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From the perspective of business ecology, let innovation be “seen” | Harvard Business Review


When the enterprise’s vision focuses on the whole business ecology, when the enterprise finds that the existing ecology is changing unfavourably to itself, it may force the enterprise to put forward a series of new problems, so as to absorb new technology and business skills, and adopt new solutions.


When the enterprise’s vision focuses on the whole business ecology, when the enterprise finds that the existing ecology is changing unfavourably to itself, it may force the enterprise to put forward a series of new problems, so as to absorb new technology and business skills, and adopt new solutions.

Entering the 2021, despite the fact that all kinds of turbulence factors still exist in the world, the global economy still has great uncertainty. But COVID-19 has been preliminarily controlled, and the economic recovery has been put on the agenda again. According to the general rule, as a barometer of economic operation, the consumer goods industry, especially the food industry, will be the first to be reflected in the economic recovery.


Against the impact of uncertainty and business cycle, innovation is regarded as the most effective weapon.


Economist Joseph Schumpeter used innovation to explain the fluctuation and development of economy, emphasizing the key role of technological innovation and mode of production in the process of economic development. Schumpeter even takes innovation as the symbol to divide the business cycle, and thinks that the innovation of science and technology is the reason of the business cycle.


Peter Drucker, a management scientist, also attaches great importance to innovation. He said: “because the purpose of an enterprise is to create customers, it has and only has two basic functions: marketing and innovation. Marketing and innovation bring results, and everything else is cost. ” He believes that innovation endows resources with the ability to create wealth and regards innovation as a means to turn change into opportunity.

Driving industry recovery

Isee Innovation Award looking for innovation benchmark

As a new commercial media deeply engaged in the food and beverage industry for more than 10 years, foodaily daily food (hereinafter referred to as foodaily) has observed the changes and development of the industry from the perspective of a long time series. After experiencing the digital reconstruction of the industry and the “new brand wave” driven by the rise of “generation Z”, foodaily found that “innovation” is subverting the traditional food and beverage industry. In addition, the influx of various new forces is accelerating its transformation.


Therefore, Isee Innovation Award came into being – the award is located in the food and beverage industry and its surrounding industries. It is a comprehensive innovation award for products, people and enterprises. Its purpose is to focus on the forefront of food industry and product innovation, encourage and affirm individuals and enterprises who have made contributions to industrial innovation, and promote and lead the progress and development of food industry.


“Isee” not only means “seeing”, but also means:


i. Innovation refers to the consumer centered open innovation under the design thinking.

S. Sustainable development refers to the harmonious development with environment, social, governance and science.

E. Excellence refers to the pursuit of excellence, which is the pursuit of enterprise management, marketing operation, innovative practice and business leadership on the basis of digitalization.

E. Experience refers to the pursuit of user experience for new products, new categories and new consumption under the premise of people-oriented.


The four letters Isee represent the meaning of innovation in the food industry in the new consumption era.


Isee innovation award was initiated and established by foodaily in 2018. Although it has only gone through two sessions, it has become the wind vane of food industry innovation. Isee Innovation Award focuses on “product & innovation”, adheres to professional, authoritative and independent evaluation standards, and is committed to creating a set of standards to measure the innovation of food and beverage industry. It pays homage to the innovative spirit of food and surrounding industries, empowers industrial innovation, and enables excellent innovation practice to be seen by industry and consumers.


Foodaily selects benchmark cases in the industry in 2020-2021 from six scientific evaluation dimensions of product innovation, business performance, consumption insight, user experience, technology leadership and consumer value in three categories of products, people and enterprises.

Isee innovation award highlights:

From the perspective of business ecology


Different from the general industry awards, which are selected from many homogeneous participants, Isee innovation awards focus on examining and evaluating benchmarking cases from the perspective of business Ecology: firstly, the fields covered by the awards include not only the innovative technologies and innovative products in the upstream and downstream of the food and beverage industry; secondly, Isee Innovation Awards increase the diversity of dimensions in the category setting of awards, which is not suitable It only includes products and technologies, as well as the individuals and enterprises behind them. In addition, in the enterprise category, a full prize for realizing social, economic, environmental and management values through “sustainable development” was added.


As we all know, innovation is not easy, even for those leading enterprises in the industry. In his book the innovator’s dilemma, Christensen analyzes continuous innovation and disruptive innovation, and believes that general enterprises need to ensure both continuous innovation and the potential impact of disruptive innovation. He pointed out that those enterprises with good management always keep ahead of the market in the continuous innovation, but when the disruptive innovation appears, they are easy to lose or even be eliminated in the new field because of good management.


So, why are well managed enterprises more likely to encounter the “innovator’s dilemma”? The reason is that such enterprises usually confine their vision of innovation within the enterprise, or keep a close eye on their competitors, go further and further on the path of dependence, and ignore or are unwilling to face the encroachment of disruptive innovation on the market.


