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foodaily picks up the most important and valuable new product information and news information of the food industry on time every week. All the companies that may change the industry are on its list.

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1. The new super instant coffee capsule is added to the coffee, and the fresh extraction technology is adopted
2. Bright Zhiyou A2 fresh milk is on the market, fresh nutrition is easier to absorb
3. Yuanqi forest Beihai pasture push lp28 normal temperature yogurt, 0 sucrose low calorie
4. Yono’s new orange paste yogurt is released, and protein and vitamin C help to strengthen the physique
5. Helu snow promotes ice cream with thousand layers of snow, drawing inspiration from Japanese desserts
6. Ellis Valley new bread, yogurt oatmeal, crispy bread
7. Instant noodles with chicken in a bowl
8. Holliyou is pushing loose meat cake to make the next baked explosive
9. yuan forest hundreds of millions of yuan investment outlook cloud Baijiu, the latter 15% stake
10. Health ready to eat brand shamafiter won over 100 million yuan of round B financing, with sales exceeding 200 million yuan in 2020
11. Unomi, an oral beauty brand, has won millions of dollars in Angel round financing, aiming at the demand of “white and thin beauty”
13. Guming, a new tea brand, received a new round of financing, adding 1300 stores in less than a year
14. Tea’stone, a new retail brand of pure tea, has received tens of millions of yuan of angel round investment to provide a full set of tea lifestyle solutions
15. Impact foods, a food distribution company, received $95 million in round D financing, with a valuation of more than $700 million
16. Hippeas, a chickpea snack brand, has obtained US $50 million financing, with strong growth in 2020
17. In the field of plant protein, Pepsi and beyond meat set up a joint venture
1. 连咖啡上新超即溶咖啡胶囊,采用鲜萃技术
On January 29, Lian coffee announced the launch of a new super instant coffee capsule demo version, which adopts fresh extraction technology, 0 sugar 0 addition, powder device in the capsule, soluble in 0-100 ℃ full temperature liquid. Demo tasting version includes two products: super strong Gold Award and platinum sun. The former is double super strong, high alcohol and soft, with long aftertaste; the latter is fermented in barrels, with rich aroma. At present, the price of the product is 4G * 12 / 79 yuan in tmall flagship store.
Photo source: Coffee
2. 光明致优A2鲜牛奶上市,鲜活营养更易吸收
Recently, bright launched A2 β – casein fresh milk in its low-temperature milk brand Zhiyou, focusing on the dual fresh combination of A2 β casein and active nutrition. In addition, 75 ℃ pasteurization technology retains more active nutrients, such as immunoglobulin (180ml / L), lactoferrin (45mg / L), lactoperoxidase (1500U / L), etc.
Photo source: Guangming Zhiyou
3. 元气森林北海牧场推LP28常温酸奶,0蔗糖低卡
Recently, Beihai ranch, a yogurt brand owned by Yuanqi forest, launched the normal temperature version of its flagship product lp28 yogurt, adding 20mg of lp28 to each box of yogurt to help body management. In addition, new product 0 added sucrose, used erythritol and stevioside as sweeteners, with only 69kcal of calories per 100g. It can be stored at normal temperature, and the food scene is more diversified. The product has been sold in tmall flagship store for 200g * 12 boxes / 92 yuan.
Photo source: Beihai Ranch
4. 优诺新品橙蓉酸奶发布,蛋白质、维C助力体质增强
On January 27, yono yogurt 4.0 + Series launched a new orange paste yogurt. On the basis of maintaining 4.0g high-quality milk protein per 100g, it added acerifolia cherry rich in vitamin C, each cup of which met the daily vitamin C requirement of adults by 19%, helping to resist oxidation, maintain skin and mucous membrane health, and enhance physique. The product is available in the official mall of unofficial wechat, and the price after the coupon is 12 cups / 92.6 yuan.
Photo source: Uno
5. 和路雪推千层雪冰淇淋,从日式甜品汲取灵感
A few days ago, Unilever’s ice cream brand heluxue launched its new ice cream, snow heart ice cream. This is a Hokkaido light milk cheese flavor ice cream. Inspired by Japanese desserts, the product features multi-layer flavor texture. The bottom layer is Hokkaido light milk flavor ice cream, the third layer is biscuit, the second layer is Hefeng light cheese flavor ice cream, and the top layer is cheese flavor biscuit. You can enjoy four layers of delicacy in one bite. At present, the price of the product is 73g * 3 cups / 48 yuan in tmall flagship store.
