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Alien: the wave of energy drinks is coming

the traditional energy beverage market, which has not had a new brand for a long time, is surging with the emergence of aliens. A battle of attack and defense is coming in the energy beverage market
In recent years, with the improvement of material life, consumers’ demand for health has reached an unprecedented height, especially last year’s sudden epidemic, which makes energy drinks with certain efficacy hit again.
The reporter found that new faces will be added to the energy drink industry at the beginning of 2021. Alien energy, a new and cutting-edge brand, has launched “alien energy drink”, which includes four flavors of mate tea, grapefruit, lactic acid bacteria and classic.
Photo source: Alien tmall flagship store
In 2019, the total sales amount of China’s energy beverage market is 42.775 billion yuan, which is one of the fastest growing segments in the beverage industry, benefiting well-known brands in the industry. The huge blue ocean also attracts more enterprises to enter this field. However, due to the lack of new product features, and too concentrated “copy and paste”, leading to the industry homogenization and fierce competition.
The competition for this market is bound to be heavy and turbulent. Before the wave, we should control the vested interests; after the wave, we should break through the surging, and a war of attack and defense in the energy beverage market is coming quietly
Looking forward to catfish
At the end of 1995, China’s energy beverage market was still blank, and Red Bull beverage from Thailand gained an absolute advantage as a first mover in the market.
In the past 26 years, along with “thirsty, tired, drink Red Bull”, Red Bull has created a new segment of the beverage industry. At one time, Red Bull had 58% of the market value in China’s energy beverage market, with an annual income of 23.07 billion yuan during the peak period. With its early entry and long-term market operation, Red Bull has become the king of the industry.
However, since 2016, there have been more than 20 lawsuits concerning the expiration of trademark authorization, which have been in constant dispute. On the energy drink track with an average annual growth rate of 15% and doubling in four to five years, the leader has fallen into stagnation.

Photo source: Euromonitor consulting
For decades, the single function of energy drink giant “anti fatigue” has basically not changed in essence. It has been unable to meet the diverse needs of young consumers for energy drinks in the new era; after all, the children who were greedy for Chery QQ now drive Mercedes Benz.

Image source: Internet
At the time of the “two cows” fight, it has not yet been decided who will be the “top priority” for energy drinks. With a market of 60 billion yuan for energy drinks, many Chinese enterprises have taken this opportunity to enter the market, hoping to win the top prize.
The energy beverage market urgently needs a catfish to make the market alive.
After the wave to subvert the market
Copying giant red bull is definitely not the way for the rise of China’s energy drinks.
With the rise of the concept of national health movement, energy drinks are more and more popular among young consumers. People have more specific and professional requirements for sports, energy drinks and electrolyte drinks.
According to Forrest Sullivan, a business information company, by 2024, energy drinks will surpass juice and become the second largest drink in China (13%). The demand of energy beverage industry continues to change, and the industry competition enters into deep water area.
It can be seen that perhaps the decline of giant enterprises is not an “industry avalanche” but a new opportunity for China’s local energy beverage enterprises. After all, today’s Chinese water drinking is no longer the myth that foreign giants can not break the monopoly of water drinking market.

Photo source: Nongfu Shanquan prospectus
China’s beverage industry has ushered in subversive changes in many industries. Now this subversive person has come to the energy beverage industry, which also makes people pay more attention and look forward to it.
As a back wave, alien energy drink does not simply copy the single function of “anti fatigue”. When they were founded, they were thinking about the difference between their products and others?
The answer is: no copying, no copying.
Open dialogue with energy drink consumers, innovative research and development to upgrade the natural formula, aliens are fundamentally meeting the diverse needs of consumers in the new era, trying to cover more and more daily application scenarios of energy drinks. They have long realized that they should really start from the users and expand the consumption scenarios of energy drinks from various “fatigue” negative scenarios such as overtime, staying up late and long-distance driving to more positive consumption scenarios such as e-sports, entertainment, travel and parties.
To this end, the alien energy drink gives its unique positioning: 0 sugar, more refreshing.
“C player” alien exclusive selection of mate tea as the formula base.
As one of the three largest teas in the world and the “national drink” in Latin America, mate tea, also known as Paraguayan tea, is extracted from Ilex, a tropical rain forest holly. It is rich in L-theanine, chlorogenic acid and theobromine, so it has more antioxidant and refreshing effects than other teas. Daily drinking of mate tea is the secret for local people to maintain vitality, and Macy is a loyal fan of mate tea. During the 2018 World Cup in Russia, 180 kg of Matai tea was airlifted from South America to meet the needs of players from South America.
Alien energy drink is the first product in China to select mate tea as the energy base.
The addition of this new refreshing ingredient will replace the non natural refreshing scheme prevailing in the market, which is expected to become a healthy choice for more young people.
In addition, in order to meet the health needs of young consumers for drinking water, they also used a natural substitute of 0 sugar, erythritol.
Erythritol is a natural sugar alcohol fermented from glucose, which is the closest to sucrose in the taste of sugar substitutes, but its sweetness is only 0.7 of sucrose. In order to make the product better and healthier, regardless of the cost, erythritol is selected to replace a large amount of white granulated sugar, so that many consumers who have doubts about the sugar content of energy drinks can rest assured. At the same time, it can also satisfy the sweetness and coolness. This kind of refreshing scheme can replace the older generation of white granulated sugar, and can also avoid the drastic fluctuation of blood sugar.
Taste is still the primary determinant for food and beverage to attract consumers. Alien also innovates and develops from taste, breaking the traditional energy beverage’s “one taste to the end”, retaining the classic taste and launching new flavors such as “mate tea, grapefruit, lactic acid bacteria”. Aliens will truly achieve “better drink” and “healthier” perfectly, breaking the difficult situation of not having both delicious and healthy.
For those young consumers who pay attention to health, taste and fashion, the appearance of aliens means that there is not only a single function choice to buy energy drinks, but also good-looking, healthy and multi taste. For the energy drink market, this may indicate the arrival of a wave era.
Looking to the future, who is the king?
In recent years, Chinese enterprises have won a lot of market space in this field, but most of them have obvious shortcomings: single taste, regional tradition, narrow scene, lack of attention to quality, lack of brand influence, etc.
For many consumers, the impression of “energy drink = Red Bull flavor drink” is really deep, but we gradually find that behind this strong “Red Bull flavor”, more and more consumers begin to look for or look forward to new products and experiences.
Last year, in station B’s “houlang”, he Bing exhorted young people, “what you love is your life.” In this era of surging waves, we find that independent R & D enterprises that uphold healthy life and user first values will last forever.
This may be where the ultimate goal of alien energy drinks is not only to be a single explosive, but also to take advantage of the rapid growth of energy drinks in China and even in the world to identify the king of a new generation of energy drinks.
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