity of 5000 tons, 100000 grade GMP purification workshop, first-class design and advanced equipment. It is a first-class factory designed according to the world’s advanced intelligent concept.

With the backing of solid enterprises such as obijia dairy, it is no wonder that yangzizi is confident in every step of the infant milk powder market.

Excellent product quality blessing

For infant milk powder, enterprise strength is very important, product strength and product quality are equally important. As a big problem that affects millions of people, strictly ensuring the quality and safety of products has always been the safety red line that any milk powder enterprise and brand can never exceed.


All along, yangzizi has always adhered to the quality line of defense and controlled the production process of milk powder layer by layer, from the product positioning of pure goat milk protein formula to the special addition of beneficial nutrients such as OPO structural fat, dietary fiber, choline and folic acid; from the research and development, production, detection and circulation to the implementation of the whole process anti-counterfeiting traceability system from raw materials to the dining table, one can and one yard; yangzizi Always adhere to the bottom line of the industry, adhere to the high-quality products to fully guarantee the excellent quality of each can of yangziyang milk powder, and give back to the majority of consumers.

Enriching product matrix and renewing product packaging

Create a new era of beauty

In recent years, yangzizi has continued to shape its brand in a younger direction. In order to meet the aesthetic needs of the new generation of mothers and to establish connections with more young consumers, yangzizi has carried out a brand-new upgrade of product packaging in 2020, in order to shape a younger brand image and seize more young consumers’ minds.

At the same time, in 2020, yangzizi will launch its product segments that can attract more extensive consumption coverage. From yangzizi infant goat milk powder to xiaoyanggaogao and Changgao infant milk powder, yangzizi will keep up with the market development trend and grasp the pulse of the times. Up to now, yangzizi has formed a full range of baby products that can cover both online and offline, and the product matrix has been continuously enriched and improved.

Enhance the digital value of products

Realize the digital empowerment of brand products


In 2020, in order to further enhance the digital value of yangzizi products, connect products and channels, link brands and consumers, and realize the digital empowerment of brand products, yangzizi will also upgrade the yangzizi label three-dimensional system from five aspects of consumer interaction, anti-counterfeiting, anti-counterfeiting control, intelligent traceability, and intelligent marketing by the end of 2020.

The upgraded yangzizi products adopt the Tianyan inspection and prevention system to enable the channel order. At the same time, the upgraded yangzizi products also have a wider range of product interaction capabilities, which can realize a variety of marketing activities, effectively improve the retention rate and conversion rate of users, and strongly empower the mobile sales of yangzizi terminals.


Join hands with Olympic champion of women’s volleyball & world champion Wei Qiuyue

Strength continues to write “women’s volleyball spirit”

In 2020, in order to further enhance the product influence, Yang Zizi signed a contract with Wei Qiuyue, the Olympic champion of women’s volleyball team & world champion, as the brand image spokesperson, and successfully entered into the infant milk powder brand camp with star endorsement.

As a famous volleyball player, the spirit of women’s volleyball team represented by Wei Qiuyue is not only the general summary of the spirit of fearing no difficulties and fighting tenaciously, but also the spirit of being down-to-earth, diligent in learning and training, fearless, assiduous in studying and bravely climbing the peak to win the championship.

Yangzizi, as a leading brand of Chinese infant goat milk powder, has always adhered to the production principle of high standards and strict requirements to ensure the safety and reliability of every can of yangzizi goat milk powder. It can be predicted that in 2021, under the recommendation of Wei Qiuyue, the Olympic champion and world champion of women’s volleyball team, Yang ziding will be loved and supported by more consumers.

CCTV’s Golden advertising

Help upgrade brand strategy

In the past two years, with the continuous strengthening and deepening of the re education of infant goat milk powder consumers, infant goat milk powder has developed rapidly, and has become a good recipe in the eyes of many dairy enterprises. Before 2020, yangzizi will make painstaking efforts to take a step-by-step strategy and build up strength.

In March, yangzizi joined hands with Xinchao media, the first media flow platform in Chinese communities, to launch elevator advertisements in key cities across the country. At the same time, in order to help stores get out of the sales dilemma during the epidemic period, yangzizi began to launch high-frequency online live broadcasting operations nationwide in conjunction with maternal and child stores in March, continuously boosting the confidence of terminal stores by means of online live broadcasting and delivery In November, Yang Zizi announced that he had successfully signed the contract with Wei Qiuyue, the Olympic champion of women’s volleyball team.

It can be said that in 2020, Yang Zizi has made great efforts in elevator advertising, outdoor advertising, high-speed rail advertising, brand image endorsement and other fields, and it can be said that the firepower is fully open. In 2021, Yang Zizi’s official announced that its brand image advertisement will appear in CCTV’s advertising golden file in February, which will promote the development of Yang Zizi’s brand to a new level in 2021.

Today, the milk powder market has experienced brilliance, and also struggled in the wind and rain. In the nine years of development, Yang Zizi has followed suit. However, in the process of climbing, rolling and fighting, Yang Zizi has created his own honor and highlight with his low-key and pragmatic work style. As a person who has accumulated a lot in the field of infant goat milk powder, the future of goat Zizi remains to be seen.

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