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ShaQima accounts for more than one-third of the market. Xu Fuji is going to be a new blockbuster again!

As a head brand of ShaQima, Xu Fuji hopes to play a new role in this traditional category and provide more healthy choices.

Xiaoshidai recently noticed that Xu Fuji’s tmall flagship store has a new “five grain milk crisp” pastry. It is understood that this product is the first Chinese pastry with “0 added sugar and high calcium milk powder” made by Xu Fuji this year.

Healthy nutrition

With a slogan of “good snacks for breakfast and supper”, Xu Fuji’s ShaQima can be said to carry many people’s childhood memories. But as consumers pay more and more attention to food nutrition and health, how to keep up with the trend of healthy snacks is a problem that many brands, including Xu Fuji, are thinking about.

According to Xu Fuji’s Market Research on ShaQima, 74% of consumers want to add more nutrition and health ingredients. In addition, 63% of consumers prefer low sugar / sugar free taste, and 56% prefer non fried products.

According to reports, based on the above demand, Xu Fuji launched a new product, Wugu milk crisp, and began trial sale in some large chain stores nationwide at the end of last year. At present, the market response performance exceeds expectations. Xu Fuji said that the new product aims at the family breakfast scene and aims to meet consumers’ demand for nutrition and convenient breakfast.

Xiaoshidai learned that Xu Fuji’s new product aims to “make people enjoy delicious taste while achieving healthy enjoyment”. For example, in order to achieve the real zero sucrose addition, Xu Fuji not only does not add sucrose in the whole production process, but also selects sugar alcohol (maltitol) to provide sweet taste, thus greatly reducing the proportion absorbed by the human body, and the impact on blood glucose is much smaller than sucrose.

In addition, in order to meet consumers’ expectations for more nutritional products, five cereals (not less than 25%) including dietary fiber were added to the five cereals milk pastry, including Nestle Yiyun high calcium milk powder. In addition, in terms of processing technology, this new product also uses non fried innovative technology, “soft but not greasy taste”.

Targeting young people

At the moment when the new snack products are doubling, many people may not expect that ShaQima, as a traditional snack, is still maintaining a good growth rate. Xu Fuji told xiaoshidai that according to relevant market reports, ShaQima category has continued to grow in the past three years. In this market, xufuji accounted for more than one-third of the total market share, and remained in the forefront in the past three years.

At the same time, market competition is also intensifying. According to the data provided by Xu Fuji, there will be more than 100 new brands in the ShaQima market every year from 2017 to 2019.

In the face of more and more new players, Xu Fuji has also significantly increased the intensity of innovation, and launched a brand for young people: new Qima. In recent years, with the emergence of more new tastes and new forms of products, this category is also permeating among young people.

“as a new brand of xufuji, xinqima aims to provide more innovative ShaQima pastries in taste and product form, accelerating the penetration of ShaQima products among young people.” Xu Fuji said that xianxiaofang, its “crispy mouthful”, is an example of product form innovation. This small-sized product has won a large number of young consumers’ praise.

In terms of taste, new Qima also introduced cheese, salted egg yolk and other net red flavors. Recently, its cheese ShaQima was awarded by the international taste Institute

“At present, Xu Fuji is pushing the whole new Qima series. Less than two years after listing, the market share of the series has entered the top five categories. ” Xu said.

It can be seen that in the view of Xu Fuji, who has created a variety of popular models of ShaQima, it is not enough to do well in the existing popular products. “Popular products are just a starting point. How to understand consumers for a long time, continuously optimize and upgrade, and make popular products evergreen is Xu Fuji’s goal.” The company said.

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