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Starbucks doesn’t sell “small cups”, tea looks like “long lines”, 99% of people don’t know the marketing secrets!

as long as you are a dedicated marketer, you will find that you are surrounded by marketing philosophy.

Why did KFC launch big God card and house God card?
Why do new words of bread always show you the bread making process?
Why can’t Starbucks’ Evian water be sold and still be on the shelf?
These marketing phenomena can be said to be staged around us every day, but have you seriously thought about why?
The underlying reasons are not so simple. Let’s talk about these problems today.

Repurchase strategy
KFC and Naixue are keen to push equity card
If you often eat KFC, you will find that it will launch all kinds of preferential benefit cards from time to time, such as Dashen card, zhaishen card, lunch monthly card, refreshing card… Coincidentally, Naixue small program also launched “3.9 yuan for 3 items with 10% discount” and soft European bag with 20% discount.
Take KFC K coffee as an example, the monthly coffee card launched by KFC mainly focuses on “coffee for 30 days for 38 yuan”. You can buy a designated medium cup of freshly ground coffee for only one extra dollar a day.
For patients with severe coffee, when caffeine becomes a just need, coffee becomes a product with obvious consumption cycle, and consumers will expect to seek cheaper choices.
A dollar can buy coffee, many people must feel very fragrant, right?
But the most fundamental purpose of KFC is to preset a retention mechanism, catch you holding the “no need to lose” mentality, let you buy coffee every day, form a habitual consumption, and finally improve everyone’s repurchase rate or even renewal rate, which is to store water and fish for user retention.
Even if you don’t buy it for a few days or don’t use it all the time, the business won’t lose money because it has successfully earned money through the membership card in advance.
Therefore, whether it is a membership card or a cycle discount card, it is undoubtedly a marketing tool to improve the re purchase rate of users.

Odor marketing method
New words of bread design open baking window
Before analyzing the smell phenomenon of stores, I’d like to share an allusion here. Oreo once advertised on the inside page of a magazine. After rubbing the advertising paper, it would give off the sweet taste of cake. According to the survey, 80% of them said they wanted to eat it.
Now many bakery brand stores like to design open / semi open baking windows, which is also for this reason.
As the saying goes: smell and know women, so is food.
On the one hand, the open baking rooms designed by breadfruit Xinyu, Prince Kama and master Bao help to shorten the distance between customers and food, so that people can see the bread making process with their own eyes, increase the transparency of product production, and promise consumers that every mouthful of bread they eat is freshly made on the same day.
Most importantly, the aroma of bread itself is a kind of recessive advertisement, which is an effective means to convey product information. When consumers go to the door, they will be attracted by the smell of bread, stimulate their appetite and desire to buy, and then be attracted into the shop.
Restaurants can also refer to this point, seize people’s senses for marketing, design open kitchen, open baking window, etc., which can not only create a lively atmosphere of sales and dining, but also effectively drive the drainage.

The mechanism of addiction
Lucky coffee willful subsidy coupon
When it comes to subsidies, we can’t help mentioning Ruixing and Shenzhou car rental, both of which use the tactics of money burning subsidies.
Take lucky for example. When it launched its business earlier, it sold all kinds of 1.8%, 2.8% and 3.8% discount coupons. Compared with Starbucks’ petty bourgeoisie price, it’s really a little cheaper.
We have to talk about an “addiction mechanism”. Ruixing and Shenzhou didi taxi software have designed a trigger mechanism to drive us to action.
All products that people habitually rely on go through the evolution process of “trigger action changeable reward input”. Among them, “external trigger” is a crucial first step for consumers to become addicted. Only by giving them some sweet taste can the brand guide users to experience the product.
Therefore, lucky’s “trigger” is the coupon with great discount. After all, for consumers, the subsidy is not in vain.
In the future, once this trigger mechanism is formed, consumers will form habits and even become addicted. The brand will let nature take its course and push the product from the “blind area” of users into the “habit area”, and their actions of paying will become more and more straightforward.
Even if the platform later began to shrink the incentives and adjust the amount of discount coupons, consumers’ habits at this time had already formed, which only affected the reduction of consumption frequency.

