Yili, China’s largest dairy enterprise, has made new moves! This time, we should speed up the seizure of middle-aged and elderly milk powder

Yili, who has been deeply engaged in middle-aged and old-age milk powder for many years, will accelerate to seize this market. To this end, the dairy giant and traditional Chinese medicine time-honored Tongrentang came to a cooperation.


On January 15, the leading representatives of Yili middle-aged and elderly milk powder brand Xinhuo and Tongrentang reached a strategic cooperation agreement in Zhima health Zero store of Tongrentang in Beijing, and launched the “Tongxin Haoli” joint gift box and gift card on the occasion of this Spring Festival.


According to the introduction of both brands, the launch of joint brand products is only the starting point of cooperation. In the future, the two sides will cooperate in product development, channel promotion and service, integrate the resource advantages of the two brands in scientific research and channel, and help protect the cause of national health.


In fact, some people in the milk powder industry believe that, driven by factors such as the improvement of consumption level, the accelerated growth of the middle-aged and elderly population and the recognition of the concept of “food supplement”, the prospect of middle-aged and elderly milk powder is very ideal. “Some brands are doing well, such as Yili, whose sales volume is relatively large. In addition, some regional brands are growing faster.” He said.


However, the person also pointed out to xiaoshidai that there has not been much breakthrough in the development of middle-aged and old-age milk powder in recent years. The reasons include immature consumption habits and the need to change enterprise promotion ideas. So, how does Yili Xinhuo, who has won the first share of middle-aged and elderly milk powder, plan to make this cake bigger?




In recent years, more and more dairy enterprises have added weight to make the middle-aged and elderly milk powder race more lively. The reasons behind this include that the demographic dividend of the new generation has gradually subsided, slowing down the overall growth of infant formula powder, and the brand is eager to seek a new way out.


At the same time, in the trend of domestic aging, the middle-aged and elderly people are forming a huge consumer group. According to the “China Development Report 2020: the development trend and policies of China’s aging population” released by China development foundation, by 2022, the population over 65 will account for 14% of the total population, realizing the transformation to an aging society.


Xiaoshidai learned from tmall global that in the past year, the sales of imported middle-aged and elderly milk powder of the platform increased by 46% year on year. From the sales situation, after 95, 00 also began to buy middle-aged and elderly milk powder and adult milk powder. At the same time, the “rich and leisure” post-50s pay more attention to their health and commodity quality, and often buy imported middle-aged and elderly milk powder.


Although the heat began to rise, the middle-aged and elderly milk powder was not warm for quite a long time in the past. In this regard, the above people to snack generation analysis said, on the one hand is not mature enough consumption habits. “In fact, there are not many middle-aged and old people who are used to drinking milk powder every day. Many of them are young people who buy some milk powder to honor the old people during the Spring Festival He said.


Tmall global also said that the main buyers of imported adult milk powder such as middle-aged and elderly milk powder are emerging young consumers and mature family consumers. Among them, young consumers mostly buy for their parents and elders.


On the other hand, the person pointed out that the promotion ideas of enterprises need to be changed. “At present, milk powder for middle-aged and elderly people is mostly sold as an dispensable supplement, such as calcium, iron and zinc, which is not positioned as what we call daily health food.” He said.


“If we can use innovative communication methods, combined with internet thinking, it is entirely possible to run out of a very professional middle-aged and elderly milk powder brand.” According to the above people. This means that if the middle-aged and elderly milk powder brands want to break the situation, how to focus more on the young people who are responsible for placing orders, and how to strengthen the brand concept and positioning are all worthy of further study.


Yili Xinhuo’s cross-border Tongren hall has introduced many new ways to play. For example, on the night of the announcement of the cooperation, the two sides carried out an interesting popular science live broadcast on the seven major live broadcast platforms, with the theme of how to balance sugar control and nutrition intake for the elderly, together with the clinical TCM doctors of Tongrentang and the R & D representatives of Yili Xinhuo. Through the more familiar media and expression forms of young people to reach the target buyers and promote the cultivation of consumption habits of middle-aged and elderly people.


It is reported that the cooperation between the two sides is also based on the agreement of brand concept. Xiaoshidai learned that Yili Xinhuo had upgraded its brand proposition to “food formula, enjoy health” last year, and emphasized the differences of “adding health food materials” and “mild nourishing”. Tongrentang is a time-honored brand of health preservation in China with a history of 100 years. Both sides have a high degree of consensus on inheriting and carrying forward the concept of Chinese health preservation.




In fact, after years of development, Yili Xinhuo has become the leading player in the middle-aged and elderly milk powder market.

According to Yili disclosed at the 2021 global partners conference, Xinhuo continues to maintain the first share in the middle-aged and elderly milk powder market. The Yili research report released by Guoxin Shiyin in January last year once commented that the company’s product structure is perfect. From Yili jinlingguan infant formula to Xinhuo middle-aged and elderly milk powder, the brand market recognition is high.


According to the data, Yili Xinhuo’s main products include a variety of milk powder for specific nutritional needs, such as Xinhuo guneng milk powder with high calcium and rich in vitamin D, Xinhuo Xinhuo milk powder with imported phytosterol esters and fish oil powder to help protect cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health, etc. The co branded gift box is matched with “0 sucrose, low GI” as the selling point of xinhuoshu sugar milk powder.


Xiaoshidai learned that yilixin Huoshu sugar milk powder was launched in August last year, and has become the core product of the brand, focusing on “sugar relieving, good nutrition, sugar control without burden”.


According to the tmall product page, yilixin Huoshu sugar milk powder has not detected sucrose (0 sucrose) according to the national standard 5009.8, and the GI value is only 13.3, which has obtained the “low GI food certification certificate” issued by the global green alliance (Beijing) food safety certification center.

GI here refers to the glycemic index. In short, GI reflects the speed of blood glucose rise after food intake. Generally, foods with GI value less than 55 can be called low GI foods. Developing a low GI diet can help sugar control people relieve the pressure of postprandial blood glucose rise.


In addition, as a product embodying yilixinhuo’s Chinese health concept, Shutang milk powder also added two herbal ingredients, Pueraria and polygonatum, including dietary fiber, calcium, taurine and other 15 nutrients, reaching the “rich” standard.


It is understood that many middle-aged and elderly people in China have the demand for sugar control. A food industry researcher once told xiaoshidai: “the common contradiction faced by middle-aged and elderly people in China is that on the one hand, they want to control their blood sugar very well. But on the other hand, they don’t know what to eat to get better nutrition. “


The above-mentioned milk powder industry insiders pointed out to xiaoshidai that at present, the middle-aged and elderly milk powder generally still focuses on high-speed rail, high calcium and so on. It is believed that there is still a deeper consumer demand worth exploring to promote the category upgrading. Xiaoshidai combed a number of middle-aged and elderly milk powder products on the market, and found that the trend of functional diversification and differentiation is more obvious.


In Yili Xinhuo’s view, relying on the R & D innovation and market insight of Yili, the dairy leader, is not only its unique advantage. After this cooperation with Tongrentang, it will further open up the resources of the health food industry, and is expected to provide a new direction for the development of middle-aged and elderly milk powder from product to consumer communication, and protect the “healthy reunion” of consumers with more high-quality “Tongxin Haoli” .

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