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McDonald’s “adds chicken legs” to celebrate the Chinese new year on the spot, Pepsi promotes juice water, CCB provides 10 billion credit support to Feihe, Nongfu shanquanna emerging market index, and the Ministry of Finance Interviews Deloitte Huayong accounting firm

Hot company information and announcement


Nongfu Shanquan and Jinlongyu are included in MSCI Emerging Market Index (Securities Times)

According to today’s news from the securities times, Mingsheng company (MSci) announced the quarterly index review results in February this year. Nongfu Shanquan and Jinlongyu were newly included in the MSCI Emerging Market Index, and all adjustments will be implemented after the close on February 26.

CITIC Securities raised Maotai’s 1-year target price to 3000 yuan (optional stock)

CITIC Securities released a research report today, pointing out that under the continuous evolution of brands and channels, the core barriers of Maotai have been continuously thickening. In the short term, non-standard products are expected to take the lead in accelerating the growth, maintaining the price stability of Pufei, and consolidating the potential price increase possibility. In 1-2 years, more growth potential energy is expected to be released. In the longer dimension, the company has a solid foundation for stable growth of volume and price, and has high certainty of long-term performance growth. We hope to fully share the valuation premium. After the company’s market value reaches 3 trillion yuan, there is still a broad long-term space. The company’s one-year target price will be raised to 3000 yuan to maintain its “buy” rating. As of today’s close, Maotai shares reached a new high, closing at 2601 yuan, up 5.89%.

3680.3 tons of fresh milk produced by western animal husbandry in January (company announcement)

Today, western animal husbandry disclosed the sales of self produced fresh milk. In January 2021, the company produced 3680.3 tons of fresh milk, up 4.76% on a month on month basis and 6.84% on a year-on-year basis.

New hope’s pig sales in January increased 129% year on year (company announcement)

New hope Liuhe today disclosed that in January 2021, 731900 pigs were sold, with a month on month change of – 56% and a year-on-year change of 129%; the income was 2.507 billion yuan, with a month on month change of – 36% and a year-on-year change of 127%; the average sales price of commercial pigs was 30.52 yuan / kg, with a month on month change of – 1% and a year-on-year change of – 4%. The main reason for the large increase of live pig sales is to firmly implement the pig raising strategy and maintain a large amount of piglets. The main reason for the increase of pig sales revenue is the sharp increase of pig sales. The main reason for the big decline of live pig sales and sales revenue on a month on month basis is that some commercial pigs were sold ahead of schedule last month and more piglets were exported, resulting in a large base of sales and sales revenue. Meanwhile, the export of piglets decreased significantly this month.

Are you hungry: when you celebrate the new year in Beijing, can you come and get the new year’s consumption Certificate (36 krypton)

According to 36 krypton news yesterday, hungry to participate in the issuance of zero threshold “Beijing new year consumption vouchers.”. From February 12, 2021 to February 16, 2021, zero threshold consumption coupons with the amount of 16 yuan will be issued from 10 a.m. every day, first come, first served, until the end. The coupons are available to tens of thousands of restaurants in Beijing, including Chinese and Western fast food such as KFC, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut and Qingfeng steamed bun shop, as well as dinner brands such as Nanjing stall, Xibei youmian village and Meizhou Dongpo.


Cai Xukun, official spokesman of Master Kong drinking boiled water (company news)

According to the official microblog of Master Kang drinking boiled water today, Cai Xukun will become the spokesman of Master Kang drinking boiled water brand.

Feihe signs strategic cooperation agreement with head office of China Construction Bank (company news)

A few days ago, Feihe held an online signing ceremony with the head office of China Construction Bank and the Bank of Heilongjiang Province, announcing that Feihe and China Construction Bank formally reached a strategic cooperation. At the same time, China Construction Bank provided Feihe with a total amount of 10 billion yuan of strategic credit support. According to the strategic cooperation agreement between the two sides, the head office of China Construction Bank will customize comprehensive financial service support for Feihe group. This time, China Construction Bank announced that it would provide 10 billion yuan of credit support to Feihe, which is conducive to further improving the company’s anti risk ability.


