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If you can eat delicious dumplings in 4 minutes, will you still choose frying and frying?

when the post-80s and post-90s are faced with serious infidelity in the workplace, will consumers still choose the way of frying and frying to go into the kitchen after work?

In the face of “junk food” containing a lot of chemical additives, how can consumers not continue to eat it? This has become a problem faced by food businesses and even the whole industry chain. Therefore, self heating hotpot, self heating rice and even instant noodles have become the territory of many food enterprises. However, poor taste, potential safety hazards and unbalanced nutrition are also unavoidable realities in the fast food industry.
Fudibao, a new and cutting-edge brand of quick-frozen food, will enter the market in 2020. It regards “making a convenient and nutritious meal” as its brand mission and vows to make a difference between Chinese food and fast food.
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Make a convenient, delicious, A631
How difficult is a nutritious meal?
Looking around the instant food industry, more products choose self heating technology and thermal expansion technology, such as self heating hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot and instant noodles. Although this kind of products can make people eat food in the fastest way, they still need to prepare water and place material bags, which greatly reduces the convenience. But why do we ignore the microwave oven in the corner? In today’s Chinese families, microwave ovens are considered as kitchen appliances with high popularity. How to make full use of them to make delicious food? That was the first thing that came to mind.
Nowadays, more and more young people are fleeing the kitchen. In addition to the lack of cooking skills, the hard work in cooking also makes many people afraid. Kitchenware has really become a home furnishing. The basic reason is that the Chinese cooking methods are frying, baking, cooking and frying. Although the dishes are delicious, a lot of cooking fumes have become the nightmare of “family chefs”.
These words are not groundless. During the double 11, a non lampblack pot was sold out within 2 hours. Behind the high sales, it reflected the helplessness and resistance of Chinese people to lampblack cooking.
How do European and American families deal with these problems?
In European and American countries, most families choose open kitchen. Microwave oven or oven is the most important kitchen equipment. Cooking, meat, biscuits and desserts are inseparable from them. There are more kinds of microwave instant food in overseas markets than in China, which is also caused by different cooking habits. Microwave food has become a popular food in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea.
Compared with the oven, the microwave oven is obviously superior in the convenience of use and production speed. How to make good use of microwave ovens in Chinese families?
After three years and thousands of experiments, fudibao core team has successfully developed the unique microwave micro pressure technology in China. This technology can ensure that the moisture of the product does not lose in the process of microwave heating, and highly simulate the taste of steamed food. Compared with the traditional microwave heating, fudibao microwave food has many advantages, such as faster heating, better taste, zero loss of nutrition and so on.
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Perfect collision between fast food and Chinese food,
The real price
Since the hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot track has been hot as the Red Sea. What other products are worth exploring in the major categories of Chinese food? Fudibao aims at dumplings, a must-have food for Chinese New Year’s day.
There are many brands of quick-frozen dumplings on the market, with various tastes. It’s not only the new year’s day, but also the purchasing standing army of many families. However, in the eyes of many people, the dumplings produced by large industrial production line always lack some flavor and warmth. Pure manual packaging and mother’s taste become an important feature to move consumers. Fudibao just grasped this kind of consumption demand and made three efforts in product polishing
First, select the best materials. Fudibao uses deep-sea fishing seafood, export quality vegetables and selected flour as the main ingredients to give back to consumers in the most practical way.
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Second, enough materials. Mother’s dumplings are often thin skinned and filled with lots of stuffing, which makes people salivate. Fudibao will put the whole shrimp, cuttlefish, Yao Zhu directly into the stuffing, to ensure that every bite can eat fudibao’s heart.
Third, fudibao recruits thousands of mothers to make dumplings by hand. Mother’s fingerprints are engraved on the dough to ensure that every dumpling has the taste of love.
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Fast food breaks through speed bottleneck,
You can have a good meal in four minutes
The vast majority of frozen dumplings on the market are processed by boiling, which takes 8 minutes at the fastest. For many kitchen Xiaobai, it is difficult to accurately judge the time when dumplings come out of the pot. They often forget the time or are in a hurry to eat, resulting in uncooked cooking, or the embarrassment of “boiling pills in broth”.
Fudibao microwave dumplings in hundreds of experiments, the final determination of “high fire microwave 4 minutes” unique processing method. Consumers can put the whole box of dumplings into the microwave oven without tearing the packaging film. During the heating process, the water vapor will circulate in the box, saving the moisture of the food and increasing the heating speed. People can enjoy the delicious tiktok only by watching a few video or video games. It is reported that fudibao is applying for relevant patents.
With the change of processing methods, the eating scene of fudibao microwave dumplings has been greatly expanded. Office lunch, late night snack at home, friends gathering, and even ringing the bell at 0 o’clock during the Spring Festival, you can eat whatever you want without hesitation.
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Fudibao microwave series dumplings were born in 2020 after the stable domestic epidemic. With the rise of “home diet” and “lazy economy”, fudibao sees new market opportunities. Its “microwave series” includes more than ten categories, such as dumplings, steamed buns, eel rice and so on. It has become a new force in the field of microwave frozen food in China.
Yu Wenbo, CEO of fudibao, once said: to make a product that can make consumers feel at ease, the most important thing is to never let go of every detail of the product. It’s true, it’s not exaggeration, it’s fudibao’s innate character.
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