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Coca-Cola opens its flagship store in China, Godiva North American stores, Starbucks Shanghai opens the first sign language shop, spreads the forest of Qi and shares the Baijiu, Mengniu and HUAWEI cooperate, and nu can push rice noodles.

Hot company information and announcement



Xiaoshidai learned from Coca Cola China that today the flagship store of Coca Cola clothing officially landed in tmall. The flagship store of Coca Cola clothing, which opened this time, is the first flagship store of Coca Cola clothing category in China. Coca Cola said that the flagship store will continue to provide a wealth of fashion items for Chinese consumers, and bring cross-border co branded items for Chinese consumers in cooperation with global designers and local brands. The company also said that in the future, Coca Cola clothing flagship store will introduce RPET series, that is, clothing products made from recycled beverage bottles, “not only bring fashion products to consumers, but also advocate the sustainable consumption concept of recycling”.

Starbucks’ first sign language store in Shanghai opens quietly (company news)

According to Starbucks today, another Chinese Starbucks sign language store opened today in Shanghai Huangpu Greenland colorful city, which is Starbucks’ first sign language store in Shanghai. In order to realize the barrier free communication between customers and baristas, the store has designed a special order ordering system, including an intelligent voice assistant developed by Microsoft for Starbucks, which converts customers’ order voice information into text in real time to present the order contents and details. In addition, the store is also equipped with hand-held menu, handwritten tablet and double-sided display screen, and reduces the display of food counter and bar counter to reduce visual impairment. At present, Starbucks has four sign language stores in China, which are located in Guangzhou, Beijing, Hangzhou and Shanghai.

McDonald’s fourth quarter Revenue $5.3 billion (Wall Street Journal)


McDonald’s reported results tonight, with revenue of US $5.3 billion in the fourth quarter, and same store sales in the United States increased by 5.5% year on year, up from 4.6% in the third quarter. However, due to the strict restrictions on business activities and indoor dining, especially in Western Europe, its international market business was affected. In the fourth quarter, its international market sales decreased by 7.4% compared with the same period last year, but improved compared with the 10.1% decline in the previous quarter.


Godiva closes all North American stores without affecting the Chinese market (Forbes)


Godiva, a well-known chocolate producer, announced on Sunday that it would close all 128 stores in North America by the end of March due to the reduced demand for shop shopping during the epidemic, but its products will continue to be sold online, US media reported recently. The company’s operations in Europe, the Middle East and China were not affected. It is understood that the decision was made by nurtac Afridi, the chief executive who took office in December last year. In a statement, she described it as a difficult decision, but stressed that the company focused on consumer needs and meeting their experience.

Yanghe shares announced members of the seventh board of directors (company announcement)

Yanghe shares announced today that the board of directors of the company nominated Zhang Liandong, Zhong Yu, Li Minfu, Wang Kai, Liu Huashuang, Cong xuenian and Zhou Xinhu as candidates for non independent directors of the seventh board of directors of the company, and nominated Zhao Shuming, Nie Yao, Lu Guoping and Mao Lingxiao as candidates for independent directors of the seventh board of directors of the company. It is understood that the term of the sixth board of directors of Yanghe has expired, and Wang Yao, the current chairman of Yanghe, will terminate on January 29, 2021.

Luzhou Laojiao board of directors decides to cancel two subsidiaries (company announcement)

According to the resolution announcement of the board of directors issued by Luzhou Laojiao today, the board of directors of Luzhou Laojiao voted and passed the cancellation proposals of two subsidiaries, Chengdu Tianfu panda baidiao Liquor Co., Ltd. and Luzhou baidiao Tongdao uncle constellation Liquor Sales Co., Ltd. The announcement states that the cancellation of the subsidiary will not have a significant impact on its financial position and operating results.


Mengniu and Huawei join hands to build a “full scene healthy” ecosystem (company news)

According to Mengniu official micro news yesterday, Mengniu officially joined hands with Huawei sports health to create a “full scene health” ecosystem. Mengniu’s official platform “niumengmeng app” will access the sports data of Huawei health platform. With the authorization of users from both sides, users’ rights and interests will be open and shared. Scientific sports and digital health research and development will better meet consumers’ high standard, personalized and comprehensive nutrition and health needs. In the future, we will encourage users to develop healthy lifestyle and exercise habits through online interactive activities, points and welfare sharing, sports, nutrition, health and other star courses.

