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Well, it’s a good post

This is a post of continuous recruitment. I hope to make an appointment with you.

We are inviting partners with common goals and vision to join us and do something interesting and valuable. Welcome those who love food innovation to join us. Let’s make food innovation within reach.


You just need to:

Love food industry and Internet;

Freedom of thought, love of innovation, stay hungry, stay young;

Expect to challenge yourself and never set limits.

Here are our current open positions:

Content Department
Senior journalists (2)
  • Major in Chinese, news and food
  • More than 2 years experience as a reporter editor, with the ability to independently complete topic planning, interview and reporting
  • Financial / venture capital reporter experience is preferred
  • Love writing, have a certain aesthetic to the text and vision
  • Please attach a personal interview with the original works
Industry analyst (1)
  • Major in food, news, media, etc
  • More than 2 years experience in FMCG industry, industry research, etc
  • Media reporter, industry analysis experience is preferred
  • Strong news sensitivity, strong interest in related fields or topics, able to independently write in-depth research reports on related FMCG categories and industries
Product researcher (1)
  • Bachelor degree or above, major in food related
  • Responsible for global new product collection, information sorting, product content and data research
  • Experience in prepackaged global innovative food research is preferred
  • Excellent English reading ability
Business & Marketing
Key Account Manager (2)
  • About 2 years of sales and customer management experience in Internet media or food related field
  • Responsible for external cooperation resources and cooperation opportunities of potential KA customers
  • Excellent business negotiation, communication and coordination skills
  • Strong ability to develop and work under pressure, result oriented
  • Excellent English is preferred
Assistant to General Manager (1)
  • Bachelor degree or above
  • More than one year experience in exhibition, public relations, food business development, etc
  • Good sales awareness and communication skills, strong negotiation ability
  • Good image and temperament, strong learning ability and pressure resistance, result oriented
Conference development assistant (1)
  • Bachelor degree or above, major in marketing, exhibition, etc
  • Have about 1 year b-end sales experience or be willing to be an excellent fresh student in sales
  • Good at thinking and learning, excellent communication, negotiation and adaptability
  • Good image temperament, strong pressure resistance, result oriented
User operation (1)
  • More than 2 years working experience or project experience, with cases of user growth, fission communication and fans transformation
  • Familiar with effective user growth channel and path, responsible for user growth
  • Sensitive data, clear logic, good creative planning ability, able to write copywriting
  • Excellent communication and coordination skills and customer service awareness
Design Department
Graphic and packaging designer (2)
  • At least 3 years related working experience, major in packaging design, art design, animation, etc
  • Deep art foundation and good creative ability, illustration and hand drawing ability is preferred
  • Familiar with Photoshop / illustrator / industry design software
  • Bonus items: familiar with prepress and printing technology, familiar with video editing software
  • The strength of the work, please attach a personal portfolio when applying
Video capture editor (1)
  • At least one year experience in video production, major in film, multimedia and animation
  • Be good at video shooting, skillfully use video editing software, special effects software and various video coding conversion
  • Familiar with the video production process, video editing skills, able to independently complete the video script creation, shooting and post production
  • The strength of the work, please attach a personal portfolio when applying
Product department
E-commerce operator (1)
  • More than one year related working experience, familiar with tmall / JD’s operation environment and trading rules
  • Be sensitive to data and have the ability of data analysis
  • Experienced 618, double 11 official promotion activities are preferred
  • Strong external communication and coordination ability, quick and clear thinking, willing to develop with entrepreneurial team
Internship position
Full time intern
  • Bachelor degree, junior or above, be able to practice four to five days a week, at least three months
  • Salary 100-150 / day
  • Full time internship and employment opportunities are available for all new graduates
Procurement interns (2)
  • Participate in new product collection, sorting and purchasing of global food and beverage market
  • Participate in the procurement of project materials
  • Proficient in English reading and translation, strong information retrieval and mining ability
  • And the skills of using foreign language websites over the wall
Content interns (2)
  • Junior or above, major in language, news, etc
  • Independent thinking ability, good learning and logical thinking ability
  • Have enthusiasm for news media industry, sensitive to new media, text, image and text
Conference affairs interns (2)
  • Bachelor degree, junior degree or above
  • Cooperate in the preparation of materials and information preparation / personnel communication in large-scale conference and exhibition activities
  • Have participated in the relevant large-scale conference and exhibition preparation experience is preferred
  • Excellent English, good communication and coordination skills
Graphic design interns (2)
  • Graphic design, vision, animation and other related majors, solid foundation of graphic design, proficient in PS, AI and other software
  • Serious and practical work experience in graphic design of Internet company and video editing is preferred
  • Work strength speak, resume please attach personal works
Community Operation Intern (1)
  • Strong interest in community operation, experience in community operation and strong cognition of private domain traffic operation
  • Wechat group, QQ group, wechat personal number operation management experience is preferred
  • Clear logic, well-organized work, strong execution ability, user service awareness

New Media Operation Intern (1)

  • Food or media related professional, official account experience is preferred.
  • Love writing, good at communication, have a certain sensitivity to current events
  • Be familiar with the communication characteristics of network media and have a unique understanding of social media communication
The above recruitment positions are formal positions and full-time internship positions. If there is no special remark, the working place is Fenglong city center of Suzhou Industrial Park; detailed work content and specific communication during interview.
Resume, relevant attachments and the position you want to apply for can be sent to HR email, or you can scan the QR code below for consultation.
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