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Speed up brand layout! Mingyi milk powder was named as the first high-speed railway, achieving further brand influence

At 10:45 on January 11, 2021, with the slow departure of g648 train, “Mingyi milk powder” high-speed railway named train, with Mingyi’s beautiful vision of “everything for children”, started a new journey of Mingyi international brand communication.

高铁专列冠名 品牌升级加速度

In recent years, with the continuous innovation of China’s rail transit industry, China’s high-speed rail is leading the world, achieving the proud “China speed”, driving the “high-speed rail era” full of vitality and pursuing high-quality development, and expanding a new platform, new space and new power for brand construction and communication for China’s brand which is closely following the trend of the times.

The “Ming Yi milk powder” high-speed train named, full of “Ming Yi milk powder” All for the sake of children, the high-speed rail named “Mingyi No.1” has become a “mobile city card” representing the new image of Mingyi milk powder. It is heading for all parts of the country. The world’s leading high-speed rail speed will provide a broader and more efficient communication platform for Mingyi international, so that consumers all over the country can further understand Mingyi milk powder brand and speed up the upgrading of Mingyi milk powder brand Pace.


与乐同行 明一奶粉温暖返乡归途

With the arrival of the Spring Festival and the peak of returning home, Mingyi milk powder, together with Gu Tianle, the spokesperson of Mingyi milk powder, accompanies the passengers with a warm brand promotion picture. We can see that the train shows the strength of Mingyi brand in an all-round way from the outside body, seat pillow, seat table, carriage luggage rack, poster in the carriage, train voice and other details with a variety of media combinations, and passes through the high-speed railway named train The city of Ming Yi tells the story of milk powder.


In addition, Mingyi milk powder also brought a doll Niu Xiaoming on the high-speed railway train, which brought laughter to the passengers on their way back home, deepened the brand image of Mingyi milk powder into everyone’s heart, and shortened the distance with the passengers.



品牌战略 发展绿色生态全产业链

In recent years, with the rejuvenation of Baoma in China and the quality of domestic milk powder, more and more people begin to pay attention to the nutritional balance of milk powder, and realize that not all imported milk powder are suitable for Chinese babies, and the market of domestic milk powder is getting better and better.

As a well-known infant milk powder brand in China, Mingyi milk powder always has a forward-looking strategic vision, based on the pursuit of high-end quality and ingenuity technology, and constantly explores and innovates; it focuses on the R & D and innovation of infant milk powder, and is committed to building a green and ecological dairy core industry chain. It has built a 10000 mu Alpine ecological ranch in Jianning, Fujian Province, a national ecological county, to create a new brand The whole industry chain mode of “integration of planting, breeding and processing” constructs a complete whole industry chain in accordance with the strict international standards of pasture, grass planting, dairy cattle breeding and subsequent processing, which lays a foundation for the fresh quality of milk powder.




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