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Who is making black coffee addiction?

Before the brand flow runs out, which one can really capture the hearts of coffee customers for a long time?

Chinese people are becoming more and more self-help about coffee.
Caf é s are still those caf é s – they are concentrated in Shanghai Wukang Road, Huaihai Middle Road, Beijing Drum Tower and other leisurely areas. They import the most abundant raw beans, and bake, grind, and make a fresh taste experience. Starbucks is also those Starbucks – people here enjoy the relaxation of the third space besides work and daily life.
But more people begin to drink coffee in their own space and time. Ricky said, “are you drinking coffee or coffee shop?” The Manifesto dispels the charm of “sitting in a coffee shop”.
According to the data, more than half of coffee consumers in physical stores now buy coffee by taking it out. There are also more coffee customers who no longer stick to the current grinding, start to popularize capsule coffee machines such as DIY: Nespresso at home, as well as the popularity of net raw coffee such as three and a half meals and yongpu, and bring the instant, capsule, hanging ear, coffee liquid and other high-quality coffee that can be brewed and drunk without complicated grinding, hand washing and filtering equipment.
The concept of coffee, in the minds of more and more consumers, has been extended to the daily drink of “you can have a cup at home, in the office and on the journey”; the casual consumption of going to the coffee shop has become the frequent “necessary for home travel”.
The style is not so particular. Latte, cappuccino, which once represented petty bourgeois sentiment, began to be linked with calories. With the increase of consumption frequency, coffee customers turned to black coffee without sugar and milk, healthy and suitable for daily drinking.
According to the report “China’s coffee consumption trend in 2019” released by cbndata and tmall, the consumption growth rate of sugar free black coffee is higher than that of the whole coffee category.
There is no doubt that the coffee market is “sinking” – the price of drinking coffee has dropped from 20 or 30 yuan to 2-7 yuan, and consumers are not paying for space and flower drawing.
At the same time, the taste of coffee has “increased” – within each coffee category, consumers have higher requirements for flavor and taste. Consumers learn to choose among multiple options: which one is better? Which one do you prefer? The more you taste, the more you drink; the coffee boutique, a cup of black coffee made from several kinds of coffee beans with local characteristics cultivated under specific natural conditions, through good storage, baking and extraction methods suitable for this bean, has become the ultimate destination of many coffee customers, and even Ruixing, who is good at playing low price, has begun to sell SCA It’s a top-quality black coffee.
On December 10, Milan gold coffee released the brand vision designed by Japanese design master haraya, and the 25 year old domestic coffee brand officially entered the coffee retail market.
Today’s coffee users, who drink freshly ground beans in cafes, begin to study the types, baking, and brewing methods of beans.
It is convenient to drink instant coffee, upgraded to capsule, ear hanging, cold extraction and other black coffee options that can restore the flavor of coffee beans.
Those who like to explore the flavor begin to grind coffee beans at home and study 180 methods of making coffee by hand
Between the sinking and rising, there is a broader space for consumers’ psychological needs. Each cup of coffee has a different flavor, and each form of drinking coffee also has a different meaning. Coffee customers choose among them according to their own unique preferences.

Exquisite women
Who is drinking black coffee in China? Which cup of black coffee can make them addicted?
Young people (after 85-95), especially women.
This is a generation that has been involved in an unprecedented fast-paced life, with a word “sleepy” written on its forehead every day. It is also a generation that has high self-esteem, and wants to live with spirit and delicacy.
Coffee can not only be a refreshing, swelling and weight reducing functional beverage, but also a sensory enjoyment with rich aroma and attractive addiction, and can represent a quality life style of “drinking coffee in leisure time”.
There are few readily available products that can meet the functional, sensory, and cultural needs of this generation like coffee.
Cbndata and tmall released the “2020 online coffee market consumer insight report”, which combines the information of other online commodity consumption, and concludes that senior middle class, new white-collar workers and exquisite mothers are the backbone of coffee consumption.
These groups expertly dissolve the pressure and tiredness in experiential consumption, and use the little happiness brought by caffeine and coffee to regain vitality.
The market growth of post-90s and post-95s is the fastest, which is due to young people’s enthusiasm for exploring fresh tastes and their enthusiasm for the marketing of coffee brand trends in recent years.
What kind of black coffee?
In the eyes of a thousand people, there are a thousand ways to drink coffee. In the rapidly developing coffee market, maybe you can get all of them. For different people, what “black” is the most addictive?  

