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Make FMCG a luxury? Oliveland IOC international gold medal olive oil Limited Edition

Recently, olive oil won the International Olive Oil Competition and won the Mario Salinas Quality Gold Award.

This is also another international award for olive oil after the Gold Award in nyiooc competition in New York and olivinus competition in Argentina.


After winning the International Gold Award, Olivier olive oil also launched Olivier IOC International Gold Award olive oil for Chinese consumers, which has sold out.

According to reports, due to the limited number of crude oil awarded this time, only 2000 bottles are allowed in the world, and each bottle of olivine olive oil Limited has a unique identification number, so that consumers can witness this olive oil competition together.


Win the gold medal


As we all know, olive oil, as one of the healthiest edible oils in the world, has always been a representative of high-end edible oil, and its “expensive” is self-evident. The “high price” of olive oil is mainly reflected in the focus on quality.

It is understood that the Mario solinas quality award is the official award awarded by the International Olive Council (IOC) for the highest quality extra virgin olive oil. The award is a representative of the professionalism and authority of the olive oil industry, and even the industry has called its gold content the “Nobel Prize” of the olive oil industry.


The quality of olive oil officially certified by IOC, an authoritative international organization in the olive oil industry, highlights the value of olive oil with the IOC International Gold Award. In addition, the olive oil sold this time is limited to 2000 copies, which makes FMCG a luxury.

Xiaoshidai noticed that oliveland IOC International Gold Award olive oil is sold in Limited gift boxes. Although the price is expensive, the product will be empty as soon as it goes online. It can be seen that the consumption power of high-end customers pursuing health and quality can not be underestimated.


Some people in the industry believe that olive oil has won the gold award of Mario solinas quality award, which represents a high level of professional standards in olive oil industry.

As a matter of fact, it is not an accident that olive oil sales are booming. The brand believes that this is the inevitable result of “years of strict quality and ingenuity”. Looking back at the performance of olive oil in recent years, we can find some reasons.

Nielsen data show that olive oil has ranked first in China’s olive oil market for nine consecutive years, becoming the only choice for many highly educated consumers to choose edible oil. Over the years, Olivia olive oil has also been committed to olive oil category education, bringing the essence of Mediterranean dietary pattern to domestic consumers. Because of this, Olivia olive oil can be popular, and also has the IOC International Gold Award olive oil on sale.




Under the trend of global consumption upgrading, highly educated people have become new forces of consumption. What they value is not only the price, but also the “value” behind the products. At the moment when health quality has gradually become the mainstream consciousness of highly educated consumers, consumers’ consumption demand for edible oil has been separated from pure benefits and gradually transformed into the pursuit of high quality. Health and nutrition are becoming the core standards of consumers’ choice.

After insight into the new needs of Chinese consumers, Olivia olive oil innovates from the aspects of nutrition, quality and freshness.

Over the years, relying on the parent company of YIHAI KERRY group, oliveland has made a lot of R & D investment in the promotion of product quality and Mediterranean dietary health. Oliveland laboratory has been certified by the International Olive Council (IOC) for 8 consecutive years, escorting the product quality with global technology R & D capabilities.

With its professional quality, oliveland olive oil has moved highly educated consumers and become the preferred high-end olive oil for many consumers. At the same time, it is also the backbone brand of the whole YIHAI KERRY packaging oil division.


In recent years, olivine olive oil has been active on the world olive oil stage. It has not only won gold medals in various international olive oil competitions, but also become the only partner of official edible oil products of Michelin Guide in 2020. With the performance on the international podium again and again, olivine olive oil will consolidate its leading position in the industry and provide Chinese consumers with high-quality olive oil products based on the international market At the same time, it also has a more positive impact on the development of China’s olive oil industry, boosting olive oil to become the standard of people’s quality life.

The analysis shows that under the background of consumption upgrading, China’s grain and oil market will gradually incline to healthy oil products. Olivia olive oil, which has been recognized by international authorities for many times, is expected to usher in a new development opportunity. The olive oil second space of the olive oil international gold award of Olivia may be just the beginning. More performance of Olivia olive oil in the future is waiting to be seen.

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