Confirmation letter of Mengniu Dairy Jiaozuo company winning domestic and foreign investment project (Jiaozuo port office)

Mengniu Dairy (Jiaozuo) Co., Ltd. recently received the “confirmation letter of domestic and foreign funded projects encouraged by the state” issued by Henan Provincial Development and Reform Commission, according to Jiaozuo port office yesterday. The company can go through the duty-free procedures of import and export equipment at the customs directly under the jurisdiction of the project with the confirmation letter.


Budweiser China releases short film “to you and me who can’t be reunited” (company news)

Budweiser China’s official wechat released a short film “a letter from home” yesterday, focusing on people celebrating the Chinese new year on the spot. Through this “letter from home”, we will send our thoughts to relatives far away.


McDonald’s gives you free drumsticks for Chinese New Year (company news)

McDonald’s launched the activity of “adding drumsticks to you on the spot for the Chinese New Year”. In the wechat app of “I McDonald’s order” or the app of McDonald’s “pick up the food at the restaurant”, if you have paid 45 yuan, you will get a coupon of “chicken drumsticks with wheat crisp juice”, which can be used in the restaurant from February 10 to 11. From February 10 to 17, when the order is over 88 yuan, melesun will deliver a “free drumstick” to the user.


Starbucks becomes the official exclusive sponsor of coffee in Chengdu Universiade (Chengdu Daily)

Yesterday, Starbucks Coffee signed a contract to become the official exclusive sponsor of coffee in Chengdu Universiade, Chengdu Daily reported today. Starbucks will participate in the preparation and guarantee of the Universiade by providing high-quality products and services.

CEO of Danone North America: optimistic about dairy products and plant based business

According to foreign media reports, although Danone has recently been questioned by radical investors about its strategy, Shane grant, CEO of Danone North America, said in an interview recently that he is still optimistic about the company’s dominant position in dairy products and plant-based products and believes that it has a bright future and is currently implementing relevant strategies to achieve its goals. He also said Danone was looking for new consumption scenarios.


Nestle increases its stake in European veterinary services (company news)

Yesterday, Nestle announced an increase in its stake in IVC evidensia, a European veterinary service company that has shown strong growth in the past few years. Nestle is still a minority shareholder of IVC, and its prena pet care business will continue to cooperate with IVC in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa (Emena) to help provide advanced pet food solutions and first-class pet care services. The agreement requires routine regulatory approval.  

Unilever launches limited edition of chili flavored marmalade (Foodbev)

Unilever has expanded its marmite product portfolio and introduced a new limited edition chili flavor marmite, foreign media reported yesterday. The new product, which has a recommended retail price of 3.99 a can, is sold exclusively at Sainsbury’s and is limited to six months.


PepsiCo’s 100 year old brand “Aunt Jemima” was officially renamed “Pearl grinding” (interface News)

According to NBC, PepsiCo’s brand “Aunt Jemima” was officially renamed “Pearl milling,” according to the interface. The brand was acquired by Quaker, a PepsiCo subsidiary, in 1926. Pearl grind said in a statement that the new name was discussed with “consumers, employees, external culture and subject matter experts, as well as different institutional partners, taking into account inclusiveness in development.”. The company also plans to invest $1 million in “a commitment to empower and elevate African American girls and women.”.  

Coca Cola will use 100% recyclable plastic bottles in the United States

Coca Cola is introducing bottles made of 100% recycled plastic in its product portfolio to reduce its use of new plastics, foreign media reported yesterday. This innovation will reduce the company’s use of new plastics by more than 20% compared with 2018. Coca Cola said the new packaging will be used for some brands including Coca Cola, diet coke, Cola Zero sugar, Coca Cola, Fanta, Sprite and bottled water Dasani.  

Pepsi launches frutly juice for teenagers

According to foreign media reports, Pepsi Cola has launched a series of juice drinks named frutly for teenagers. These drinks are made up of juice, water and electrolytes without sugar or artificial sweeteners. Frutly has strawberry, kiwi, fruit punch, apple and grape flavors. Pepsi hopes frutly can meet the needs of teenagers for “flavor hydration” and meet their parents’ nutritional preferences.