Photo source: Helu snow
6. 伊利斯谷上新面包酸奶味燕麦片,主打脆脆面包块
A few days ago, Yili launched a new bread yogurt oatmeal product in its new breakfast cereal brand, Sigu. Different from the general combination of oatmeal and yogurt, this product adopts the combination of oatmeal and crispy bread. Oatmeal is not fried and baked at low temperature. The crispy bread is wrapped with a layer of yoghurt milk powder, which is full of milk and wheat fragrance. Whether it is ready to eat or brewing milk yogurt are very suitable. At present, the products are sold in Yili new food machine flagship store at 400g / bag for about 40 yuan. In addition, crispy bread is also sold separately as a snack at the price of 280g / bag / 29.9 yuan.
Image source: Valley of Ellis
7. 拉面说推钵钵鸡即食面,一分钟速享
A few days ago, ramen said it had a new spicy bowl chicken flavor vegetable noodles in its official flagship store. Sichuan Sichuan local style bowl chicken, with Leshan local spicy oil and four kinds of crisp fresh vegetables, noodles are different from the previous main series of boiled noodles. When eating, you only need to add boiling water and ingredients, ready to eat in one minute, to match the needs of lazy people, you can taste noodles anytime and anywhere. At present, the price of the product is 382G * 3 bowls / 49.9 yuan in tmall flagship store.
Photo source: Ramen
8. 好丽友推松松肉松蛋糕,欲打造下一个烘焙爆品
A few days ago, haoliyou launched a new kind of loose meat cake. 7% chicken floss and 20% egg are added to the product. Fragrant and thick meat floss is matched with delicate cake. It is sweet and salty, with nutrition, taste and flavor. The new product aims at the breakfast or afternoon tea scene and adopts interesting design elements to convey the core selling points. The products are packaged in 12 pieces / box and 24 pieces / box, and the price is 20g * 12 pieces / 19.9 yuan.
Photo source: haoliyou
9. 元气森林数亿元投资观云白酒,获得后者15%股权
According to media reports, Yuan forest has completed a new round of financing for Guan Yun Baijiu, amounting to hundreds of millions of yuan, and 15% of the yuan forest. According to data from the sky, Baijiu liquor was awarded A round of Tang Binsen’s capital and thousand yen capital in August 2017. And this spirit of forest direct investment in the concept of cloud Baijiu, also shows its importance to the Baijiu industry.
Guan Yun Baijiu was founded in 2015, and its product is positioned as “better drink and sober up”. The founder Chen Zhenyu owns the traditional liquor background, and several generations of his family have opened the Baijiu Fang. Insiders say Baijiu Baijiu ranks first in liquor sales, and is more than the new liquor brand of the head baijiu. It is understood that next, the financing injected by Yuanqi forest will be more used for the construction of a “winery with a sense of future” and omni channel investment
10. 健康即食品牌鲨鱼菲特获字节跳动领投超亿元B轮融资,2020年销售额突破2亿
Recently, shark fit, a health ready to eat brand, completed a round B financing of over 100 million yuan, led by byte beat and followed by Qingliu capital. At present, byte’s shareholding ratio is 11.11%, ranking the first largest institutional shareholder. In more than half a year, “shark fit” has completed four rounds of financing.
Shark fit, founded in 2017, takes chicken breast as the breakthrough point, seizes the new needs of young fitness and fat reduction consumers for convenience and health, expands the categories and introduces health food. So far, shark fit has more than 100 SKUs, covering the staple food scene, meal scene and leisure snack scene of morning, noon and evening meals.
Photo source: fitter shark
11. 口服美容品牌UNOMI获数百万美元天使轮融资,瞄准“白瘦美”需求
Recently, unomi, a brand of oral beauty products, has completed an angel round of financing with millions of dollars, which is exclusively invested by Xianfeng Changqing. This round of financing will be used for product preparation, marketing, etc. In August 2020, unomi has just obtained several million yuan seed round financing from an LP of Huagai capital.
UNOMI is targeting the fair market, targeting the sophisticated women of 18-35 years old in a second tier city, and cutting the market demand of “white and beautiful” to rebuild the image of beauty and health care products in the form of nutritional aesthetics. The main products include Cherry Blossom hyaluronic acid, nicotinamide Plus, AG roe caviar essence, L- cystine Pro beauty pill. Currently, unomi has launched a customized skin care package on the small app, which is sold monthly. The single product will be launched on tmall global after the Spring Festival. In the future, it will continue to target female users and expand the needs and scenes of gift giving, family and other health care.
