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New “food” trend under the healthy demand of fruit + chocolate coating

Have you ever tasted chocolate wrapped with yoghurt and hawthorn? In fact, it is the hot net red snack yoghurt Hawthorn ball. With its novel name and lovely appearance, this product has quickly attracted batch after batch of consumers. With the development of society, the post-90s have gradually become the mainstream consumer groups, and the diversification of consumer demand also follows.
As one of the indispensable snacks in life, sweets have been popular among consumers for many years. And chocolate as the best in sweets, its development and evolution along the way has also attracted people’s attention. Health, beauty and taste have become the only way for the development of chocolate. Nowadays, the innovation of chocolate market is not only the innovation of taste, in order to meet the personalized needs of young people, chocolate products also began to break its conventional operation. As a result, all kinds of joint name, IP products and combined products come into being at the right time.

Upgrade to classic snacks

Silky and sweet chocolate can always bring endless temptation to people. The development of chocolate is also gradually diversified. Apart from chocolate itself, chocolate related products seem to be more in line with the taste of domestic consumers, such as chocolate coating, chocolate energy bar, chocolate wafer and other products, which greatly improve the Chinese people’s love for chocolate. The instant, sweet but not greasy taste of wanghong product yoghurt Hawthorn ball has quickly become an indispensable snack for visiting relatives and friends. Zhang Tao, general manager of Tianjin Lecheng Xinfeng Trading Co., Ltd., said: “as a popular product among young consumers, yoghurt Hawthorn ball is mainly for women and children, and its sales channels are focused on offline stores and online channels. With the promotion of live broadcasting on major online platforms, it has rapidly become a popular product in the information age. Even when it’s hot offline, there’s always a line of several meters in front of the store. ” It is reported that the total sales volume of yoghurt Hawthorn balls has exceeded 100 tons, which proves once again the popularity of chocolate products in China. Therefore, a number of domestic food companies have set foot in the chocolate market, want to get a share.
As a kind of snack without occasion, chocolate products have been developed and precipitated in China, and the remaining products are often more in line with the needs of domestic consumers in terms of taste, packaging and appearance. For example, as a classic chocolate coated wafer snack, crispy shark has been continuously upgraded in taste, packaging and channel sales for many years to cope with the changing market and consumer demand.

Health is the core selling point

For many snack products, it is an inevitable choice for them to keep the market active. Chocolate itself is constantly breaking through the original form, constantly looking for new directions, and yogurt Hawthorn ball is a typical example. The combination of chocolate and yoghurt hawthorn, which seems to be unable to be broken, has undoubtedly become a typical successful case in chocolate coated products. The brand Qiqiao of Nestle also belongs to chocolate coating products. Chocolate is wrapped with crisp wafer biscuits, which makes it easier for consumers to accept chocolate. The combination of chocolate and other products will produce different “sparks”, which is more in line with the development trend of domestic chocolate.
Healthy food is a key element that consumers pay more and more attention to, and chocolate industry is no exception. The protein chocolate coating products launched by Belle carlibal focus on the healthy consumption demand of current consumers. This product contains 20g protein per 100g, high protein chocolate wrapped in crisp biscuit sandwich, providing just the right sweetness, a little indulgence while keeping healthy. In fact, high protein chocolate coating is no longer a niche market. Due to consumers’ demand for high protein content in food, chocolate companies also have a wide range of demand for high protein coating. Although the price of high protein chocolate coating is higher than that of traditional coating, its sales volume is also better than that of traditional chocolate coating.
Zhang Jiaqi, general manager of China, said: “domestic consumers are pursuing the trend of chocolate. They are not only interested in healthy and beneficial chocolate, but also love all kinds of innovative flavors and products, and get fresh experience by trying to innovate chocolate. In addition, many domestic consumers do not like pure chocolate products because of taste differences, but chocolate products mixed with fruits, nuts, biscuits and other products are more easily accepted by Chinese consumers. “
With the rapid change of consumption concept of domestic consumers, chocolate products are constantly adapting to the needs of domestic consumers. In the process of brand building, more attention should be paid to the communication with consumers. For example, in the aspect of product innovation, we need to innovate according to the needs of consumers and cater to their taste, packaging and other preferences. In addition, the channels should be adjusted according to the changes in the domestic market. At present, the development momentum of domestic e-commerce industry is booming. Chocolate enterprises should also strengthen the layout of e-commerce channels, diversify the development of channels, and usher in a broader living space.
Source: Snack express original article: reprint with authorization
Editor in chief: Li Jun
Author: Shi Yang editor: Song Guanchu

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