The power of life continuation
Contemporary people sometimes feel really sleepy, sometimes feel sleepy, but in any case, a cup of coffee in your hand can make you feel that you have made an effort to make yourself more energetic and at ease.
The Internet coffee chains, such as lucky coffee and Lian coffee, which mainly focus on the white-collar market, emphasize the functional needs of refreshing coffee. For this reason, they compete in “convenience” by laying more outlets, in order to provide a quick solution for “difficulty”.
Whether instant or liquid coffee, the first thing to meet is the need of quick refreshing. Recently, university teacher Z, who is drinking UCC instant coffee to catch up with the progress of teaching and research, said that the main reason for drinking this kind of coffee is that it saves time than hand brewing and is cheaper than takeout coffee.
People who rush for the refreshing and refreshing function to drink coffee do not choose the brand – “it mainly depends on what brand of a certain East is engaged in activities.” Z says so.
As long as there is caffeine, you’d better give me another reason to choose you – popularity, open screen ads, discounts, eye contact are possible.
KFC’s instant coffee in the promotion of the little red book found Yang naivete. “It’s 12 o’clock in the evening, and I’m writing a book, so I really need a cup of coffee,” the brave, daring and resolute girl said in the video.
Coffee stimulates nerves and is addictive. Not everyone drinks a cup of strong and bitter instant black coffee at midnight, but people who do this often work under high pressure. Only in this way can they get back their “strong” nerves and taste. Like a veteran soldier, a cup of black coffee at hand is their Browning.
It’s a little sour and hard work hidden on the surface and behind the “spirit”, which is also a unique social signal that white-collar workers who drink black coffee want to convey.

From drinking coffee to tasting beans
Coffee itself is a taste product, and “good” is the basic demand for anyone to drink coffee. Coffee customers who pay attention to the taste choose beans rather than brands.
People addicted to black coffee are fascinated by its charming aroma and rich taste. Scientists have discovered 1000 kinds of aroma compounds in coffee, and coffee from different regions and varieties have different flavors. But the aroma of coffee is volatile – that’s where we smell it. Once the roasted coffee beans are ground and the chemical components in them come into contact with the air, the taste of the roasted coffee beans will change, become sour, and even have a rotten taste. Therefore, the drinking method of “instant grinding” is the benchmark to taste the coffee flavor completely.
Senior coffee customers who have been drinking coffee for years and are increasingly keen on the taste of coffee are eager to taste the original flavor of coffee. According to the cbndata report, “habitual coffee drinkers” are more concerned about: Fruity coffee can activate their taste nerves, while sour coffee can make them feel sensitive and mind.
So people who are used to drinking black coffee slowly go to seesaw, the boutique coffee shop and the boutique coffee takeout in the first and second tier cities, with their “bad” taste buds. There, they learned that the same type of coffee beans have different flavor with different baking degree, grinding degree and mixing method, and the varied taste is more fascinating.
So some of them began to collect the cooked coffee beans of Lanshan, yejiaxuefei, Arabica, Yunnan and other boutique coffee, grinding and hand brewing at home, exploring the taste map between the coffee belts of Tropic of cancer. Lavazza, Doushu, Fisher, Milan gold and% are the brands they often patronize.
When there is no time for grinding and blending, capsules and hanging ears are also convenient options.
Both of them can store the freshly ground coffee powder without oxygen and completely preserve the original flavor of coffee beans. It needs to be equipped with a capsule coffee machine to brew the capsules, and the taste of each cup is very stable, not inferior to that of the coffee shop; while the ear coffee with its own portable filter paper (ear) needs to be brewed by the coffee maker himself to get a better flavor. Nestle’s Nespresso and Dolce gusto lead the market of capsule coffee with the price of 5-7 yuan per cup.
The hanging lug has more choices because it is not limited by machinery and equipment. Most of the above brands selling high-quality coffee beans also sell hanging ears, and some high-quality coffee shops in first and second tier cities will also fill the ground coffee beans and make their own hanging ears. More instant brands such as yutianchuan and Ruixing “go up” to introduce high-quality coffee to fast-food coffee users.
Whether it’s coffee beans or capsules or ear, boutique coffee will have a detailed introduction to the variety and flavor of coffee, and consumers will soon understand their taste preferences. Some people like the “deep baking, caramel nut wine flavor sequence” taste, while others prefer the “bitter, strong aroma, acid” heavy baking taste.
With the growing number of coffee drinkers, the high-quality coffee movement in China, coffee brands investing in product iteration and customer education (think about Starbucks), the former niche group of high-quality coffee drinkers is expanding rapidly, and Chinese consumers are drinking more and more refined coffee. Instant coffee, which is sour and bitter and needs to be flavored with milk sugar, once accounted for 70% of the market share, but its sales are declining year after year, and the growth rate is outstanding. Filter hanging and capsule coffee are replacing it.