On the contrary, when the enterprise’s vision is no longer limited to the interior, but focuses on the whole business ecology, when the enterprise finds that the ecology it lives in is changing unfavourably to itself, it may force the enterprise to put forward a series of new problems, in order to absorb new technology and business skills, and adopt new solutions — Rebecca Henderson of MIT and Harvard University Kim Clark of the university came to this conclusion when he studied structural innovation.


This kind of open innovation thinking mode from the perspective of business ecology does not exclude incremental innovation – you can also absorb new technologies and business skills from the perspective of business ecology, make subtle improvements to your products, tap the existing potential, and further maintain the company’s advantages. But if you don’t adopt the business ecological thinking mode, you are likely to have to bear the cost of path dependence – sometimes fatal.


Isee innovation award is to consider “innovation” from the perspective of business ecology. It provides a very valuable thinking mode, which can warn enterprises in food and beverage industry that they should not “build cars behind closed doors”, only focus on internal innovation, not only focus on competitors, follow or wait for opportunities to counter, but also pay more attention to upstream and downstream partners and other benefits Stakeholders are keen to capture the clues of innovation and look for the possibility of collaborative innovation.

Deep mining Benchmark Case value

Let innovation be seen and spread

The impact of the epidemic on the consumer market is disruptive, and this impact may continue for a long time. Only innovators have a chance to win. The establishment of Isee Innovation Award reflects the industry responsibility and social responsibility of foodaily as a new commercial media platform. In addition, the experts of Isee Innovation Award Evaluation Committee agreed that the practice of excellent innovation is universal, and we should make extraordinary breakthroughs through innovation and build the second growth curve through open innovation.


As a new commercial media of food industry, foodaily has been adhering to the principle of observing the food industry chain and its new commercial value through product innovation. Zeng Xin, its founder, said: “starting from the category & track, it will be the key point to achieve a breakthrough in the future industry innovation. With the growth of the new generation of mainstream people and the prominent advantages of social marketing, some sub categories of food and beverage industry begin to show scale effect. At the same time, under the premise of “people-oriented”, the pursuit of user experience for new products, new categories and new consumption will be an important driving force to promote the upgrading and renewal of “new food era”


In addition, foodaily has always attached great importance to the keen capture of consumer perception reflected by the story behind the brand, as well as the resonance meaning given to the brand / product by the brand founder and innovation project leader. Therefore, Isee innovation award will focus on product & innovation, not only to explore innovative products and technologies, but also to explore the enterprises and people behind the innovation, and gradually from the food industry to the whole business ecology.


At the same time, the Chinese version of Harvard Business Review will work closely with the sponsor foodaily to give full play to its own advantages, deeply explore the innovative benchmarking cases in the food and beverage business ecology, and make good products, good technologies, good industry solutions and good business practices more popular through the media platforms, public relations communication and social experience marketing activities of both sides People can see and show their innovation power to the industry and consumers at the same time.


It is worth mentioning that from May 19 to 21, 2021, the food fbic 2021 global food and beverage Innovation Conference with the theme of “new food era – digital reconstruction, open incubation and new brand wave” will be held soon. The Chinese version of Harvard Business Review, as the only designated strategic partner, will also co host the award ceremony and CEO with food Club presents trophies to outstanding enterprises, individuals, products and technologies that have won Isee awards. It shows its innovation power to industry / business and welcomes its highlight moment.

In addition, around these excellent enterprises and brands, the two sides will also carry out a series of high-level social interaction and media communication, and show the value of Isee innovation award to industry / business innovation practice to a greater extent through the stage of innovative products, food Developers Conference and top-level product social circle. The details are as follows:


The stage of innovative products: gather the most innovative products at home and abroad of 2400 + SKU, take products as the starting point and carrier, cut into categories & track, brand, business opportunities and consumption scenes, present 360 ° comprehensive analysis and experience of products. At the same time, for global and local award-winning products, the deep integration of “people, goods and market” will be realized through Isee fashion carnival.


Food Developers Conference: the organizer will invite 100 + business / industry leaders and 1500 + guests to bring their business / industry solutions, share their practical knowledge and conduct a deep collision of innovative ideas through high-level Innovation Summit, Category & theme special session and innovation interactive exchange special session.


Top level product social circle: build a top-level social circle around product innovation and brand incubation, which is composed of industrial giants, category leading brands, new potential brands, representatives of Guohuo Huanxin, product founders, flow operators, ODM / OEM high-quality supply chain, innovative solution providers, new consumer capital, social content platform, e-commerce shopping platform, media, etc., and pass the CEO club, go! Innovation (new brand & new product & new technology release), media interview and other forms of social and resource depth link.


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