Liu Xuan’s official announcement to become Yili jinlingguan sennemu brand image ambassador (upstream News)

According to upstream news yesterday, on January 26, Yili jinlingguan officially announced the signing of Liu Xuan as a new brand image ambassador, and will join hands with Yili brand spokesman Malone to escort the nutrition and health strength of Chinese babies.



Yuanqi forest applied for “greasy savior” and “late night savior” trademark (geek)

Yuanqi forest (Beijing) Food Technology Group Co., Ltd. recently applied for a number of trademarks such as “greasy savior”, “late night savior” and “late night savior”, according to yesterday. The international classification involves “instant food”, “beer beverage” and “wine”. The trademark status is “applying for registration”.


Chuan yuan Forest shares Baijiu enterprise (Latepost later)

According to Latepost news today, Yuan forest has completed a new round of financing for Guan Yun Baijiu, amounting to hundreds of millions of yuan, and 15% of the yuan forest is in the stock market. Sky eye App showed that the venture capital investor of venture capital forest founded by Tang Binsen, founder of the yuan forest, had invested in Baiyun Baijiu and had a shareholding ratio of 5%.

Nuoyunen 3 infant milk rice noodles listed in China (company news)

According to nuoyuneng official micro news, today, nuoyuneng 3 infant milk rice noodles are officially on the market. At present, there are three products in this series, including infant milk rice noodles, fruit grain milk rice noodles and colorful fruit grain milk rice noodles.


Tmall global opens its online “tavern” and launches “taste before buy” service (company news)


Today, tmall global officially launched the “tavern” and launched the service of “taste before buy” for foreign wine. This year’s new year’s festival, tmall global opened an online “pub” for consumers to drink while shopping. In the tavern, consumers can taste first and then buy, and also feel the drinking experience of different scenes. Consumers can buy a sample of foreign wine for 1 yuan, and then decide to buy it after tasting it. Martell Mingshi brandy, Granville 12 years whisky, Royal Salute 21 years whisky, absolute original vodka can be bought after tasting. This Spring Festival, with the online consumption of imported new year goods, more young people choose to “celebrate the Spring Festival on the spot”, foreign wine will become an important role on the Spring Festival table. Tmall global said that this year’s Spring Festival “does not close”, imported drinks continue to supply.


Wal Mart plans to expand its high tech system (CNBC)

Wal Mart said on Wednesday (January 27) that it expects shoppers’ demand for pick-up and delivery to continue to increase, according to CNBC yesterday. The company plans to expand the use of high-tech systems to speed up the picking and packaging of grocery orders. Dozens of Wal Mart stores will become local fulfillment centers, some of which will be converted into small automated warehouses, the company said. To achieve this goal, Wal Mart will take advantage of or increase the existing floor space of the store.

Wal Mart uses UAVs to promote Coca Cola’s new products in the United States (World Wide Web)

Wal Mart will continue to expand the scale of UAV delivery in its new partnership with Coca Cola, chain store age, a US retail media, reported yesterday. In order to promote the debut of “Coca Cola with coffee” and its sugar free version in the United States, Coca Cola and Wal mart are providing UAV delivery service to specific consumers in coffee County, which is provided by droneup. From January 26 (Tuesday), eligible consumers in Coffey county will receive the two drinks delivered by UAVs.


Bentley moves headquarters to New York (Foodbev)

Bentley, the world’s third-largest high-end liquor company, announced that it will move its global headquarters from Chicago to New York in mid-2022, foreign media reported yesterday. Suntory holdings, its parent company, will also work together in New York. New York will provide a unique environment to help speed up its high-end strategy and growth plan, said Albert Baladi, President and CEO of Bentley.

Mirai foods, an artificial meat start-up, received $2.4 million in financing (Foodbev)

Swiss start-up Mirai foods has raised 2.1 million Swiss francs (2.4 million US dollars) in the first round of seed round financing to speed up the commercialization of its laboratory grown meat, foreign media reported recently. The company was founded about a year ago to grow animal cells in the laboratory to produce meat, mainly beef, and its long-term goal is to provide a variety of different types of meat. Investors involved in the financing include the venture capital division of paulig group, a food and beverage company, and team Europe, a technology investor. According to paulig, Mirai is one of the “very few” artificial meat companies in the world that do not manipulate cells genetically or chemically. It is reported that the company will use the money to speed up product development and transform its prototypes into commercial products.

Mars Wrigley launches new Foodbev in the US

According to foreign media reports yesterday, Mars Wrigley launched a new Schlegel peanut Brownie ice cream stick to expand its range of frozen foods. According to Mars, this is the first time that snicker ice cream and snicker chocolate have the same taste. This new product features Brownie ice cream with caramel and peanuts on top and milk chocolate on the outside. The new product will go on sale in US stores in March this year.

