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17 raw material samples of imported whey powder in Tianjin were positive. China Resources beer made at least 50% more last year. The first production line in Southwest China was put into operation. The sustainable development expenditure of Nestle coffee doubled, and meituan mutual aid closed down

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On the afternoon of January 21, the first batch of magic claw energy beverage made in Sichuan officially went off the production line in Chengdu, Sichuan. COFCO Coca Cola beverage (Sichuan) Co., Ltd. has become the first claw production base in Southwest China. Zhou Xiao, deputy head of Chengdu Xindu District People’s government, and Qing Lijun, CPC secretary and CEO of COFCO Coca Cola, witnessed this important moment.

China Resources beer is expected to earn at least 50% more last year (company announcement)

Yesterday, China Resources beer announced that it expects the profit of shareholders last year to increase by at least 50% compared with the previous year. The increase is mainly due to the reduction of staff compensation and placement costs related to production capacity optimization and organization reengineering, and the increase of profits from the use of glass bottles and the sale of fixed assets in other income.

Nestle coffee’s sustainable development spending will double (Reuters) – Nestle is increasing its sustainable development spending on its “Nestle coffee” brand, according to a report by Reuters yesterday. The company plans to invest more than 700 million Swiss francs (787 million US dollars) over the next decade in a program that includes responsible procurement of all Nestle coffee, retrospective supply to farmers by 2025, and helping Nestle achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050. This investment is more than twice the expenditure on sustainable development in the past 10 years.

Yili billion yuan awards employees and partners (company news)

According to the information of the official account of Erie WeChat yesterday, the group of Erie held the “Sensing Tomorrow foresight” 2020 “cloud annual meeting” in the form of live broadcast online in January 22nd. At this annual meeting and the just concluded customer conference, Yili spent a total of 100 million yuan to award outstanding employees and partners, and join hands to open the “post 100 billion era”. In the future, Yili will make full progress towards “No.1 dairy industry in the world, top five healthy food” in 2030, and build a more diversified, international and intelligent Yili.

Guangming Food Group: adhere to the standardized management of epidemic prevention and control of foreign personnel and vehicles, and strengthen the daily killing (company news)

On the morning of January 22, Guangming Food Group held an emergency meeting on epidemic prevention and control. The meeting required that the epidemic prevention and control of foreign personnel and vehicles should adhere to the normal management, strengthen the daily killing, and effectively eliminate the potential safety hazards; pay attention to the reserve of materials for the prevention and control of the recent epidemic as early as possible, and prepare sufficient epidemic prevention materials; encourage employees to spend the Spring Festival in Shanghai or local areas, and reduce the flow of people as much as possible.


Last night, Yili announced that it had opened an account for the first phase of the long-term service plan and purchased 3613815 shares of the company’s shares through the securities trading system of Shanghai Stock Exchange on January 21, accounting for 0.06% of the total share capital of the company, with an average transaction price of 45.941 yuan per share. According to the arrangement of the long service plan, after the purchase of the above-mentioned stocks is completed, the purchase of the subject stocks of the first phase of the long service plan has been completed. On September 4 last year, Yili issued a draft long-term service plan, which is aimed at the middle and senior managers, business and technical backbones of the company, as well as other core talents who play an important role in the overall performance and long-term development of the company.

Origen plans to acquire Australia market with 400 million yuan (company announcement)

Origen announced last night that on January 22, the company planned to acquire 100% equity of Hong Kong Jingshun Investment Holding Co., Ltd. held by Origen industries for about 400 million yuan. The main asset of Hong Kong Jingshun is its 100% equity of jamestong. The target company is mainly engaged in metal food can packaging and aluminum aerosol can packaging in Australia. It controls six can making factories and one capping factory in Australia and New Zealand respectively, and provides products to major food, infant milk powder and personal care products manufacturers in the Australian market. Customers include Heinz, Unilever, Synlait and other internationally renowned food and beverage manufacturers Chemical industry enterprises.


On January 22, Xiao Yuanqi, chief risk officer and press spokesman of the CIRC, said that meituan mutual aid indeed issued an announcement on the afternoon of January 15, announcing that the mutual aid business would be officially closed on January 31. Some time ago, baidu also announced the closure of its mutual aid platform, we are more concerned. “We feel that the main reasons for meituan mutual aid’s shutdown are that meituan mutual aid deviates from its main business, and the risk of adverse selection is increasing. In the next step, we will pay more attention to the network mutual aid of network companies, understand its operation mode, analyze its risk situation, and take corresponding measures.” Xiao Yuanqi said.