Anchoring effect A631
Evian water of Starbucks is not just a Vase Decoration
Everyone who has been a member of the atmosphere group of Starbucks knows that a bottle of Evian water has been placed in Starbucks stores for a long time. The key is that the water can’t be sold, and Starbucks doesn’t panic and keeps a place for it.
After all, if customers only want to drink water, we can also ask the Starbucks waiter for a free drink.
So, is Starbucks really putting a bottle of water for decoration? No, it’s for new customers who go to Starbucks for the first time.
Starbucks sells a bottle of Evian water for 22 yuan, and the American price of a medium cup is 25 yuan. It is the so-called “no harm without comparison”. People who consume coffee for the first time will feel that coffee is not so expensive. This is the anchoring effect.
Everyone has the psychological pressure to try new things. When consumers are hesitant to start new things, they will compare the prices of other goods to determine the price of the intended goods, so as to reduce the risk of their own consumption. Anchor effect will play an important role in this case.
Starbucks is through the price anchor pricing, set up the price comparison benchmark of Evian water and coffee, let consumers have a comparable price perception, imperceptibly affect their buying decisions. After some comparison, new customers are more likely to accept the price of Starbucks coffee.
The “anchoring” effect is also very promising in other marketing fields. For example, when doing e-commerce promotion, many shop owners learn to paste the original price and discount price, which makes consumers feel “super value” unconsciously.

Strategy of increasing customer price
Starbucks doesn’t sell small cups
Now that we talk about Starbucks, we have to talk about the ordering mode of Starbucks. Starbucks has always divided the cup type into “medium cup, large cup and super large cup”.
Movie happy 59cm pony
It is clear that the cup shape can be directly designed as “small cup, medium cup and large cup”, but Starbucks has to “detour”, and some people suspect that Starbucks is “medium cup discrimination”.
Just imagine, if a customer really orders a medium cup, the assistant will often add a set of sales explanation, ask “are you sure it’s a medium Cup”, and emphasize that “a medium cup is equivalent to the smallest Cup”. The core purpose of adding 3 yuan to a cup is to convey two meanings
One is that “a medium cup may not be enough”, and the other is that a liter is not expensive.
Under such a psychological hint, consumers may be persuaded to “change the big cup”.
Not only offline stores, open Starbucks app will also find that the default cup type of order is big cup.
The promotion of the cup means the increase of the unit price of customers and the increase of the overall unit price of customers. Relevant data show that Starbucks can increase its revenue by 65.7 million yuan with a cup promotion reminder.
Why do some people change their original intention? Are you just worried that a medium cup is not enough?
This also has to talk about China’s human society, face culture is a unique cultural phenomenon of the Chinese people.
In the traditional Chinese concept, “small” often means mean and mean, and “big” means more face. Gifts should be “big” and ostentation should be “big”. So to a large extent, Starbucks is to seize the psychology of Chinese consumers, to replace the small cup with the medium cup, to reduce the face concerns of consuming the medium cup.

Queuing effect
Tea Yan Yuese and master Bao are queuing up all year round
I still remember that as soon as the first tea store in Wuhan opened, there was a situation of “one milk is hard to get”. A cup of milk tea actually made people willing to wait for 8 hours.
No queue, no net red. Don’t line up the net red shop, that is also called the net red shop?
This kind of phenomenon is not surprising, master Bao, Zaku, Zaku puff, etc. after opening a new store, there are often queues.
Some people may question whether the real “fans” in the queue or the arranged “trust”?
Undeniably, on the one hand, some businesses will invite “actors” to help and create popularity for stores.
On the other hand, wanghong stores will also deliberately slow down the production speed and service efficiency to maintain the popularity of stores. This is the false impression that businessmen artificially create a hot sale.
You know, compared with the empty door, the stores with a large number of customers are undoubtedly more reassuring to consumers. In their view, the long line of stores is like expensive things with aura, the quality is not too bad, and it is not easy to make mistakes when you buy them with everyone.
Today’s consumers like to gather around and follow others.
Therefore, driven by herding, when you see this situation, it is inevitable that you will be led by others to trust the reputation of new stores from the bottom of your heart. Businesses can also stimulate consumers’ desire to buy and incite the public to follow suit.

