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Heshengyuan milk powder accelerates the e-commerce strategy in an all-round way, and wolan new products land in Jingdong for the first time

Yesterday, the heshengyuan wolan series of Jianhe Group officially landed on Jingdong platform, which is also the first new infant milk powder product of heshengyuan sold through exclusive e-commerce channel.

Xiaoshidai learned that after the test of last year’s epidemic situation, EHR has listed the e-commerce channel as one of the key channels to break through this year. In the company’s view, the consumer groups covered by e-commerce channel and traditional offline channel and their respective consumption characteristics are different. As a “e-commerce exclusive” infant formula, wolan will help the company further improve its penetration and share in the e-commerce formula market.

Deepen the layout of e-commerce

In fact, in the context of last year’s epidemic situation, the growth rate of maternal and infant products, including milk powder, in e-commerce channels has been significantly enhanced.

At the end of last year, Nielsen retail research, CBME and fashion parenting consumer research group jointly released the “insight report on the new trend of maternal and infant consumption in 2020”, which pointed out that from the performance of milk powder channel, e-commerce channel grew significantly, while maternal and infant channel slowed down relatively. According to the data of the report, from January to July last year, the growth rate of e-commerce channel was 25.4%, that of mother infant channel was 1.4%, and that of other offline channels declined significantly.

The trend of rapid development of e-commerce channels has also been confirmed by the performance of heshengyuan last year. In the third quarter of 2020, the sales of heshengyuan milk powder in China increased by 12.6%, and the Gmv of infant nutrition and care products business (BNC) e-commerce platform of Jianhe group increased by 64% year on year.

According to the company, in 2014, it announced that it had settled in Jingdong platform. This time, we hope to rely on the advantages of big data and high-quality customers of Jingdong to accelerate the construction of more yuan and more direct channel mode. “The sale of heshengyuan wolan series milk powder through Jingdong platform is another important embodiment of the company’s further deepening of e-commerce layout under the original advantages of online and offline channels.” The company said.

Open up new people

Data show that wolan series of infant formula milk powder was registered in March last year. Up to now, nine series of infant formula milk powder of Jianhe group have passed the formula registration, including Xingyao (alpha star, beta star, Paixing), organic, corbess sheep milk powder, wolan, Manle, Sujia and besbejia. The product matrix comprehensively focuses on high-end, ultra-high end, organic, goat milk, HMO and other segments.

Today, xiaoshidai saw in the official flagship store of heshengyuan Jingdong that the price of wolan 2 section 800g / can is 298 yuan, and the price of wolan 3 section 800g / can is 278 yuan. From the price point of view, wolan is more affordable than other super high-end import product lines of heshengyuan, but it is higher than products with local production capacity such as Manle, Sujia and besubeijia. From the perspective of formula, wolan series mainly focuses on French milk source and sn-2 plus breast milk fat technology innovation formula and other selling points.

It is not difficult to find that the company also hopes to use wolan to occupy a new product price band in e-commerce channels and cover new consumers, so as to tap a broader market space.

Jianhe heshengyuan told xiaoshidai that the decision to sell wolan as the first exclusive e-commerce channel is based on the company’s insight into channels and consumer behavior. The reason is that the consumers who choose to buy milk powder online and offline are usually not the same group of consumers. The former is more the new generation of consumers after 95, who pay attention to quality and convenience Online experience is an important scene of their life and consumption.

Li Fengting, CEO of Jianhe group in China, said that the company hopes to organically combine product quality and innovative channel forms to “deliver the way and concept of easy and happy parenting to the new generation of mothers”.

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