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The marketing strategy of Meiji meltykiss chocolate: packaging + stars

In the snack industry, chocolate is definitely the “top flow”, especially favored by female consumers. According to the data, in 2020, the global sales of chocolate products will reach 124 billion US dollars, and the consumption will reach 10.6 million tons. The huge demand has created one world famous brand after another, among which meltykiss of Meiji is one.
Every winter, before the release of meltykiss chocolate, the number of official Meiji twitter will suddenly soar. In 2020, the launch date of meltykiss will be October 27, and the number of tweets with the key words of meltykiss will soar throughout November, even on the hot search list. Looking back on the brand development process, behind the success of meltykiss, the marketing strategy of “packaging + star” has contributed a lot.

Brand introduction

Meltykiss is a chocolate made in 1992 by Meiji, a big Japanese fruit making factory. It is characterized by instant taste. This kind of chocolate starts to melt at 25 ℃ and becomes liquid at 35 ℃.
It’s a pity that you can only eat it in winter, but now, the “winter limit” has become one of the most attractive points of meltykiss. Even when the iconic square box of meltykiss appears on the shelves of shops and supermarkets, people begin to subconsciously sigh: “before you know it, winter has come.” For some Japanese, it has become a habit to eat meltykiss chocolate in winter, just like we eat dumplings in winter solstice. In terms of taste, in addition to the traditional strawberry, hazelnut, Matcha and so on, there are also rum raisin flavor, bitter wine flavor, and specially thickened cream, with a strong petty bourgeois sentiment.


Since 2004, Yuko Ogawa, a packaging designer, has been accompanying the freshman meltykiss for 16 years. After graduating from University, Yuko Ogawa founded Yuko Ogawa design office, which has been engaged in the field of packaging design for more than 30 years. She is especially good at food and beverage packaging design. Her design works are warm and lovely. She is one of the new judges invited by marking awards 2021.

Early packaging design

Around 2003, Japan’s economic recovery was weak, and the overall sales of chocolate market declined. At this time, it is only 10 years since the launch of meltykiss chocolate. Compared with Meiji’s milk chocolate and other major products, its impact is even greater. In terms of packaging design, the overall color system adopted by meltykiss is “coffee + cream”, and so is the color matching of other chocolate products. Therefore, it is not very prominent on the shelves of chocolate products.

Brand upgrade

In 2004, meltykiss invited Yuko Ogawa to upgrade the brand vision. We should not only have the unique characteristics of meltykiss chocolate itself, show the differences with similar products, let people have a fresh feeling; but also show some common characteristics of Meiji brand, so we need to selectively retain some visual symbols, keep the heart of old customers, that is “make innovation on the basis of the original heritage”.
Yuko Ogawa found that since its launch, meltykiss has been focusing on winter restriction. The advertising slogan is “snow melts in the mouth” (like snow melts in the mouth), but it is rarely reflected in the original packaging. Therefore, she takes “Snow” as the design element, emphasizing the softness, purity and romance of snowflakes. Color, choose a strong red, as well as fresh green, highlighting the romantic atmosphere. At the same time, it also uses three-dimensional gilding to print the word meltykiss, and presents the four words of “winter limit” in the form of beveled edging. The overall style is more fashionable and advanced.
After packaging upgrade, meltykiss products have achieved great success, and the sales have increased significantly. This achievement is achieved in the context of the overall contraction of the chocolate snack market.

Regression and evolution

In 2008, some chocolate products similar to meltykiss appeared on the market. Faced with this situation, Yuko Ogawa decided to return to the original design style, giving up the design style that has been popular for four years, and returning to the original style; but at the same time, he did not completely copy the past. After 2014, as the main element, snowflakes and patterns have become more delicate and complex, and the group at the bottom of the box has also adopted the gilding process.

Star Marketing

In October 2020, the latest advertisement of meltykiss will be officially launched, and the main character is still shinigaki, a popular Japanese actress. Since 2011, this is the 10th time that new yuan Jieyi has appeared in the advertisement of the product.
Since 1994, Meiji has been broadcasting TV commercials every year when meltykiss is on the shelves, and has invited female stars to play in the form of two-year change. After 2010, the market strategy of meltykiss has changed. In the past, the audience of the product focused on young women, but found that children also like this chocolate. Therefore, in the advertising, it no longer only emphasized the feeling of love, but more highlighted the novelty and delicacy that children would like. The actress also chose Xinyuan, the “national wife”, which is famous for its purity, and insisted on not changing it for 10 years.
In every year’s advertisement, Xinyuan Jieyi will sing in a relaxed and cheerful tune: “winter kisses melt in the mouth like snow. If only all the snowflakes were meltykiss, “it’s more and more prominent for the festival gift orientation of meltykiss.
Source: datapark think tank, fbif food and beverage innovation

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