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Recommend | delicious and fun, let the baby win in the starting line of the artifact is actually it!

With the gradual expansion of the group of professional women, the pressure of women’s life is also gradually increasing. It is very difficult to give consideration to both family and work.

Especially after becoming Baoma, many Baoma watched their children grow up and grow up after experiencing “big waves” such as hugging sleep, sucking sleep and shaking sleep But, still not! Ken! Sleep! Sleep! What should we do?

Aimo · rongdouer fresh box
A colleague of the unit suffered from the pain of coaxing baby to sleep. With the recommendation of other colleagues, she bought a can of Aimo rongdouer. Unexpectedly, the baby couldn’t put it down. With the help of rongdouer, coaxing baby to sleep has become a sweet thing !
What’s more, she found out unexpectedly that the effect of Aimo Douer is not limited to sleeping
What on earth is Aimo Douer a 60209?

Shandong Aimo Food Co., Ltd
Today, let’s walk into Shandong Aimo Food Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Shandong Aimo”) to learn about baby’s favorite soluble beans!
baby’s favorite, mother’s rest assured
Why do you choose soluble beans?
This is an era that stresses winning at the starting line, starting with dolls. Therefore, more than a year old baby began to change every day to eat a variety of fruits, not only expensive but also inconvenient. In this case, soluble beans came into being.
Using the foreign traditional technology, with the unique baking technology, the product has more Aimo style. At the same time, Shandong Aimo added compound probiotics in Douer to supplement nutrition for the healthy growth of the baby.
What’s more, amolysol is rich in vitamins, which is good for baby’s development. Young Baoma no longer has to worry about baby’s nutrition.
The formula is natural and healthy. It’s easy for children to grasp. After entering the market, Aimo Douer soon captured the hearts of many mothers and babies and became a necessary “toy” for children to eat and play.
However, Shandong Aimo is not satisfied with this. Not long ago, through the efforts of the whole team, Shandong Aimo has just passed the HACCP system certification of CQC. At present, it is carrying out the lean 6S on-site management rectification work, further strengthening the product quality control, and striving to provide consumers with more healthy and reassuring beans.
So, why do you choose Aimo Douer? Of course, for the healthy growth of the baby, !
apart from delicious, but also fun
Is there any other use for dissolving beans besides eating? In fact, Aimo Douer can play the role of early education in the growth stage of the baby
1. 识别颜色。宝宝来到未知的世界,最初的认知很大一部分就是对颜色的认知,爱莫溶豆儿包含紫色、黄色等不同颜色,正好用于锻炼宝宝认识五颜六色的世界。

2. 锻炼手眼协调能力。很多宝妈会有担忧,害怕宝宝手眼不协调,那怎么办呢?用爱莫溶豆锻炼宝宝的协调能力,保证宝宝赢在起跑线上。

3. 合并同类项。宝宝长到两三岁,就需要对事物分类进行一定程度的锻炼,利用爱莫溶豆儿培养宝宝简单分类的能力,妈妈再也不用担心啦!

4. 同时,爱莫溶豆儿还可以帮助宝宝培养好奇心,在触觉和味觉上培养宝宝的认知能力,全方面培养宝宝。

So, health is the first and fun is also very important.
Aimo Douer is successful in arousing the baby’s curiosity, improving the baby’s cognitive ability of the world, so as to let Baoma rest assured. To choose Aimo Douer is to choose a snack for early education.
Strengthen quality control and improve quality
At present, Shandong Aimo has just passed the HACCP system certification of CQC, and is carrying out the lean 6S on-site management rectification work. All these are to strengthen product quality control and improve product quality, so as to attract more consumers in stores, CVs, circulation, Tetong (mother and baby, bakery) and other channels.

However, with the continuous expansion of the market, there are more and more enterprises producing soluble beans. How to make product characteristics has become a common problem in the industry, and also a problem that Shandong Aimo has been exploring.

first of all, enrich the taste of the product. This is the easiest point to improve. Next, Shandong Aimo will continue to increase the taste of soluble beans to meet the different needs of the baby. In the process of improving the taste, we should also consider the baby’s allergens and try to choose hypoallergenic fruits to ensure the baby’s health.

next, from the technical improvement. In order to attract more consumers, it is necessary to differentiate technology. In the future, Shandong Aimo will improve the traditional technology to produce more healthy soluble beans.
With the advent of the era of great health, consumers pay more and more attention to health and nutrition issues, especially in infant nutrition and safety issues. In infant complementary food products, there are “organic”, “no addition”, “green”, “rich in nutrients” and other keywords, which have become the highlights of attracting consumers to buy.
Shandong Aimo will, according to the requirements of the era of great health, do a good job in controlling the health of products and escort the healthy growth of the baby.
From August 28 to 30, 2021, the distributors who like amo beans will go to Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center and Shandong amo food show to choose more healthy food for their babies!

Business telephone

Cao zhigang-13633169339 (Sales Director)

August 28-39
Meeting with amo Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center
90 M2 luxury special booth No.: 1b03 + 1b05
Never see you again!


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