Photo source: unomi
12. 机能食品品牌Nelo完成数千万元A轮融资,核心壁垒来源于全球供应链
Recently, the functional food brand Nello received tens of millions of yuan in round a financing, which was jointly invested by IDG and Bai, and Shanjing capital acted as the exclusive financial consultant. This round of financing will be mainly used for new product line expansion, supply chain upgrading and market launch. Previously, Nello has completed the angel round of financing invested by Jiayu fund.
Nelo was founded in August 2020. At present, it has two product lines of daily health care and public function, which mainly focus on the pain points of eye health and gastrointestinal health in the scene of staying up late. The products include soft candy, drinks, chewable tablets and other forms, aiming to provide consumers with more leisure and convenient product forms. Nello’s core barrier comes from the global supply chain, which includes R & D, raw materials and processing. Most of the partners are pharmaceutical enterprises, such as Otsuka pharmaceutical, etc.
Photo source: Nello
13. 新茶饮品牌古茗获新一轮融资,不到一年新增1300家门店
According to the financial graffiti report of we media, in the second half of 2020, Guming, a new tea brand, completed a new round of financing led by the US hedge fund coat management, which is also its second financing in 2020. Previously, in the first half of 2020, Guming had won the first round of financing led by Sequoia Capital and meituan Longzhu capital.
Guming was founded in 2010. The following year, it began to open up its franchise in the chain operation mode, and deeply cultivated in low tier cities. In the early stage of development, it established its own tea garden and orchard, and invested 40 million yuan to establish storage bases in East China, central China and South China, and built its own cold chain distribution system, so as to reduce transportation costs while ensuring the freshness of raw materials. In terms of price, Guming aims at the mid-range milk tea price range of 10 yuan to 20 yuan, and its popular products include mianyun milk tea, Qingxiang milk tea and fresh fruit tea. So far, the number of Guming stores has exceeded 4300, and the sales volume will exceed 500 million cups in 2020 alone.
Photo source: Gu Ming
14. 纯茶新零售品牌tea’stone获数千万元天使轮投资,提供全套茶生活方式解决方案
Recently, tea’stone, a new retail brand of pure tea culture, has completed an angel round of financing of tens of millions of yuan, invested exclusively by Tongchuang Weiye. According to reports, this round of financing will be mainly used for store expansion, supply chain upgrading, team building and other aspects.
Tea’stone, founded in 2018, mainly sells interesting, raw and innovative pure tea drinks. The unit price of the products ranges from 38 yuan to 168 yuan, and the price of the core products ranges from 38 yuan to 65 yuan. In addition, tea refreshments, tea sets, tea and other products are sold. The brand has opened four Direct stores in Shenzhen, with a single store area of 200-400 square meters. It is committed to creating a third space with contemporary life aesthetics through the sense of design and culture, and to providing a full set of tea lifestyle solutions online and offline.
Photo source: tea’stone
15. 食品配送公司Imperfect Foods获得9500万美元D轮融资,估值超过7亿美元
On January 25, it was reported that impact Foods Inc., an American food distribution company, recently completed a $95 million D round of financing. This round of financing was led by insight partners and North venture partners. After financing, the company’s valuation has exceeded $700 million. It is reported that the financing amount will be used to increase the capacity and product categories of existing facilities, expand its private brand program and improve its transportation experience.
According to the data, impact Foods Inc. was established in 2015 to build a better food supply system and eliminate food waste. At the beginning of operation, the company provided consumers with surplus, oversized, deformed or ugly but healthy and fresh agricultural products. In 2020, by adding hundreds of product types, the company will transform from a regional delivery service centered on agricultural products to a nationwide all-round retail distribution service provider.
Image source: impact foods
16. 鹰嘴豆零食品牌Hippeas获得5000万美元融资,2020年增长强劲
On January 26, hippeas, a chickpea snack brand, announced that it will obtain $50 million from the global investment fund the craft, which will be used to accelerate product innovation, expand production and distribution channels.
Hippea was founded in 2016, mainly focusing on chickpeas to launch high protein and high fiber healthy snack products. In 2017, the brand received $10 million Angel round financing from private equity fund CAVU.
Image source: hippeas
17. 布局植物蛋白领域,百事联手Beyond Meat成立合资公司
It is reported that PepsiCo and beyond meat have established a joint venture plan partnership to launch new plant protein snack beverage products. Through the joint venture, beyond meat will use its leading technology to develop more categories of plant protein products. At the same time, Pepsi Cola will use its marketing and distribution channels to accelerate its promotion.
Photo source: Foodbev media
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