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Founder of Jiang Xiaobai: behind the performance, there are three bottom cornerstones




Tao Shiquan, a native of Hunan, grew up in the countryside. My father founded the first township enterprise in the village, a carton factory, and my mother was an accountant of rural credit cooperatives. In Tao Shiquan’s memory, when he was a child, his family came and went. They were all villagers who came to his mother for deposits and loans. When he was in junior high school, he often went to his father’s factory to help receive customers or deliver goods. The earliest commercial consciousness came from this.

His primary school and junior high school are spent as “top student”, good academic performance, and gradually formed the habit of pursuing different things. For example, if the conventional solution is too simple for a math problem, he will try to find a different solution.

Teachers’ positive encouragement makes them believe in the value of “being different”. Tao Shiquan said that his pursuit of innovation and distinctive personality also deeply influenced his later entrepreneurial choice, that is, “asymmetric competition” – in a large industry, he chose a subdivision battlefield without strong competitors, and created a new brand “jiangxiaobai” with innovative methods.

When he founded Jiang Xiaobai, his original goal was to make 100 million yuan first, and then to make 1 billion yuan within 10 years. Now, these two goals have already been achieved, and Jiang Xiaobai has made his way in a red sea market. At the scene of the fourth public defense, Tao Shiquan shared some of his own experience in brand building.

In fact, at the beginning, few people defined Jiang Xiaobai as a net red, and my own expectations were not so high. Maybe it was the change of environment and some lucky factors that led to its rapid fire.

In essence, jiangxiaobai’s presentation and profit model are displayed through the brand. Therefore, it is a brand company, and brand is an important carrier for users to accept products.

If we still have a little dream, it is to drive ourselves forward, because the sense of existence will last longer than life.

For example, famous writers and artists often live longer than their works. The same is true of architecture, which may last for tens of millions of years and surpass the life cycle of human beings.

It is very difficult to be a century old enterprise. What is more difficult than being an enterprise is to be a brand. What is longer than the life cycle of a brand is people’s thinking.

Jiang Xiaobai’s success and failure


1. When the ceiling of the industry is high, select small incision to enter

Different enterprises have different cognitive perspectives at different stages. If you are going to start a business in the consumer goods industry, you need to choose a competitive path.

But you can’t rush inside all at once. The track looks bright, but it’s actually not easy to walk. When your abilities, including resources, organization, management and No. 1 cognition, are insufficient, don’t start easily.

When the ceiling of the industry is high, we should make use of the innovation ability to choose a small incision, and we should produce relatively high efficiency through new ways and methods in the competition Road, which is called “big and small high-tech”. There will be some pitfalls here. For example, when choosing an industry, we all seek to be small and beautiful, but from a commercial point of view, we still need to avoid blindly pursuing “small”.

Today, no one knows what the first brand of embroidery needle is, which forms a small incision from a commercial point of view, but in fact it is of little significance. I was once diss because what Jiang Xiaobai did was a small bottle of wine that young people liked to drink, which was not mainstream at all.

But behind this is really a small incision that I intentionally made – it is a passive choice under dialectical thinking under the environment, and it is the optimal solution under relative conditions.

We do not dare to make a great enterprise, so we choose marginal innovation and seek the blue ocean strategy of differentiated competition from the smallest point. In my opinion, founders should overcome their own greed, seeking only small, followed by high efficiency.

Of course, in the first five years of entrepreneurship, we seized the dividends of social platforms, such as the rise of microblog, which made advertising highly efficient, which made it easier for breakeven point to achieve positive cash flow; for channels, we even realized online digital management very early. These are the results of our innovation.

2. The most important thing for a brand is its differentiated positioning

In the brand, the most important thing is positioning. Back to the origin of jiangxiaobai, we will reverse its main scene, market and stage.

There are at least five subdivision scenes in the Baijiu industry: business reception, banquets, family banquets, leisure drinks, gifts, etc. the biggest market is business banquet. We abandoned four of them and chose the smallest market – Leisure drinking.

