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This is a new year’s blessing from 35 CEOs and industry experts. Please check it!

Hello, everyone. I’m foodaily Cynthia. I’m very happy and grateful to join 35 CEOs in the food ecosystem to celebrate the new year. I wish every colleague and friend in the industry a good year of the ox, a happy family, extensive financial resources and a prosperous career!
2020 is really difficult. It’s the norm for all of us to make adjustments while doing so. But how lucky we are to be in the food industry for the people’s livelihood; how tenacious our food people are to shoulder all the pressure, and more food companies who have joined the market have won the growth against the trend. As an observer, I feel proud in my heart!
This year, we also more clearly positioned the role of foodaily, a valuable industry discoverer and bureau collector focusing on product & innovation. So in 2021, foodaily will embark on the journey again with a bright vision of the future, and we are looking forward to doing some more interesting links with you.
In 2020, if we use persistence to describe it, 2021 will be new. Innovation and opening up will become the norm. Our food people will embrace and welcome a “new food era” with a brand new, more refined and more sustainable attitude. Digital reconstruction, open incubation and new brand wave will be our expectations.
Finally, in such a festive time to say goodbye to the old and welcome the new, I also look forward to paying tribute to the innovative spirit of food! Pay tribute to innovative people, innovative enterprises / brands, innovative products / technologies!
Here, foodaily has planned a new year’s column, inviting 35 CEOs and industry think tank experts to share their views. Next, let’s listen to the guests’ review and outlook for 2020
Note: the above video materials are from incomplete arrangement. Please refer to the following for details. Thank you again for your support!
Note: the above materials are sorted according to the chronological order given by the guests
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