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Why are all these e-commerce companies that can make you cook freely dead?

semi-finished food, let young consumers realize the freedom of cooking.

When you finish the box lunch in front of you, will you always have a little regret?


Takeout sometimes makes you have diarrhea. No matter how delicious instant noodles are, eating too much is boring. How you wish you could cook a nutritious and healthy dish yourself.


However, the reality is cruel: it seems that it is difficult for us to have the freedom to cook.


Imagine that you’ve been in the company all day. When you come home exhausted, where are you still thinking about choosing, washing, cutting, mixing sauces, frying and setting dishes? You just want to sit on the couch and do nothing.


Is there no way that we can easily and quickly realize the freedom of cooking?


With it, the realization of cooking freedom is not a dream


E-commerce King found that semi-finished dishes may allow consumers to realize the freedom of cooking.


The so-called semi-finished dishes refer to the pre prepared dishes that can be cooked directly after washing, cutting and preparation. They can be put into the pot immediately and added with condiments, which can be eaten by consumers.


What are the advantages of semi-finished dishes?


First, washing, cutting, seasoning and other steps have been done by businesses in advance. Consumers only need to fry the dishes in the pot. They can finish a dish in five minutes, saving time and worry.


Second, the shelf life of semi-finished vegetables is relatively short, generally in one to two months, which shows that the ingredients are still relatively fresh, much healthier than instant noodles.


Third, there are a variety of semi-finished dishes, including mandarin fish, Buddha leaping wall, kung pao chicken, cumin mutton and other hard dishes, which are very suitable for young people who can’t cook to show their skills in front of their families.


With semi-finished dishes, you can make several big meals in 10 minutes when you get home. It’s not a dream to realize the freedom of cooking. In today’s fast-paced urban life, such a product suitable for lazy people must have a bright future.


In fact, as early as a few years ago, many e-commerce companies entered this field, such as young vegetable king, my kitchen, fresh vegetables and so on. One of the most famous is young Cai Jun.


The operation mode of young Caijun is as follows: open offline physical stores and online self-supporting e-commerce platform. Consumers can go to physical stores to pick up after ordering online.


Young Cai Jun was once very popular. He obtained three rounds of financing, with an amount of tens of millions of RMB and a valuation of 200 million RMB. However, it didn’t last long. It didn’t take long to go bankrupt.


Not only young Cai Jun, but also other semi-finished e-commerce companies are not so good. Tianyan survey shows that our kitchen has stopped serving. Fresh vegetables only got financing once six years ago, and there has been no news since then.


These companies can make busy white-collar workers realize the freedom of cooking, which should have great potential. Why is there no sound?


The bitterness of semi product E-commerce


There are two main reasons.


First of all, on the consumer side, semi-finished dishes are not suitable for the Chinese market.


The semi-finished food is always a standardized product, which has to face regional problems: Hunan people like spicy food, Shanghai people like sweet food, and laoguang people pay attention to the original flavor of food.


Although semi-finished e-commerce products are rich, it is difficult to cater to the tastes of consumers in different regions of China.


Some consumers may find that the product is not to their taste after buying back the semi-finished food, so they are disappointed with the platform and do not try to place an order.


Another is the price.


The price of semi-finished vegetables is generally higher than that of market vegetables because it adds the technology of food preservation and increases the cost of manual treatment.


For example, on Taobao, the price of a semi-finished kung pao chicken is 27.8 yuan, that of fish flavored shredded meat is 27.6 yuan, and that of Gulu meat is 28.9 yuan.


Such a price will reduce the purchase desire of some consumers who want to cook, thus losing customers.


After all, consumers in the vegetable market can buy a bunch of vegetables for three yuan and a bunch of noodles for nine yuan.


On the platform side, the operation mode of semi-finished e-commerce is similar to that of fresh e-commerce, which has to face the high cost of warehousing and distribution.


Semi finished vegetables need to ensure the timeliness of distribution and preservation of dishes, so they rely on cold chain transportation.


However, the development of China’s cold chain logistics industry is not mature. Data show that China’s current comprehensive cold chain circulation rate is only 19%, while Europe and the United States and other developed countries can reach more than 85%.


E-commerce companies have to explore how to build cold chain logistics, which is bound to bring high capital requirements to semi-finished e-commerce platform.


In order to improve the consumer experience, young Caijun changed the delivery mode from Metro self-service to community self-service, and then delivered within two hours, with a large number of pre warehouse and refrigeration equipment.


The forward position mode needs high cost and long return cycle. These heavy layout let the company burn money fiercely, and finally make ends meet.


The semi-finished e-commerce is not suitable for the needs of Chinese consumers, and has great resistance in entrepreneurship, so it is natural for it to go bankrupt.


What are the opportunities in the semi-finished product market?


Is there really no development opportunity for semi-finished e-commerce?


Not necessarily.


First of all, consumers sometimes really need semi-finished dishes.


When important festivals come, Chinese people often come to dinner. If those who can’t cook want to entertain guests, semi-finished food may be the best choice.


After all, semi-finished dishes are convenient, fast and rich in variety, which is very suitable for small white support scenes that can’t cook.


Recently, the Spring Festival is approaching, and the search volume of “semi-finished products of big meal” on the e-commerce platform is increasing.


According to the data of hungry, last month, the search volume of “New Year’s Eve meal” on app increased four times compared with the same period last year. According to HEMA’s data, more than 1000 copies of semi-finished rice have been sold in just two weeks.


On such a ceremonial day, semi-finished dishes are still very popular.


It’s better for e-commerce companies to start with festivals, closely link festivals with semi-finished dishes, seek a single breakthrough and create popular products.


In addition, with the development of the catering industry, semi-finished dishes have become the rigid demand of the b-end.


In recent years, the rent and labor costs of the catering industry continue to rise, and the demand for cost reduction has become increasingly prominent. Semi finished food can solve the problem of catering enterprises.


This is because the semi-finished dishes are pre processed in the central kitchen, which can not only reduce the area of the kitchen, but also save part of the role of chefs and choppers, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing labor and rental costs.


Moreover, semi-finished dishes can be served as long as they are simply heated, which can speed up the pot rate and improve the turnover rate, so as to achieve the purpose of improving the performance of the restaurant.


In any way, the use of semi-finished dishes to cook dishes is a steady business.


Throughout the world’s well-known restaurants, such as McDonald’s and KFC, all have achieved standardization and chain. The rate of food chain in the United States has even reached 53%.


In contrast, in China, the chain rate of catering is only 9.6%. If we want to improve the chain rate, we must strengthen the standardization, scale and industrialization of catering enterprises. The semi-finished food must play an important role in promoting the standardization, scale and industrialization of the industry.


From this perspective, catering enterprises are absolutely important customers of semi-finished e-commerce. Turning to b-end services may bring a ray of life to e-commerce companies.




In the eyes of Chinese people, eating is probably the most important thing in life. Capital after capital, is to see this demand of the Chinese people, want to share in the vast food market.


Although the semi-finished food symbolizes the industrialization of the catering industry and allows people to realize the freedom of cooking, it is always less so that people can not personally experience the whole set of arduous and satisfying process of a cabbage from being selected to cleaning and then fried.


That’s probably why it’s not going to be popular in the consumer market.

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