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This year, besides Wang Laoji, there are also Li Laoji and Zhang Laoji

How does
brand create social culture products?

In the Spring Festival this year, if you get a can of herbal tea with your surname on the dinner table, such as “Li Laoji”, “Zhang Laoji”, “Zhao Laoji” and “Niu Laoji”, don’t doubt that it is a Shanzhai, but may be a customized “surname can” from Wang Laoji.

Recently, Wang Laoji launched a customized service. By opening the official app of Wang Laoji on wechat, you can customize a “surname can” of your own using the template. You can also set the font and view the preview effect, as shown in the figure below.

In addition to the words on the package, there is no difference in product specifications and packaging design between the custom-made can and ordinary products. The price of 12 cans / box is 99 yuan. The Spring Festival is the peak sales season for beverage products. Wang Laoji launched customized cans at this time, which caused a lot of social topic discussion. According to the search of time interesting insight engine, it can be seen that the amount of brand social interaction showed a sudden growth trend. It seems that Wang Laoji also intends to face the Spring Festival gift market.

Behind “custom can” is the marketing mode of product thinking

Why are customized products popular? In essence, behind the “customization” is the marketing mode of product thinking – product packaging through creativity and design, as the most direct media for consumers, can provide them with more personalized consumption experience, enhance brand freshness and expectation, and also cause users’ social sharing and discussion.


For brands, their products are the best marketing channel. In addition to the creative design of product packaging, such as the launch of customized, limited, cooperative, to attract more attention of consumers, increase brand interactivity and expectations. There are also many food and beverage brands that will make an issue on product taste and launch various “exotic” flavors to attract more users’ social attention and discussion. For example, Zhou Heiya and Xu Fuji recently created spicy stewed duck neck flavored ShaQima, McDonald’s launched “Youpo spicy new land”, and Wang Yibo launched coriander flavored yoghurt with amhery as the spokesperson


In addition, in terms of product form, Oreo has launched Oreo crispy for urban white-collar workers to control heat, Oreo Mini for children and Oreo waffle in different markets; in terms of product user interaction, holliyou has printed Chinese characters on chocolate pie to let consumers experience the fun of “Q & a”.

Finally, the marketing mode of product thinking can also bring more rich and interesting co branding cooperation for brands. Oreo’s products are similar to air cushion, and its perfect diary was put on the shelves before. This time, Wang Laoji also used “surname can” to carry out rich and magical co branding marketing with other brands, such as “Mo Laoji” jointly launched with Mo Xiaoxian, and also played the “fear of fire and drink king” Lao Ji, the copywriter of “Mo Xiaoxian”. Through the “chemical reaction” between the product itself and different brands, we can give our own brand diversified value.

Why is it easier for customized products to “go out of the circle”?

Chinese surnames are traditional and ancient cultural symbols, which can accompany everyone for life, and also represent everyone’s sense of belonging and identity. This time, during the Spring Festival reunion, Wang Laoji launched a customized “surname can”, which is in contrast with its own product name. On the one hand, it breaks consumers’ inherent cognition of “Wang Laoji” brand, and is more innovative and fresh, which is conducive to the rejuvenation of its brand expression. On the other hand, Wang Laoji’s customized “surname can” also makes “Wang Laoji” brand IP oriented, that is to say By changing “Wang” into other surnames, the overall recognition of the brand is still very high, and it has even become a sharp tool for joint marketing with other brands.


In fact, personalized customization is a mature way to play. For example, Coca Cola’s “share a coke” series marketing campaign has a long history. The Australian market was first opened in 2011, and then spread to more than 100 countries and regions around the world. Due to the addition of personalized elements and the customization of packaging, people’s desire to buy and share Cola is strengthened.

As well as the “formation of social currency” in Oreo biscuits “previously analyzed by time fun, Oreo is constantly launching various customized products to make it jump out of the setting of” biscuits “, increase the personalized part of the brand, play with users, and turn into a kind of” social currency “, which produces contact and interaction with users from the product level, and then from the brand level Enhance the emotional connection with young users.

Product customization, a product thinking marketing method, can not only improve sales, but also create a wave of discussion and voice in social networks, and make the brand more interesting and younger. Consumers get more social money through customized products and services, and also increase the emotional connection between consumers and brands.


How do brands create social products?

1. Combine with the existing foundation, give the product new connotation


Brand development so far, there will be their own highly recognizable brand symbol, and users have formed a unique memory about the brand symbol. To build socialized products is not to completely abandon the connotation of the brand and its products, but to reinterpret the classic. For example, Wang Laoji’s “surname jar” retains the brand’s traditional symbol of happy reunion. Instead, it uses the word “Wang” as the surname and combines with China’s unique “surname culture” to launch a personalized customization idea. During the Spring Festival, it not only maintains the value of happy reunion conveyed by the brand in the past, but also innovates the product as a “gift” to convey new ideas.

2. Let the product become the user’s “friend” first

Product packaging through creativity and design. As the most direct media for consumers, it can provide the most intuitive consumption experience and enhance brand freshness. When the unique young generation becomes the main force of the consumer market, brands are trying every means to appear in the vision of young consumers with the help of social networks, and even personalize the brand to communicate with young consumers and become friends. Oreo often uses the product image itself combined with hot news events to create ideas. For example, in order to support the “Gay Pride Month”, Oreo creates a rainbow sandwich layer, which has aroused a lot of attention and discussion.


3. Realize the output of brand value through the diversification of product play


To create social products, in addition to significantly enhance the exposure of brand products, bring users social interaction communication, in order to improve sales; more importantly, through the diversification of product play, finally realize the output of brand value. The most typical case is Coca Cola. It is reported that after the launch of the “name bottle”, even in a mature market like the United States, Coca Cola’s sales increased by 11% in 2014. Subsequently, in different countries and regions, Coca-Cola derived different patterns such as “name bottle”, “lyrics bottle”, “nickname bottle”, “city pot”, and also incorporated more local creativity.

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