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How does flying crane do it when flying to the moon with chang’e-5?

On the evening of January 13, the launch conference of China’s lunar exploration project chang’e-5 carrying partners and flying crane’s scientific research achievements was held online.


At the press conference, Liu Tongjie, deputy director of NASA’s lunar exploration and space engineering center, and Zhang Yuhua, deputy commander-in-chief of chang’e-5, gave double recognition to Feihe’s scientific research ability and brand strength.


In addition, at the meeting, Feihe also released three major research results of its breast milk research in China, which provided more scientific basis for products “closer to Chinese breast milk and more suitable for Chinese babies”.

Wei Jing, vice president of China Feihe


Scientific research helps high end products


In recent years, the competition of ordinary infant formula market is becoming increasingly fierce. At the same time, the trend of high-end and differentiation of milk powder industry is becoming more and more obvious. With high-quality high-end and differentiated milk powder, it is favored by the new generation of parents. In the past year, Feihe continued to focus on high-end milk powder products due to its optimistic high-end market potential.


Behind the development of high-end products is the innovation and scientific research ability of Feihe.

At present, Feihe has 7 modern intelligent factories and 2 factories under construction; at the same time, over the years, it has increased its scientific research and upgrading, including the establishment of China’s first dairy Engineering academician workstation and the whole industry chain innovation center focusing on the promotion of infant formula food; it has absorbed a large number of domestic and foreign outstanding talents in dairy research to provide intellectual support for the company’s scientific research and technological innovation.

In addition, flying crane last night also announced the latest Chinese breast milk research results.


According to the introduction of Jiang Shilong, chief scientist and R & D director of Feihe, in January 2020, Feihe published a systematic review on the protein and amino acids of Chinese breast milk in jpgn, an international authoritative journal of Pediatrics; in October, Feihe published research results in the official journal of the international society for fatty acid research, which is the first time to study the relationship between different regions of China through a systematic review In December, based on the results of protein research, flying crane revealed the dynamic changes of 11 active protein components in Chinese breast milk in six stages.


The above investment provides the internal driving force for the development of Feihe in the high-end milk powder and super high-end milk powder market.


Thanks to the continuous improvement of the proportion of high-end products, the profitability of Feihe has been continuously enhanced. According to the 2020 semi annual report released by Feihe, during the period, the company achieved revenue of 8.707 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 48%, and the market share of the company increased to 17.2% by the end of the third quarter of 2020.


It is understood that in the future, Feihe will also launch a number of new products, involving new fields such as adult milk powder, infant rice flour supplement, and children’s liquid milk. The improvement of scientific research ability will also help the development of new products.

Press conference Round Table Forum

More measures to strengthen brand power


Brand power is the unity of brand awareness, reputation and integrity. The concept of a certain brand is an important factor affecting consumers’ purchase decisions. With the aggravation of market competition in dairy industry, some small and medium-sized brands lack of service ability, product supply stability and brand investment sustainability.


How to enhance brand influence, Feihe tries to work hard on service and products.


In order to better communicate with consumers, Feihe has formulated a “3 + 2 + 2” digital transformation strategy to support the development of new retail and smart supply chain, accurately and quickly accept customer experience data, so as to optimize customer experience.


The same is true during the epidemic. Feihe previously mentioned that the epidemic made the company realize that infant milk powder brands can not win the competition by low price, and the core competitiveness is service. In the case of terminal stores not opening and consumers not going out, Feihe serves consumers through door-to-door delivery and online live broadcast. In addition, the total amount of money and goods donated by Feihe to the front line of fighting epidemic reached 200 million yuan.


In addition to the service in place, a company to enhance brand influence, in the final analysis, or to make professional products, with products to endorsement.

NASA lunar exploration and Space Engineering Center awarded China flying crane carrying certificate


To cooperate with China’s aerospace industry and become a lunar exploration partner means to put forward requirements for the quality and technical content of Feihe’s products. How to inject the rigorous and innovative Aerospace spirit into the domestic milk powder industry and provide safe products for babies requires Feihe’s continuous efforts in the future. After the product quality is recognized, the reputation and influence will naturally be improved.


Since 2017, with the help of its advantages in the low line market, Feihe has made great efforts in the high line market and accelerated to seize the market share. Affected by the new crown epidemic, under the background of the overall decline of the industry performance, Feihe still achieved double-digit growth, and is expected to occupy more market share in the next 2-3 years.


With the development of high-end dairy industry and the increase of brand concentration, any company that lacks product and service awareness will be impacted, and the values of Feihe are worth learning in the industry.

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