Heilongjiang Zhengda Industrial Company added 10 confirmed cases and 28 asymptomatic cases (green squirrels)

In January 21st, 10 novel coronavirus pneumonia cases were confirmed in Harbin, all of which were employees of Heilongjiang Zhengda Industrial Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Heilongjiang Zhengda”). Among the 31 new asymptomatic infections, 28 were Heilongjiang Zhengda employees and 3 were employees’ families. After the positive cases appeared in Zhengda of Heilongjiang Province, the local government immediately took emergency measures to seal and control the enterprise, and carried out comprehensive nucleic acid testing on its products, environment and personnel. Under the guidance of experts from the center for Disease Control and prevention, 1650 samples were collected from the food factory of the enterprise twice in succession on January 19 and 20, including the corridor of the dirty area, the corridor of the clean area, the outdoor environment of the dressing room, the external environment of the cold storage and the external packaging of the food It was positive. Relevant detection and flow regulation are still in progress.

Dongrui shares IPO application to be reviewed on January 28 (CSRC)

Yesterday, according to the announcement of China Securities Regulatory Commission, the IPO application of Dongrui Food Group Co., Ltd. will be reviewed on January 28. The main business of Dongrui is pig breeding and sales. In the first half of 2017-2020, the operating revenue of Dongrui is 634 million yuan, 614 million yuan, 872 million yuan and 604 million yuan respectively. The year-on-year growth rates of operating revenue in 2017-2019 are 2.17%, – 3.24% and 42.10% respectively.

Master Kong and Waseda University jointly build an international industry university research platform (company news)

On January 15, the signing ceremony of the new cooperation project agreement between national brand Master Kang and Waseda University was officially held. Leaders of the two sides attended the ceremony in the form of online video. The two sides hope to move forward hand in hand in personnel training, scientific research, education and other dimensions, build an international industry university research platform, give back technology and talents to the society, and look forward to its potential and development prospects.


McDonald’s launches creative product “spicy ice cream with oil” (

Recently, McDonald’s launched a limited time creative product “oil spilled spicy ice cream”, and warmly remind everyone: the product is slightly spicy, please do according to your ability. It is understood that McDonald’s “spicy oil ice cream” will appear on January 25.

“Nucleic acid collection and protection Pavilion” donated by Yili has arrived in Shijiazhuang (economic network)

Yili Group, together with the Red Cross Foundation of China, sent the “nucleic acid collection and protection Pavilion” with electric heating function to the first line of epidemic prevention and anti epidemic in Shijiazhuang. On January 20, Yili donated a “nucleic acid collection and protection Pavilion” with electric heating function to Shijiazhuang. The “nucleic acid collection and protection Pavilion” is a sealed stainless steel box of biological laboratory level. The workstation has a 10-15pa micro positive pressure and camber working window.

Coca Cola’s Australian bottler’s revenue fell 14% last year (Dow Jones newswires) amatil, the Australian bottler of Coca Cola’s drinks, said yesterday that its basic profit will drop 14% in 2020, but its performance in its main local market will improve during the important holidays. The company released its preliminary results for 2020 on Friday, saying that after deducting one-time items, its EBIT was a $550.7 million (US $427.7 million), down 14% from a year earlier, and its basic net profit was a $340.3 million. Overall, in 2020, the group’s sales volume decreased by about 8% and its revenue decreased by about 6%.

Tyson Foods, the largest U.S. meat processor, said on Wednesday it would pay $221.5 million to settle a chicken price manipulation lawsuit, Sina Finance reported. The company said it had reached a settlement on all chicken related lawsuits, but did not admit responsibility. Earlier this month, pilgrim’s pride, one of the largest U.S. chicken producers, reached a $75 million settlement over a similar lawsuit. The company also reached a plea agreement with the U.S. Department of justice last October on price manipulation charges, agreeing to pay a $110.5 million fine.

Iberdrola SA, a Spanish energy company, announced yesterday that it has signed a power purchase agreement (PPA) with Danone to support its 590 MW solar power super large project in Spain, Francisco Pizarro, according to foreign media reports yesterday. The company said it would provide 73 GWH of electricity per year for Danone’s operations in Spain for a decade starting in April 2022. PPA will enable Dharma to meet 100% of the electricity demand of the Francisco Pizarro plant.

Plant & Co, a Canadian food processing company, has acquired yam chops (Foodbev), a Canadian plant butcher, through a stock purchase agreement to support the brand’s entry into new markets, foreign media reported recently. Yamchop, founded in 2008, is considered to be the first plant butcher in North America and the only one in Canada. Yamchops specializes in the development, preparation and distribution of more than 17 proprietary plant-based meats and a variety of other vegetarian style foods for businesses and consumers. Tate & Lyle, a British sweetener and refined sugar company, has appointed a new CFO (Foodbev). According to foreign media reports yesterday, Tate & Lyle, a British sweetener and refined sugar company, announced the appointment of vid Sehgal as its new chief financial officer with effect from May 1, 2021. Sehgal replaces Imran Nawaz, who has been chief financial officer since 2018, and Nawaz will leave the company to become chief financial officer of Tesco. Prior to that, Sehgal served as CFO of Delphi technologies, a supplier of automotive systems, and of livanova, a medical technology company.