In terms of market categories, Maotai flavor and Luzhou flavor products are the most popular in China. If we cut into the mainstream, it is very difficult to be the first in the existing market competition. Therefore, jiangxiaobai chose fragrance products and soon became the top five in the industry.

From the consumer perspective, China’s mainstream Baijiu population is middle-aged and middle-aged, and the main consumption type is liquor. Therefore, we choose young consumers in the opposite direction.

From the perspective of scene, jiangxiaobai will position and contrast the brand through the four words of “small gathering, small drink, small moment and small mood”. As long as all “small” is changed to “big”, differentiation will be formed.

“Big get-together” is generally a formal banquet, “small get-together” is a gathering activity between friends; “booze” exists in China’s round table culture, “small drink” is mostly a face-to-face behavior in small scenes such as outdoor tourism and supper.

Too many brands mark important moments, while jiangxiaobai’s “small moments” record self moments. Everyone yearns for the moment of “being tall”, but also enjoys the moment of “being small and beautiful”.

In addition to the grand narrative complex, we also need to have the “small mood” of dialogue with ourselves and brothers.

The so-called dialectical small positioning is to think about how to mark the scene from round table to square table by the number of diners. Most of the Chinese Baijiu and its brand culture are produced from face scenes, such as toasting, which is a culture of ingratiate themselves.

Nowadays, the development of the entire catering industry has undergone major changes. The development of high-end banquet venues is not very fast. On the contrary, the number of leisure scenes has increased. Everyone’s attitude towards life has changed from face to interior, from pleasing people to pleasing themselves. Therefore, we should turn the business of “doing the present” into that of “doing the future”, and see the change from the dynamic scene.

3. Several big pits

① See big, want to be big

If the founder wants to improve his cognition, he must see the circle from the point. When we define a brand, we need to look back at the trend. Although it is in line with human nature to see big and bigger, it is actually a big pit, and it is against human nature to see big and smaller. Therefore, we should think in another place, improve cognition and pattern, and replace desire with vision.

New businesses in large companies are not easy to grow up, because they have sufficient resources, they may make mistakes, and they don’t change their position to brand from 0 to 1. Therefore, brand survival from 0 to 1 is a programmatic issue.

The growth cycle of a brand is very similar to the growth of bamboo. It grows very slowly at the beginning, and goes up immediately when it grows to a certain extent.

Even if infrastructure changes accelerate brand growth, the speed is limited. It’s very difficult for a real brand business to go from 0 to 1 in the Chinese market, but it’s easier to go from 1 to 10.

Therefore, the small incision is realism. As founders, we should overcome idealism and return to realism. Dreams don’t need to be inspired, they just need to be revealed.

Think of everything and get nothing. Only do what you are capable of and never think about what you can’t do. Restraint is very important.

② Don’t rush into the mainstream in the early days

The mainstream has its own way, and the edge has its own way. Edge innovation, cut in from the non mainstream, form a niche.

③ Benchmarking excellence and following excellence

In the process of iterative cognition, there are always dialectical considerations.

For example, there are always two people fighting in your head. One said: I want to know what the future of this industry is; the other said: I don’t want to know the long term, I just want to know what I should do today.

The most difficult thing for a founder is to look at both the big and the small. When your cognition is not wide enough, your work efficiency is not high; when your cognition is improved, you will feel that the existing organization and implementation of the enterprise can’t keep up, and let your own ideas fly in the sky, and everyone tries to catch up on the ground.

In the early stage of the brand, we should try our best to find a small incision and establish a pioneer in it. Getting attention is the first important proposition to survive. Your attention must be based on your difference.

Only the founder is qualified to be concerned, and the follower is not. At the same time, never be afraid to be followed.

Therefore, in brand innovation, brand positioning and independence are the biggest weight to survive and be concerned.

Four key points to do well in brand


1. Enabling users

Understanding users and taking users as the center is to understand human nature. It’s hard to be user centered. It’s an anti human thing.

Because it’s human nature to be self-centered.

In the process of running the company, we use empathy to consider for users. It’s hard to say what’s good for you, but as a brand founder, user empathy is a very important ability.