Quick reading of food industry information



Draft revised Measures for the administration of the list of serious illegal and dishonest enterprises (State Administration of market supervision)

Today, according to the official website of the State Administration of market supervision, in order to further deepen the construction of the credit system of market subjects, the State Administration of market supervision has drafted the measures for the management of the list of serious illegal and dishonest enterprises (Draft for comments), which is now open to the public for comments. Among them, the use of non food raw materials, recycled food, raw materials beyond the shelf life to produce food, or the addition of substances harmful to human health in food; the production and operation of health food, formula food for special medical purposes, infant formula milk powder not registered in accordance with the provisions are subject to administrative punishment by the market supervision and administration department, and the nature is bad, the circumstances are serious, and the social harm is relatively serious Large enterprises shall be listed in the list of enterprises that have seriously violated the law and broken their promises.

Strengthen epidemic prevention and control and food safety management during the Spring Festival

In order to ensure people’s health and food safety during the Spring Festival, the general office of the State Administration of Market Supervision recently issued the notice on urging food producers and operators to implement the responsibility of epidemic prevention and control. The circular stressed that local market supervision departments should strengthen supervision, urge producers and operators to purchase, store and sell imported cold chain foods through special channels, and strictly implement the main responsibilities of food safety such as purchase inspection and temperature record, especially inspection and quarantine certificate, nucleic acid test report, disinfection certificate and product traceability information.

Ministry of Finance talks with Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu

According to the official website of the Ministry of finance today, the Ministry of Finance attaches great importance to the problems reported by the staff of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, interviewed the main person in charge of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu for the first time to understand the relevant situation, and asked Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu to conduct serious self-examination. The Ministry of finance will strengthen cooperation with relevant regulatory departments, conduct strict verification on relevant reported matters, adhere to “zero tolerance” and seriously deal with those who are verified to have violations of laws and regulations. At the same time, we will continue to carry out the special work of improving the audit quality. In 2021, we will focus on the rectification of the outstanding problems in the CPA industry, strictly enforce the law and strictly supervise, effectively improve the quality of the CPA industry, and safeguard the interests of investors and the public.

According to the Announcement No. 103 of the General Administration of Customs in 2020, the national customs will suspend the acceptance of Indonesian aquatic products manufacturers from now on PT.ANUGERAH Mina sejahtera and CV.SUMBER The import declaration of Laut rejeki is one week.

Circular of the State Administration of market supervision on the disqualification of seven batches of food (the State Administration of market supervision)

According to the official website of the State Administration of market supervision yesterday, the State Administration of market supervision organized the extraction of 406 batches of samples from 12 categories of food, including tea and related products, dairy products, beverages, pastries, fried food and nut products, biscuits, convenience food, fruit products, meat products, condiments, candy products, edible oil, grease and their products, and detected drinks, convenience food and fruit products 7 batches of samples of 6 categories of food, including meat products, condiments, edible oil, oil and its products, were unqualified. The main problems were microbial contamination, excessive use of food additives, inconsistency between food additives and label value, and substandard quality indicators. Details are as follows:


Circular of Anhui provincial market supervision and Administration Bureau on disqualification of five batches of food (Anhui provincial market supervision and Administration Bureau)

According to the official website of Anhui provincial market supervision bureau, recently, Anhui provincial market supervision bureau has organized 507 batches of samples of five kinds of food, including bee products, edible agricultural products, biscuits, candy products and grain processing products. According to the national food safety standards, 502 batches of qualified samples and 5 batches of unqualified samples (see the annex) were selected for sampling inspection. The unqualified samples were related to microbial indicators, heavy metal pollution, agricultural and veterinary drug residues, etc. Details are as follows:

Beijing Municipal Bureau of market supervision circulates the State Food Safety Supervision on the inspection and disposal of unqualified food (Beijing Municipal Bureau of market supervision)

On February 8, the website of Beijing Municipal Administration of Market Supervision issued a notice on the verification and disposal of unqualified food sampled by the State Food Safety Supervision, including one case of infant formula. Details are as follows:

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