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New year’s Eve dinner for the dry rice man

New Year’s food scene is just the beginning. From a commercial point of view, new year’s Eve dinner is just a cut in scene of semi-finished dishes. After this special spring festival, semi-finished dishes may become more common in people’s daily meals in the future.

As the epidemic situation continued, the central government called for “Celebrating the Chinese new year on the spot”, and many local governments also offered subsidy policies Staying at work has become a helpless choice for many urban “migrant workers” during this year’s Spring Festival holiday.

However, even if you can’t get together with your family far away, you can’t miss the ritual of celebrating the new year – at least, you have to have a decent dinner on New Year’s Eve.

The new retail business review interviewed several catering enterprises and learned that the reservation of this year’s new year’s Eve dinner for Hall food is cold, and the semi-finished New Year’s Eve meal set has become a new growth point.

Such excitement is not limited to offline. Old brands such as Shen Dacheng, Guangzhou Restaurant and songhelou also sell their semi-finished New Year’s Eve dinner on major e-commerce platforms. Among them, Xinya’s ten course family banquet gift bag with a price of 369 yuan has sold 12000 copies in tmall. Online shopping of semi-finished products of new year’s Eve dinner has become a new trend.

The government has also given the green light. In order to meet the demand, Shanghai released the second edition of the list of “New Year’s Eve dinner home” catering enterprises on January 26. More than 1500 stores of 67 well-known catering enterprises in Shanghai, including Fengshou day, Xinya Cantonese restaurant and xinghualou, will provide 205 sets of new year’s Eve dinner sets for consumers to choose during this special spring festival.

For a while, the semi-finished products of the Chinese New Year’s dinner “blossomed”.

“Hundred brand war” of semi-finished Spring Festival dishes

In front of Guangming Village restaurant on Huaihai Road in Shanghai, there are long lines almost every day, especially before the Chinese New Year. The epidemic just makes people in line wear masks, stay farther apart and have a longer queue.

This year, in addition to the traditional big meal cooked dishes set in previous years, three new semi-finished new year dishes set in Guangming Village include the most distinctive dishes of the gang, such as pickled duck, smoked fish, Sixi roast bran, etc. the hot dishes, cold dishes, soup and desserts are well matched. They can be put on the table with simple processing, and the price ranges from 780 yuan to 1388 yuan.

Xinya Cantonese restaurant has more choices of semi-finished new year dishes, ranging from 2598 yuan to 498 yuan, as well as special pot dishes and hotpot dishes to meet the different needs of large and small families.

But compared with offline, Xinya’s online products are more popular. In its tmall flagship store, in addition to the family banquet gift boxes, semi-finished products such as prawns and Babao duck are also popular, and have sold thousands of copies.

Yelishali also launched the semi-finished set meal, fresh food, snacks and snacks with the characteristics of Xinjiang catering. There is also a teaching column in its online shopping mall, which is convenient for users to cook the same delicious food at home as in the store.

Yang Jian, chairman of yelixiali, told the new retail business review that this year yelixiali’s Xinjiang supply chain is very well stocked, and there will be no shortage of last year’s supply chain. All aspects of online and offline staffing have made corresponding preparations and plans, and will be more comfortable in the face of the epidemic than last year.

Compared with different brands of semi-finished New Year’s dishes, it can be seen that the distinctive “hard dishes” play an important role in the set meal.

It’s not only because hard dishes are indispensable for new year’s Eve dinner, but also because many hard dishes are “Kung Fu dishes”. The preparation of dishes is time-consuming and laborious, and there are all kinds of stress. Most young people can’t finish a decent New Year’s Eve dinner by themselves. Therefore, as soon as the semi-finished products of these complex hard dishes appear, consumers will have a bright future.

“We have launched the single product” squirrel mandarin fish “for Shanghai area. At present, we have ordered more than 4000 pieces, and it is estimated that tens of thousands of pieces will be sold during the whole Spring Festival period – which is beyond our expectation.” “We expect that the overall sales of 3R New Year’s dishes this year will quadruple from last year’s,” Yin Xi, purchasing director of HEMA 3R, told new retail business review Yinxi said.

What is “3R”? Ready to cook, ready to heat, ready to eat. Over the past three years since its establishment, the box horse workshop, which focuses on 3R dishes, has grown at an amazing speed. Last year, it opened an independent store in Shanghai.

The capital market is also very optimistic about the development of the semi-finished product market. In December 2020, weizhixiang, the leader of semi-finished vegetable industry, applied for IPO and planned to be listed on the main board of Shanghai Stock Exchange. Founded in 2008, the brand is mainly engaged in the R & D, production and sales of semi-finished dishes. It has a product system with two brands of “weizhixiang” and “Xiyu” as the core.

“Hemiao Youpin”, a new retail brand independently hatched by “frozen online” group, has also obtained two rounds of financing in the past three months for its semi-finished food material supply platform “three meals with ingredients”, trying to build itself into a leading brand of semi-finished products for Chinese families.  

Hot sale of semi-finished New Year’s Eve dinner, rise of box horse workshop, favor of capital market These phenomena are enough to prove that semi-finished food is gaining a firm foothold in the hearts of young consumers, and there is still a huge space for development.

Work together online and offline

Semi finished products, Kwai Fu dishes, convenience dishes… These are not new concepts. In the minds of older people, most of these products are associated with “not fresh, bad taste”, and the categories are not rich, so they rarely buy such products.

But today’s semi-finished dishes have obviously got rid of such stereotype.

HEMA workshop has been working hard on 3R category for three years. Compared with the new year’s food gift package launched last year, the semi-finished set meal of this time focuses on “small family new year’s Eve meal” for 3-4 people, which also meets the needs of the core user group of HEMA.