We have an “ultimate question” — what value can jiangxiaobai create for users?

Through the natural brewing of grain wine, healthy wine to bring a sense of pleasure, is jiangxiaobai for the user’s empowerment.

The characteristics of sorghum wine are: light, soft, easy to wake up, simple packaging, good but not expensive. What users drink is not luxury packaging, but content.

And we advocate: small bottle drinking, healthy drinking, no waste. This is jiangxiaobai’s brand value that does not encourage excessive drinking and moderate drinking contributes to physical and mental pleasure through observing the small details of users.

In our promotional materials, there are also small cups with four scales, which solve the problem of fairness when drinking. We will not shirk responsibility and let the product empower users.

2. Create feelings for users

Only good products are not enough, but also emotional empowerment.

If this world becomes an algorithm world, human beings may not feel happy.

A large part of users’ needs are based on emotion, especially wine, and the greater direct demand is emotional communication. Jiang Xiaobai provides better emotional support for specific groups in specific scenes.

Alcohol can help users feel better emotions, that is, release emotions.

For individuals, everyone has mood swings. Wine can act as an amplifier, making you happier when you are happy and sadder when you are sad. Most people don’t have enough control and understanding of their emotions, and more dialogue with themselves is conducive to relieving anxiety.

Therefore, you can see that Jiang Xiaobai’s copywriting is based on three directions: scene, character relationship and product.

Whether it’s copywriting or communication with users, the management of brands has boundaries and can’t be extended indefinitely, otherwise it can’t be focused.

Jiang Xiaobai’s expression of all content and user communication are based on two fields: emotion and emotion.

Our short-term vision is to be a brand with dialogue between people, and our longer-term vision is to be a brand with dialogue with ourselves.

Reasoning is the worst way, and empathy with empathy is the better way. Although the brand can not complete the reconciliation, but at least in the process of making the brand, we should strive to pass it as a part of the brand and become the value to users.

3. Give meaning to users

Why is our brand called “jiangxiaobai”? In fact, “Xiaobai” means literally, just like a piece of white paper that knows nothing.

Because of the rise of Internet culture, the popular Internet language was “I am XX Xiaobai” Many people want to show their height to others, but I am willing to lower myself and be a little white. This is my original intention to be a brand.

Although I am a migrant worker from the countryside, my EQ, IQ and hard knowledge may be worse than others, but I never feel inferior, and I never need to prove to you that I am better than you, because I am worse than many people, but I can work hard for ten or twenty years.

Jiang Xiaobai’s values are: as long as I work hard enough, I will make myself reconcile with the world. I hope Xiaobai spirit can be passed on to more users.

You are a little white. Drinking is not to prove that you are richer than anyone else. If people need to use wine to prove that they are expensive, it is that wine is more expensive than people.

And I understand the world, must be more expensive than wine, today with friends, even drink very cheap wine is also very happy. This is what we hope jiangxiaobai can bring to users, so jiangxiaobai’s brand spirit is Xiaobai spirit.

4. The three most important foundation stones

The above three points – empowering, feeling and meaning for users, are how to do a good job in the “art” of a brand, which is your method. Further down, there are three very important bottom cornerstones – products, users and organizations. No matter what industry or category you work in, these three things are the most important.

First of all, what kind of products do you want to deliver to users? It’s the product side and the supply chain side.

Second, how do you really focus on users and understand them.

Finally, doing the first two well depends on the internal organization.

The creation of a brand from 0 to 1 is just a technical thing. Looking down is the real test. Your performance can be slower and your performance can be slower, but you must be very focused and pay attention to the continuous iteration of products at the supply chain end, so as to really provide users with good products.

As musk said: a CEO needs to really focus on the product end, dialogue with users, and insight into the real ideas behind the language is the most important.

I often go to the market myself. Some time ago, I went to a very small street barbecue shop. Whenever I saw a consumer drinking jiangxiaobai, I went to “accompany” them to chat with many people. It’s more important than our strategy rehearsal meeting and co creation meeting in the company – to understand the real needs of customers in real scenes.

