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With a scale of more than 250 billion, who is racing on the crowded track of convenient fast food?

the first business data center of Finance and Economics (cbndata) released the “2021 instant food industry insight report”, which summarized the consumption trend of instant food.

At the end of the new year, many migrant workers decided not to go home this spring festival because of the epidemic and stayed in the city where they worked for the new year. For many young “kitchen killers”, the most practical thing is to stock up some dumplings, glutinous rice balls, snail powder and self heating hot pot on the new year’s day These diversified, healthy and delicious instant food products used to be squeezed by takeout sales, but now they are loved by more and more consumers in continuous innovation.
On January 26, cbndata released the “2021 instant food industry insight report” (hereinafter referred to as cbndata report). Based on the consumption big data, this paper analyzes the development status of instant food market, and summarizes the consumption trend of instant food based on the consumer portrait and five new consumption scenarios.
Tuyuan “2021 insight report on instant food industry”

Instant food industry growth
It is estimated that the scale will exceed 250 billion
According to the cbndata report, the convenient and fast food industry has been growing steadily in recent years, and the product price has increased significantly. It is estimated that the domestic market scale will exceed 250 billion yuan. The growth rate of online market in recent one year is more than 70%, which has become the core driving channel of industry growth.
Behind the rapid growth is the common promotion of objective environment such as policy, economy, society and technology. Last Spring Festival, new fast food brands, led by ziheiguo, donated a large number of products to Hubei, greatly alleviating the shortage of materials. These convenient fast food also accompanied ordinary consumers to spend the days of home anti epidemic, among which convenient fans, rice noodles, screw powder and other new fast food categories achieved explosive growth.
Tuyuan “2021 insight report on instant food industry”
There are a large number of cutting-edge brands and snack brands in the convenience food market. In most new fast food categories (such as instant hot pot / instant porridge / instant noodles, etc.), the top brands are mainly cutting-edge brands with high concentration, while the traditional pasta brands are relatively scattered.
These different types of brands are actively laying out new categories of fast food such as self heating and instant food. Among them, cold noodles, hand grasping cakes, instant noodles and other leaf categories have increased more than eight times. Traditional pastries are making innovations in semi-finished products such as hand-made cakes, ramen and taro balls. Self heating fast food is speeding up the coverage of casserole rice, porridge and grilled fish. New technology products are focusing on new foods such as artificial meat and substitute milkshakes.
Tuyuan “2021 insight report on instant food industry”
Catering brands launched self heating hotpot and other FMCG products, from offline to online, and expanded to more daily consumption scenarios, while convenient fast food brands began to lay out offline catering stores and promote the omni channel layout of brands.
Tuyuan “2021 insight report on instant food industry”

The first and second lines are the main battlefield A631
Generation Z and exquisite mother deserve attention
According to the cbndata report, women are the main consumers of instant food, accounting for 70% of the total consumption. In terms of intergenerational, the consumption of the post-85s to the post-00s accounted for a high proportion and growth rate in the past year, which was the core driving group of category growth. Geographically, the sales volume of first and second tier cities will account for more than half in 2020.
Tuyuan “2021 insight report on instant food industry”
Among the eight consumer groups of generation Z, new white-collar workers, senior middle class, urban silver hair, exquisite mothers, middle-aged and elderly people in small towns, urban blue collar workers and young people in small towns, young generation Z and young people in small towns account for the highest proportion of convenient fast food consumption, while generation Z and exquisite mothers attract attention with their high growth rate.
Tuyuan “2021 insight report on instant food industry”
Among the sub categories purchased by consumers, the old brand instant noodles account for the largest proportion, accounting for more than 30% of sales; snail powder has become the second largest sub category with a growth rate of more than 25 times, in addition to seafood balls and instant rice, which have great potential. At the same time, the pricing of several traditional categories rose and increased significantly. Large packaging and high-end have become the two major development directions of traditional categories.
Tuyuan “2021 insight report on instant food industry”

One person food, night snack, dormitory sharing
Five new consumption scenarios of instant food
“One person food” for young people living alone
With the rise of single economy, “one person food” is becoming more and more popular among young people. According to the cbndata report, in 2020, the search volume of keywords related to “food for one person” will gradually increase, and many restaurants will also introduce single dining compartment and menu for one person, so that it is no longer lonely and embarrassing for one person to eat. Young people living alone prefer instant noodles, instant hot pot and instant fans at home. They are also more specific in taste and category selection, and most like hot and sour taste.
Tuyuan “2021 insight report on instant food industry”
02. Families share traditional fast food
Among all kinds of family consumers, middle-aged families account for a relatively high proportion. Compared with single consumers, family consumers prefer traditional convenient fast food such as Chinese pasta and dim sum, and cover more categories.
Tuyuan “2021 insight report on instant food industry”
03 ﹣ appetizing necessities under the new economy
In addition to eating at ordinary times, supper is also a big consumption scene of convenient fast food. In summer, the overall search volume of key words related to supper is greatly increased, and the guide categories are more abundant than other seasons. Whether it’s watching TV at home or working late into the night hungry, instant food provides these consumers with a convenient choice for supper. Instant hot pot, instant noodles and instant rice are their preferred categories.
Tuyuan “2021 insight report on instant food industry”
04. Outdoor leisure can also nourish meals
As mountaineering, camping and other outdoor sports become more and more popular, outdoor lovers’ consumption of fast food products is also growing rapidly. In the past, military food, such as compressed biscuits and canned luncheon meat, has been constantly upgraded. The third generation of military food, such as self heating instant food and dry rice, has stronger portability, flavor integrity and nutritional richness. The brand represented by zihi pot, based on military fast food technology, has launched a series of convenient fast food with innovative taste to meet the multi scene dining needs of consumers.
Tuyuan “2021 insight report on instant food industry”
New dormitory choice of student party
The cbndata report also shows that the number of students is growing fastest than that of consumers with other professional identities. In the past two years, the contribution rate of fresh college students to the sales of electric kitchen appliances has declined, while the contribution rate of convenient fast food has increased. Many university dormitories do not allow students to use high-power electrical appliances for safety reasons. Compared with cooking hotpot secretly in dormitories, self heating hotpot is obviously more convenient and safe.
Instant hot pot, New Year cake, instant noodles and other categories are the most popular among students, and spicy flavor is the most popular and preferred taste. They prefer to eat a bowl of instant food in the middle of the night and enjoy the pleasure brought by supper.
Tuyuan “2021 insight report on instant food industry”
The consumption scenarios of convenience food market are more and more diversified, which can also meet the needs of consumers with more personalized segmentation. In terms of brand sales, in addition to the old convenient fast food brands such as Master Kang, wufangzhai and Shuanghui, and catering brands such as Haidilao and Xiaolongkan, there are also emerging brands such as ziheiguo, haohuanluo and liziqi, which break through the siege with accurate insight and product innovation strength.
Tuyuan “2021 insight report on instant food industry”
In terms of search results, there are some slight differences in the brands that boys and girls pay attention to. For example, ziheiguo is the most popular brand among boys, while girls often search haohuanluo.
Tuyuan “2021 insight report on instant food industry”
It is precisely because of these new brands and the active innovation of traditional brands, which form a benign competitive atmosphere of the head brand, convenient fast food can also enter a more daily and diversified life scene, thus bursting out more new vitality.
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