As early as three months ago, the box horse workshop started the preparatory work of semi-finished New Year’s Eve dinner. The biggest feature of this year is the research and development of new products with local characteristics in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Beijing, Guangdong, Sichuan and Chongqing, such as squirrel and mandarin fish in Shanghai, potted vegetables in Guangzhou and Buddha leaping wall.

Yinxi told the new retail business review that this is because in recent years, HEMA workshop has found that the core of consumers’ attention is “how to match a table”. Therefore, dishes should meet consumers’ rich and personalized needs for a table.

As a result, in this year’s new year’s Eve meal set meal, there are all kinds of cold dishes, big dishes and hard dishes, including entrees, potted dishes and family photos. In addition, consumers can also buy the pre-made semi-finished stir fried dishes, clean dishes, as well as the final desserts, staple foods and drinks of the new year’s Eve meal in one stop.

In the process of promoting dishes with local characteristics, HEMA workshop found that many people subconsciously believe that dishes that are popular only in a certain area are also popular throughout the country, and there is no need to improve the taste. This is a new opportunity for the box horse workshop.

The reason why these cooked food and semi-finished dishes can be introduced to the whole country is precisely due to the national layout of box horse and the continuous development of logistics distribution, fresh food locking and cold chain distribution technology.

Yinxi said that the manufacturing process of a semi-finished squirrel mandarin fish can be almost the same as that of the hotel, because the box horse is delivered to the store in the whole cold chain according to the predetermined order, and then sent to the consumer’s home within 30 minutes, so as to retain the original flavor of the food as much as possible.

Because these packages are basically sold in the form of reservation, on the one hand, the brand side can prepare the goods in advance according to the order and mobilize the whole industry chain to cooperate, so as to ensure that the food still has high freshness after it is delivered from the central kitchen to the consumer’s home; on the other hand, it can avoid the situation of overcapacity or short supply.

Increasing online layout is also the only way for offline catering brands to develop during the epidemic period. In addition to semi-finished dishes, yelishali has increased investment in online takeout, group meals, new year’s products, fresh food, snacks and snacks. The sale of semi-finished products of this year’s dinner is based on the service upgrade during last year’s epidemic.

“We organize the supply chain with R & D as the core.” Take the roast leg of lamb, one of yelishali’s signature dishes, as an example. The suppliers who need the leg of lamb and the matching seasonings cooperate with each other, and then make semi-finished dishes through yelishali’s central kitchen.

Yang Jian said frankly that the epidemic has prevented some users from dining in the store, so the brand needs to adjust its strategy and strengthen its online layout. On the one hand, it is to stabilize the original customer base, on the other hand, it is also to attract young customers. In addition, he also revealed to the new retail business review that yelishali’s online business now accounts for more than 25% of its total revenue.

The scene of Spring Festival is just the beginning

Before 2020, there is a certain risk for offline catering brands to make semi-finished dishes. Because they do not have the basic production conditions, they can not obtain the food production license with “SC” code. Therefore, many mature brands will choose to cooperate with enterprises with relevant qualifications like HEMA.

Whether it is the continuous development of the supply chain, or the progress of fresh and cold chain technology, or the more extensive logistics, it has laid a solid foundation for the outbreak of semi-finished vegetables, and also made it possible for more enterprises to participate.

Under the influence of the epidemic, the government is also relaxing its policies. In February 2020, Xibei obtained the first electronic certificate of food production license in Beijing. In response to the call for local Chinese new year, many local governments have provided greater support for semi-finished dishes this year.

These are the important premise for the semi-finished New Year’s vegetables to blossom this year. Yinxi believes that taking a global view, retail catering is a trend, and the epidemic only accelerates its development.

From a commercial point of view, new year’s Eve dinner is just a cut in scene of semi-finished dishes. After this special spring festival, semi-finished dishes may become more common in people’s daily meals in the future.

Gu Yu’s data show that young people don’t cook because they are lazy, but because they don’t have time. In fact, young people are willing to cook their own food. They think it’s a healthy and economical behavior.

Well, for young people who don’t know how to cook or have too much time to cook, semi-finished dishes actually lower the threshold of “making a good table”, so that cooking is no longer time-consuming and laborious. After the Spring Festival, if people who stay at work can feel the good quality of semi-finished food, they may also consume it more frequently in the future.

It can be imagined that when white-collar workers come home from work in the future, they may cook a bowl of chicken noodles with rattan pepper and steam a semi-finished salted egg yolk lion head, or heat a self hi pot with a dish of semi-finished Sixi Bran Then you can enjoy these semi homemade delicacies while chasing the drama. You don’t have to worry about how far away the takeaway boy is from you, whether the takeaway will be cold when it arrives, or how to deal with the takeaway box.

As a result, it also brings more imagination to the semi-finished food entrants.

Just as HEMA workshop has opened a special offline store, catering enterprises and suppliers may position semi-finished products as a new business rather than a supplement to Tang food business, and set up a special team to be responsible for the R & D, production and brand marketing of semi-finished products.

In this way, the catering brands may carry out more in-depth research and development for their own brand characteristics, and the richness and experience of dishes will be greatly improved.

With the accumulation of technology and supply chain, more cross-border cooperation will appear in front of consumers, just as brands such as Xicha and LeLe TEA CO name everywhere. The collision of catering brands and retail brands may bring more innovation of dishes.

In a word, after the competition between snacks and hot food, semi-finished products have become the next competitive place for catering brands. More and more brands will join this emerging market and bring more fresh experiences to consumers

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