Kroger, the US retail group, added former executives from Dell and Unilever to its board of directors

According to foreign media reports yesterday, two new senior executives on Kroger’s board of directors held senior leadership positions at Dell and Unilever respectively. Kevin brown, a new board member, is Dell’s executive vice president of global operations and chief supply chain officer. Another new board member is Amanda soury. She has served as president of Unilever North America for more than 30 years. Her leadership positions include President of global food, executive vice president of UK and Ireland businesses, etc.

Danone Canada joins the Canadian plastics Convention

Danone Canada announced that it has become a party to the Canadian plastics Convention (CPP), foreign media reported recently. Through this commitment, and as a founding member of the circular plastics task force, Danone is strengthening its determination to make its packaging 100% recyclable, reusable or compostable by 2025.

Quick reading of food industry information



According to Xinhua news agency today, recently, the official website of the China Consumer Association released a consumer tip, pointing out that some operators use blind boxes to “clear inventory”, which damages the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, disturbs the market and reminds consumers not to buy blindly. China Consumer Association reminds consumers to have the awareness of risk prevention and keep rational consumption concept: to recognize the risk of rational consumption, moderate consumption, not blindly follow the trend. In order to keep the purchase bills and other related documents, the rights and interests should be protected according to law.

Strengthen epidemic situation monitoring of imported dairy products at Tianjin Port (Tianjin Customs)


According to customs statistics, in 2020, the import of dairy products at Tianjin Port will be 702000 tons, an increase of 16.6% over the previous year (the same below); the value will be 11.53 billion yuan, an increase of 11.6%; the average import price will be 16000 yuan per ton, a decrease of 4.3%. In 2020, Tianjin port imports 288000 tons of dairy products from the European Union (27 countries, excluding the United Kingdom), an increase of 35.6%; imports 228000 tons from New Zealand, a decrease of 8.1%; the two together account for 73.5%. COVID-19 is still in the global trend of proliferation, and it is necessary to strengthen the surveillance of imported dairy products. In particular, the recent epidemic ice cream incident in Daqiao Road, Tianjin, has been preliminarily investigated. It was imported from Ukraine raw whey powder, which fully proves the risk of imported dairy products contaminated by new coronavirus. Dairy products, especially cold chain imported products, need to strengthen epidemic monitoring to ensure safety.


Food safety of dairy products in Jiangxi Province


Recently, Jiangxi provincial market supervision bureau decided to organize a three-year dairy product quality improvement action in Jiangxi Province from 2021 to 2023. Among them, by 2023, the regulation and standard system of dairy product quality and safety supervision will be more perfect, the ability of dairy product quality and safety supervision will be greatly improved, the rectification rate of problems found in supervision and inspection will reach 100%, the qualified rate of supervision and sampling will remain above 99%, and the disposal rate of unqualified food will reach 100%.

Guangzhou has centralized supervision on imported frozen food, advocating merchants to “stay open” during the Spring Festival (China News Network)

Guangzhou municipal government held a news conference yesterday to announce that it will implement centralized supervision on imported frozen food flowing into the city from now on, China reported today. It is reported that Guangzhou’s Spring Festival commodity reserve has increased compared with previous years, and advocates the city’s merchants to “keep stalls and businesses open” during the Spring Festival. Since the 27th, 28 centralized supervision warehouses for imported frozen food in Liwan, Baiyun, Panyu, Huangpu, Nansha and other districts of Guangzhou have been put into operation, and centralized supervision has been implemented on imported frozen food flowing into Guangzhou. It is understood that the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce encourages more than 560 meat and vegetable markets in the city to stick to business during the Spring Festival to ensure that the opening rate reaches more than 70%. In addition, during the Spring Festival, nearly 1000 brand supermarkets and community fresh food stores in Guangzhou were open to the public and operated normally.

2020 Shanghai food safety white paper released (Jiefang Daily)

In the past year, the overall qualified rate of food safety monitoring of main foods in Shanghai was 99.4%, 1.3 percentage points higher than that of the previous year. According to the analysis, there are three main characteristics of food safety crimes in Shanghai in 2020: first, the phenomenon of manufacturing and selling fake and shoddy food still exists. Such as: the manufacture and sale of fake brand condiments, chocolate, milk powder, the manufacture and sale of fake brand bottled drinking water, and the use of low-grade liquor as high-grade liquor. Second, the trend of inter provincial crime is increasingly obvious. Third, the crime mode of network sales is increasingly prominent.

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