Sometimes, we like to understand the value of the company from the perspective of performance, but the rapid growth of the company may only rely on a certain outlet, and the essence may not be good, so this judgment angle is not completely accurate.

You should remember that when the company is not good, the organizational ability should be enhanced, because all the people who believe in you are left behind.

Therefore, we should not only look at the performance and methods of appearance, but also look at the business model, people and things. In the process of company and self cognition iteration, we should look down at the essence from the most superficial things, and finally come to the conclusion that “heart is greater than body, body is greater than skill”.

The relationship between founder and brand


The biggest challenge is not to be believed

As a founder, the biggest challenge I faced as jiangxiaobai was not to be believed.

In the early days, few people believed you, but it didn’t matter. We must firmly believe in ourselves, create all conditions to change and let others believe in you.

Secondly, we need to find a competitive route of differentiation. If you don’t have differentiation, it’s easy to be killed by giants.

At first, the giant can’t see this small incision; when it does, it will become your imitator, which is the value of differentiation.

Of course, we still need to face a lot of grievances and misunderstandings. Many users pay because of the brand’s online popularity, and many users criticize us. In fact, many reports are untrue.

For us, as long as we don’t worry and do it slowly, the industry and users will accept you completely. As long as we believe in ourselves and push things with strength, we will really get better.

Whether it is to be an enterprise or a brand, the essence is to really do a good job. Secondly, let others perceive your good, perception is the brand, reality is the product, these two points are particularly important.

2. It is not the founder who created the brand

In a sense, the life of a brand is longer than that of a company. Big brands have good personality, unique positioning, and do well in product and brand innovation. They are likely to become world-class brands in the future.

In the future, as long as we do a good job in the Chinese market, the brand will have a large volume.

Coca Cola, Starbucks and Nike are all very good brands. Some brands emerging in the domestic new consumption field – Xicha, Yuanqi forest, pop mart, Naixue’s tea, Zhong Xuegao and Lechun are also very good brands. These brands have very good personality, unique positioning, product innovation and brand innovation are doing well.

Many categories of brands are closely related to culture. Every brand with cultural gene naturally has the possibility of going global in the future.

I always thought that it was not the founders who created a brand. The rise of jiangxiaobai has a lot to do with our small partners, even with every user.

If we understand the future brand, it will not die out, but great changes may take place. There will be brands created by users. This is the biggest possibility in the brand field, that is, users will participate more in creating brands.

But no brand can do without its founder. If a brand really has a soul, it must create some meaning, in which the founder must have an irreplaceable role.

3. When the executive circle of the founder is smaller than the cognitive circle, restraint is needed

Back to myself, it’s been 10 years since I started my business. A CEO needs to consider four aspects:

First, look for ideas. What kind of value we create for users, industries, organizations and employees;

Second, strategic direction. The strategic direction must be decided by the CEO. As a CEO, having a better imagination is the strategic direction;

Third, strategy and method;

Fourth, organization and operation.

A founder should have three circles: the biggest is the cognitive circle, what you know and know;

The second is the middle circle, the circle of ability. I know what’s important, but I don’t have the energy and ability to do it all;

The third is the innermost circle – the result circle. You did it and you got the results. The three circles are tied together.

Therefore, in the process of self iteration, we must try our best to arch the cognitive circle outward, so as to drag the execution circle to become larger, and the final result circle will become larger.

When the executive circle is much smaller than the cognitive circle, we sometimes need restraint.

Work when it’s time to work, and read when it’s time to read. If you only read but don’t work, you can’t do it. If you only work but don’t read, you can’t do it. This is my personal understanding.

In the process of being jiangxiaobai, one’s own sense of acquisition is to follow one’s dream, start from childhood and create what we think is a miracle.

Secondly, to find meaning and happiness. We need to understand the user carefully, observe the scene, and find the meaning of the scene and the user.

In fact, jiangxiaobai’s brand story can be summed up in three words: small, heart and meaning.

The pictures are provided by lakeside University.

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