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Tao Xin: to build a professional leisure food terminal channel service provider in Suzhou. This is what he does

The monthly sales volume of puffed food mitiaoxiong is no less than 6000 cases, which has become No.1 in East China;
The monthly sales volume of haoliyou boss’s seaweed products is no less than 5000 cases;
Palm crunchy in the peak period of sales success over ten thousand;
Tao Xin, general manager of Suzhou Jinmen suxiangguo Trading Co., Ltd
Tao Xin, general manager of Suzhou Jinmen suxiangguo Trading Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “suxiangguo”), created these sales. In many people’s impression, Tao Xin is still Suzhou’s “spicy Little Prince” and a distributor of Suzhou’s circulation channels. Now, he has opened up many channels, and his agents, such as holliyou, Bellick, Nongxin Ramen series, Changji, kalizi, aixiangren, mitiaoxiong, fariz, Haohao, leisure farm, etc., have also made outstanding achievements and won unanimous recognition in the industry. Tao Xin has also successfully broken the shackles of “spicy Little Prince” and become a big business with all kinds of products and multi-channel sales in Suzhou.

All categories, multi-channel development

China’s channels are very diversified, and all kinds of business types are developing almost at the same time. From C2C e-commerce to B2C e-commerce, to the recent fresh e-commerce and social e-commerce, so is offline. From hypermarkets, convenience stores, to boutique supermarkets, leisure food is developing rapidly. This means that any brand, if it can find its own channel, can develop. It is the distributors who help the brands find the right channels.
Spicy food became popular in one shot, which laid a solid foundation for the development of suxiangguo. Tao Xin said: “we can’t be bound in one category or in circulation channels. The positioning of suxiangguo is to develop in all categories and multiple channels.”
After practice over and over again, Tao Xin found that each sales channel has different characteristics. For each channel, he specially formulated different selection principles.
1. The majority of consumers in leisure stores are young people, and they have high requirements on the appearance of products. Therefore, for the products of leisure stores, Tao Xin requires that the packaging should meet the aesthetic requirements of young people.
2. Different from the fact that leisure stores are at the front end of the trend, supermarkets generally tend to be conventional consumer channels. Tao Xin said: “in supermarkets, we value the gross profit of products more, and products with fast sales are more in line with our requirements.” On the basis of sales volume, Tao Xin pays more attention to the strength of manufacturers. He said: “we hope to cooperate with the top three brands in the industry to achieve a win-win situation. We also hope to be recognized by more famous brands and work together to make Suzhou snack market bigger and stronger. “
3. Fruit shop and special channel are easily ignored by dealers. Tao Xin thinks that in Suzhou, this channel has a broad development prospect. Fruit shops can choose quantitative and bulk products such as nuts, preserves and meat products.
4. Now, Tao Xin is also actively developing online channels, and has achieved good sales performance in community group buying and e-commerce channels. “We will evaluate whether the products are suitable for online sales in advance, including whether the overall logistics speed of the products matches, whether the manufacturers’ services match, and whether the price control is reasonable,” he said Online channels have a strong sense of experience, so we need to pay more attention to the feedback of consumers, so as to better promote the development of online channels of suxiangguo.
Each generation has its own brand. For leisure food brands, it is basically an iterative cycle of five years. Tao Xin’s choice of products according to the channel reflects the trend of the times.

Sort out channels and segment customers

To choose products according to channels, we need to improve the operation ability of channels according to products. With the continuous development of channels, the sorting of channels has become a top priority.
Tao Xin set up a special department in charge of sales according to each different channel. He said: “we have formulated strict assessment standards for each department, with clear rewards and punishments, so as to motivate the salesmen.”
As the saying goes, “no rules, no circle”. For dealers, the continuous optimization and upgrading of management mode means the continuous improvement of dealer channel construction, product portfolio construction and other aspects. An excellent dealer can let his products spread to his own channel in a short time, complete the purpose of meeting with consumers, and realize the possibility of sales. And as a dealer to continue to develop, we must have the ability to control the channel terminal.

Deeply ploughing Suzhou, repositioning suxiangguo

In a short period of time, the transformation of Tao Xin’s recognized “spicy Little Prince” into a comprehensive and multi-channel Suzhou business is inseparable from the opportunity of the prosperous development of the leisure food industry, and even more inseparable from Tao Xin’s tireless efforts. At the 2020 Ningbo whole food exhibition, with outstanding performance, Tao Xin won the honor of “top 100 Chinese confectionery and snack golden dealers” and was unanimously recognized in the industry.
After repositioning, Tao Xin said: “now we hope to choose brand products, especially the products of the current three categories. The products promote the development of suxiangguo, and suxiangguo drives the products to better and more comprehensive market, complement each other, develop together, and create a more perfect market.”
Tao Xin is going to attend the Shenzhen whole food exhibition to be held in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center from March 6 to 4, 2021, to find more high-quality first-line brands and look forward to more high-quality first-line brands participating in the development of suxiangguo.
Meet with “Tao Xin” in 2021 Shenzhen spring total food exhibition
3.4-6, see you!
Source: Snack express original article: reprint with authorization
Editor in chief: Li Jun
Author: Guo Jia editor: Song Guanchu

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