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New year’s gift – high end Hawthorn snacks all come, good Hawthorn wish you a successful year of the ox

Children’s happiness is very simple,
A lollipop, a chocolate, a hawthorn bar
All the joy turned into snacks,
Snacks have become the absolute highlight of childhood,
As time goes by, childhood has become a memory,
As we grow up, snacks also change
A little Hawthorn has changed into a hawthorn lollipop, a chocolate Hawthorn ball
The key to complete the great changes of Hawthorn
Hebei haozha Food Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “haozha”)
2021 spring total food exhibition
Hawthorn will carry the leading brand of high-end Hawthorn snacks
Star series is coming!
Childhood is gone forever,
But the taste of innocence is always there,
Your favorite Hawthorn snack,
Good Hawthorn will be satisfied!
Everything goes well if you want to succeed
What does Hawthorn snack look like in memory? Full of a large box, cuddle in the arms, small hearts have been satisfied.
And haozha’s new star series will be different! Star series is about to do bulk!
Liu Liqun, general manager, said: “this whole food exhibition is packed in bags and cans, and we hope to make the dealers all over the country shine.”
Liu Liqun, general manager of Hebei haozha Food Co., Ltd
Liu Liqun, general manager of Hebei haozha Food Co., Ltd
The first time I saw Liu Liqun, I was attracted by his eyes. It looks like Hawthorn after soaking, transparent but clear. “My parents have paid too much for the Hawthorn industry, and I can’t bear to see my mother’s swollen hands again because of the perennial production of hawthorn products,” he said With awe and love for his parents, he opened up the “Zha Laosan” series of products, and became the king of hawthorn with haozha. In order to realize his parents’ wishes more perfectly, he cooperated with Xiamen Dongchen chuangxiang Culture Communication Co., Ltd. to create Xingxiang series of products, opening a new journey for haozha.
Li Jun, project director of whole food exhibition organizing committee and editor in chief of snack Express
Xingxiang is a sub brand of Zha Laosan’s new medium and high-end line. From the perspective of brand connotation, “Xing” has the beautiful meaning of “rising star”, and it also has the homonym of “heart”, which means a wonderful experience. “Xiang” means the hope of success, and it is homonymous with “Xiang”, which means enjoying delicious food. “Xingxiang” is intended to create a brand with rich emotion, and convey the brand concept of “meet the heart (star) and immediately enjoy (want to use)”, which can give consumers unlimited Association, deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and win more attention for enterprises.
Zhu Yongming, general manager of Xiamen Dongchen Creative Culture Communication Co., Ltd
Yao Yibao, general manager of Quanzhou Tongce Network Technology Co., Ltd
Xingxiang contains Liu Liqun’s love for his parents and his blessing for his parents. I wish my parents all the best. He will continue to work hard to make hawthorn products with their love for hawthorn.
The pictures from left to right are as follows:
Yao Yibao, general manager of Quanzhou Tongce Network Technology Co., Ltd
Zhu Yongming, general manager of Xiamen Dongchen Creative Culture Communication Co., Ltd
Liu Liqun, general manager of Hebei haozha Food Co., Ltd
Li Jun, project director of whole food exhibition and editor in chief of snack Express
Xingxiang contains Liu Liqun’s love for consumers. I wish consumers enjoy healthy and safe food and everything they want.
E-commerce starts, full distribution of
In order to cater to the consumption upgrading and leisure travel direction, Liu Liqun subdivided and deepened the traditional Hawthorn categories, accurately focused on taste demand and food effect scenes, optimized and upgraded Baiqiao yoghurt Hawthorn ball, dark chocolate Hawthorn ball, hawthorn heaven and earth circle and other products to meet market demand and strengthen channel construction. Xingxiang series products are more in line with the needs of consumers.
What, you want to eat hawthorn, but my friend wants to eat Hawthorn ball?
no problem! Xingxiang series products are divided into snowflake bar, hawthorn Melissa, hawthorn Ding, hawthorn lollipop We have everything to meet different needs.
What? Where can I buy starthink products?
Turn on your cell phone, poke your finger, and deliver it by express. Of course, it’s also a good choice to go to the supermarket to pick up the shopping cart with friends on weekends.
“Hawthorn lollipops and chocolate Hawthorn balls are very popular on the Internet.” Yao Yibao, general manager of Quanzhou Tongce e-commerce, is full of vision and said: “I believe that we can get good results in tmall flagship store by acting for Xingxiang series products this time.”
In 2021, Xingxiang will be in full bloom in tmall flagship store and other e-commerce platforms. At the same time, Liu Liqun will open up thousands of offline channels to promote Xingxiang series products to every corner. You don’t have to worry about the late night greedy insects any more. You can buy Xingxiang series products anytime and anywhere.
Intensive cultivation of Hawthorn
Liu Liqun has always believed that a successful product should progress and grow together with dealers. “Our team pays special attention to the cultivation of cooperative dealers, which has also helped many dealers grow. Of course, in this process, we also grow together with our partners,” he said
Haozha is a team composed of post-90s and post-00s. They pursue the ultimate personality. They are more unrestrained and love healthy, safe and innovative food. As the leader of this young team, Liu Liqun deeply realizes that the Hawthorn market is still in a chaotic period. If a hawthorn product wants to be engraved in the eyes of consumers for a long time, it is necessary to make a clear positioning. Liu Liqun is very proud of this “Our whole brand positioning is the leisure snack market,” Liqun said From Zha Laosan to Xingxiang, haozha always keeps up with the two core consumer groups, young women and children, and makes a good subdivision planning of products to restore a sweet and sour childhood of consumers.
Nowadays, to make hawthorn products well is not only the wish of parents, but also deeply engraved in Liu Liqun’s bones, which has become his wish. He devotes his energy to brand development, takes quality R & D as the driving force, focuses on the layout of fine Hawthorn industry chain, broadens the audience group, attracts young consumers, and is committed to creating high-quality Hawthorn food, bringing top delicacy to thousands of households.
In the 2021 Shenzhen spring total food exhibition, Liu Liqun will take his wish to convey the love of haozha with Xingxiang series products, and wish everyone “Xingxiang is successful”.
March 4-6, 2021
Meet with “Hebei haozha food” Shenzhen International Exhibition Center
90 M2 luxury special decoration booth No.: 15c07
Never see you again!
Source: Snack express original article: reprint with authorization
Editor in chief: Li Jun
Author: Guo Jia editor: Song Guanchu

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