Ritual economy
For a long time, drinking coffee is a symbol of “exquisite life”. In recent years, the low price competition of Internet coffee brands has not made it “rough”.
In the final analysis, it is because the psychological demand for coffee is inseparable from the “Hope” — a little more spirit, a little better drink, and a little more taste of different flavors. It is these little wishes that build the pursuit of “having face in life”.
The aroma of coffee is enough to attract people’s thinking at the moment of sipping, which makes people temporarily withdraw from life and work. This moment of leisure itself is luxury. “Drinking coffee gives people a very relaxed and lazy feeling.” G, a bar owner who likes to grind eight square meters of coffee beans at home, recalls the reason why he first fell in love with coffee.
“It’s normal not to drink coffee, not sleepy, but now I still drink a cup every day. Now I feel more psychological factors. I always feel that drinking a cup of coffee can make my soul calm down.” After drinking coffee for more than ten years, new mom y, who used to like to make coffee shop, said.
As a result, coffee also attracts many people who pursue the ritual sense of life. Cbndata’s “report” depicts “petty bourgeois” coffee customers who “like the environment of coffee shop”: they also like to buy aromatherapy, flowers, refrigerator deodorant, multi-functional cooking machine and other items to improve their quality of life, while coffee will choose those with online appearance and taste, such as time extract and sensory coffee, and pay attention to unique flavor experience.
Instant coffee three and a half meals from the next kitchen app, accurate benchmarking of this customer base.
Three and a half meal, yongpu, yutianchuan, tastelab and other instant coffee products are the most convenient and ready to drink choice among all kinds of coffee products, while selecting coffee beans to ensure quality. These brands focus on lyophilized powder or cold extracted coffee liquid, which can dissolve in liquid at different temperatures in three seconds. Three and a half meals even promote “everything is soluble” – ice water, soda water, coconut water They make the boutique coffee go from home to the road and office, and have a wider spread scene. They also quickly attract a wave of consumers who don’t drink coffee often.
Although instant coffee is not the best choice in taste, it has found another breakthrough for people pursuing exquisite life – “ritualization” itself
The recipes of “yutianchuan coffee ice cream” and “yongpu coffee golden soup” are widely spread in xiaohongshu. The coffee here is the boost and partner of the ceremony of “wash your hands to make soup and then send it to social media”. Three and a half meals also launched the “return plan” for recycling empty bottles: set up return points in cafes or art spaces, and encourage consumers to carry empty coffee bottles for recycling in order to exchange points. “Going back to the destination” with a small bottle with a strong sense of design is a very ceremonial thing in itself, attracting many users to record it and then send it to social media.
Three and a half tons of instant coffee has the characteristics of “convenient brewing and all things are soluble”, which greatly reduces the space and time limit of drinking coffee, and makes it organically integrated into the ceremony of consumers’ creative life and sustainable life. As a result, it has a higher user interaction rate and stickiness, which is a new way to play coffee.
However, for the fast-moving consumer goods such as coffee, the brand is a weak preference: if there are cross-border co branding, new product launch and other activities, consumers will be attracted for a short time, but after the wind blows, people will still go back to their favorite and most used coffee.
It’s hard to be an evergreen coffee brand.
Which one can really capture the hearts of coffee customers for a long time before the brand traffic runs out?



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