Peak end law
Haidilao’s abnormal service is frightening
“Don’t let Haidilao know your birthday today” is not alarmist.
Haidilao has always been known for its abnormal service. If you wait, there will be a staff member who will come to you immediately and give you snacks, shoe polish, manicure, and package fruits and snacks after eating. As long as you have experienced the service of Haidilao, you will feel convinced.
To be sure, there are plenty of cases like Haidilao.
KFC displays slide entertainment facilities, and many milk tea or catering stores also provide free photo printers. These devices seem to be designed to let people pass the time, but in fact, they are to create a deep “peak end experience” for consumers, and strengthen their positive feelings about the consumption experience.
Therefore, the catering stores can integrate the peak and end experience into the service, lock in the “peak” of the service time, such as before and after the meal, leave an excellent mark, make full use of the sense of ceremony, improve the “peak” and “end” high-quality experience of consumption, and better move customers and spontaneously spread word-of-mouth for you.

Biological clock effect A631
There are activity days every week for investment promotion and Guangfa
Why do many bank credit card brands set up “day of week”?
CMB’s credit card half price day on Wednesday, gf’s Friday, KFC’s crazy Thursday, McDonald’s 88 golden powder Festival.
It’s not hard to understand that every “brand day” is trying to ring your biological clock.
If a brand links a certain welfare activity with a specified time and adjusts the “biological clock”, it can establish a time conditioned reflex, so that customers can form a fixed node / holiday clock consumption.
It is worth mentioning that only when this biological clock appears repeatedly can it steadily occupy the minds of consumers.
After day-to-day biological clock education, every time a brand arrives, it’s like someone is reminding consumers to punch in, which naturally leads to conditioned action.
So, on Wednesdays, you will think of a 50% discount on the delicious food of merchants, and give yourself a reason to have a big meal after work; on Thursdays, you will buy a midnight snack on Thursday because of KFC’s craziness, and on Fridays, you will be rewarded with a cup of Starbucks for breakfast.
This is the role of the biological clock effect, which takes all consumption motives for granted.

“Take advantage” psychological marketing
Zara and UNIQLO are often on sale
For girls who usually like to buy clothes, you should also find many brand stores, such as Zara, UNIQLO and HM, often launch some big sale activities, such as 50% off for three or two or three pieces. This also hides the business’s marketing tricks.
So, how do businesses make use of discount routines?
First, grasp the customer’s psychology of picking up the leak.
You just want to buy one piece of clothing. If you see a 50% discount, you will inevitably have the mentality of “the most cost-effective now, miss this time, and never next time”. You will choose other clothes to match, or bring one to your relatives and friends by the way. Businesses also rely on joint sales to promote the sales of the whole store. It can be said that they have the best of both worlds.
Many new tea shops often offer half price second cups, and this is also the principle behind it.
Second, it is conducive to reducing inventory pressure.
In the off-season season, there will always be a backlog of new spring clothes and winter clothes. Some clothes are overstocked because they can’t be sold in time. Therefore, with the help of discount activities, we can sell off-season and unsalable clothes in time, so as to speed up the efficiency of destocking.
There is a saying that customers do not want to be cheap, but the feeling of “taking advantage”. Will business be far behind if businesses do the right thing?

It can be said that as long as you are a dedicated marketer, you will find marketing philosophy everywhere.
Some brands’ operation seems to be superfluous. In fact, it hides a lot of clever ideas. They all use human nature to do marketing. As long as you understand these routines, you can also learn some tricks.
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