Quick reading of food industry information


Nucleic acid test of 17 samples of imported whey powder in Tianjin

Tianjin prevention and control headquarters reported that on January 21, 2021, 17 samples were found positive when testing the nucleic acid of new coronavirus in the whey powder samples imported from Ukraine by a food company in Tianjin Binhai New Area. The related products did not flow into Tianjin market. As of 17:00 on January 22, the stored epidemic related goods had been sealed up, the outgoing goods had been tracked, and the relevant information had been reported to other provinces and cities; the food, packaging and external environment of epidemic related goods had again been fully covered for sampling, testing and disinfection, and 204 samples had been collected, and the nucleic acid test results were all negative. Three employees with exposure risk and other 31 employees in the enterprise were isolated and sampled, and the nucleic acid test results were negative.


Yesterday, the center for Disease Control and prevention of Liangxi District, Wuxi City issued a notice: on January 21, our center carried out normalization monitoring on imported food, and found a positive nucleic acid test on the internal surface of imported cherries (production date: December 18, 2020). The district epidemic prevention headquarters immediately launched the emergency plan and rushed to the scene for disposal as soon as possible. After investigation, part of the batch of food went to Liangxi District, Huishan District and Binhu District. The district headquarters timely implemented the measures of epidemiological investigation, nucleic acid sampling, centralized isolation of close contacts, storage of surplus food, comprehensive environmental disinfection and other measures. A total of 199 samples of environment, articles and personnel were collected in Liangxi District, Huishan District and Binhu District, and the test results were all negative.

From the 27th, all imported frozen food in Guangzhou entered the centralized supervision warehouse (Nanfang +)

Since January 27, 2021, the centralized supervision warehouse for imported frozen food (hereinafter referred to as the “centralized supervision warehouse”) set up in Guangzhou has been put into full operation. All imported frozen food ready to enter Guangzhou must enter the centralized supervision warehouse for each required inspection and outer package disinfection.

The General Administration of market supervision notifies 9 batches of unqualified food (the General Administration of market supervision)

On January 20, the official website of the State Administration of market supervision reported the disqualification of nine batches of food, involving 159 batches of 12 categories of food, including tea and related products, beverages, alcoholic drinks, cakes, fried food and nut products, biscuits, instant food, bee products, fruit products, meat products, candy products and infant formula food. The main problems were microbial contamination, excessive use of food additives, and substandard quality indicators. Details are as follows:


Liaoning provincial market supervision bureau emphasizes traceability of infant formula (Liaoning provincial market supervision bureau)

According to the news announcement issued by Liaoning Provincial Market Supervision Bureau today, in order to further improve the safety supervision of special food during the Spring Festival, on January 19, the provincial market supervision bureau made further arrangements for the safety supervision of special food during the Spring Festival according to the consumption of special food during the festival. In particular, we should strictly do a good job in tracing infant formula milk powder. In addition, for imported products, the inspection and quarantine certificate of imported goods and Chinese label information should be checked.


Shaanxi provincial market supervision bureau carries out quality and safety inspection of infant formula milk powder before Spring Festival (Shaanxi provincial market supervision bureau)

According to the micro signal information of Shaanxi provincial market supervision bureau, on January 20, song Yiguang, the second level inspector of Shaanxi Provincial Bureau, led a team to Yangling and Yan Liang to inspect and investigate the quality and safety of infant formula milk powder before the Spring Festival. Song Yiguang said that from now on, the Provincial Bureau will start the supervision and inspection of key enterprises, adhere to the problem orientation, do a good job in the quality and safety supervision of infant formula milk powder, and make new contributions to promote the high-quality development of the province’s dairy industry.


Xinjiang financial system supports the development of dairy industry in Xinjiang

According to recently, Urumqi Central Branch of the people’s Bank of China has issued the “guidance on banking credit in Xinjiang” to guide the financial institutions under its jurisdiction to introduce targeted support policies for animal husbandry and other characteristic industries, so as to promote the continuous tilt of credit resources. It is understood that this year’s action plan for the revitalization of Xinjiang’s dairy industry proposes to build Xinjiang into a national dairy region. By 2025, Xinjiang’s milk production will reach 2.7 million tons, with an additional output of 800000 tons.  

Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee refutes British media’s remarks on the cancellation of the Olympic Games (Netease sports)

According to Netease sports yesterday, in response to the times’ news about the cancellation of the Tokyo Olympic Games, the Tokyo Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games said that the British media’s report was untrue and that all relevant institutions were working hard for the smooth holding of the summer Olympic Games.


China Securities Regulatory Commission officially approved the establishment of Guangzhou futures exchange

According to the news of China first finance and economics yesterday, the CSRC held a regular press conference yesterday. Gao Li, a spokesman for the CSRC, said that the CSRC officially approved the establishment of Guangzhou futures exchange.

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