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Coca-Cola and PepsiCo are pushing new functional products. Unilever has stepped up the research and development of plant food, the new A2 of Niu LAN brand, and the new chairman of the the Yanghe River stock exchange. Who has given COVID-19’s end time expectation.

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Liquor stocks fell Luzhou Lao Jiao Baijiu reached a limit of 4% over Moutai (gross)

According to Luzhou Lao Jiao, today’s news, the Baijiu stock market is down, the plate index has dropped 5.4%, Luzhou Laojiao has touched the limit, Shanxi Fen Liquor has approached the limit, Jiugui Liquor has fallen by 8%, Wuliangye has fallen nearly 7%, and Moutai has fallen by over 4%.


Yonghui Supermarket: the shareholding ratio of chairman Zhang xuansong and his collaborators rose to 15% (36 krypton)

According to 36 krypton’s news yesterday, Yonghui supermarket announced that Zhang xuansong, chairman of the company, and his co-workers have increased their holdings of 0.21% of the company’s shares from February 18, 2021 to February 23, 2021, reaching 15%.


Xinyang Maojian: has been engaged in liquor trade business since the second half of 2020 (36 krypton)

According to 36 krypton news yesterday, Xinyang Maojian announced on the Hong Kong stock exchange that it has engaged in liquor trade business since the second half of 2020, with a turnover of about HK $69 million and a profit of 4 million yuan respectively. Meanwhile, considering that Maotai is a well-known trademark in China, in order to avoid misunderstanding or potential legal proceedings, it has supplemented the announcement that the company adopts the second name of “China Guolong Liquor Group Co., Ltd.” in Chinese Division “.


Zhang Liandong as chairman of Yanghe Co., Ltd. (company announcement)

On the evening of February 23, Jiangsu Yanghe distillery Co., Ltd. held the first extraordinary general meeting of shareholders in 2021, and deliberated and passed the “motion on the election of non independent directors of the seventh board of directors” and several motions. Among them, Yanghe elected Zhang Liandong as the chairman of the seventh board of directors and Zhong Yu as the vice chairman of the seventh board of directors.

Fonterra’s shareholding in bainmei dropped to 2.82% (company announcement)

Bainme announced on the evening of February 23 that the company had recently received a “letter of notification” from Fonterra. The company’s shareholder Fonterra Dairy Co., Ltd. completed the implementation of the reduction plan. During the period, it reduced about 30.68 million shares of the company, with the reduction price ranging from 4.47 yuan / share to 6.45 yuan / share, accounting for 3% of the total shares of the company. After this reduction,


Application for merger and reorganization has been submitted to the court (company notice)


According to Yurun Food’s announcement yesterday, the company was informed that the court has issued the (2020) Su 01 Po No. 40 and No. 41 announcement, pointing out that based on the high relevance between Nanjing Yurun, Anhui Furun and other 42 domestic companies (the “companies”), the manager of Nanjing Yurun has submitted an application to the court for merging these companies into the reorganization application of Nanjing Yurun and Anhui Furun. These companies are 42 wholly-owned subsidiaries of the company. According to the announcement, the outstanding bank loans of Yurun Food on June 30, 2020 were about 5.03 billion yuan. As of the announcement date, there was no significant change in the amount of the outstanding bank loans. In addition, as of the date of the announcement, Yurun Food has not received any notice from the creditor bank that it needs to repay immediately due to the violation of the loan agreement due to the merger and reorganization application.


Tibet Water Resources announced to issue convertible bonds supplementary agreement (company announcement)


Yesterday, Tibet water resources issued a supplementary announcement on the proposal to issue 5% convertible bonds with a principal amount of HK $379.62 million due in 2024. As a result, the situation described in paragraph (J) will no longer be a bond adjustment situation, the supplementary agreement said.

Fonterra’s outlook was upgraded to “stable” this month and its “a” rating was reiterated by Fitch Ratings, according to foreign media today. The agency said its main rating drivers included Fonterra’s significant progress in refocusing on its core New Zealand dairy business. In a statement to the ASX, Marc rivers, Fonterra’s chief financial officer, said: ‘this reflects the progress made by the cooperatives following the strategic review. Unilever plans to increase investment in research and development of plant-based products (Food Business News) according to foreign media yesterday, Alan jope, chief executive of Unilever, said at the recent cagny conference that plant-based food is a growing field of opportunities, in which Unilever has obvious competitive advantages and will continue to expand its advantages. He pointed out that in the food sector, the company’s plant protein structure capabilities have been applied to the core brand Hellman’s and meat substitutes, and Unilever has also decided to gradually increase R & D investment in the next three years.

Coca Cola’s high-end water brand smartwater + will launch its new sub brand smartwater + in March, and launch three new functional products under the brand, including helping to concentrate, help calm, rejuvenate the body and replenish water, foreign media reported today. New brand of Pepsi juice beverage

Niulan brand is promoting the new product of A2 infant formula in the UK. According to foreign media yesterday, Danone’s Niulan brand announced that it will launch infant formula made from A2 protein milk source in the UK, covering 1-3 stages of formula. Sarah Cumming, British consumer marketing director of Danone specialty special nutrition, said that A2 protein milk source has become the trend of the global infant formula market, and seven new products have been launched in the past six months.

Else nutrition has developed a proprietary process to improve the safety of infant nutrition food (company news, snack generation). Recently, else nutrition, which has been invested by the health group, announced that it has developed a proprietary process to ensure the safety of infant formula food. Hamutal Yitzhak, chief executive officer and co-founder, said, “this latest development brings the company closer to providing clean label, plant-based and least processed infant formula to parents around the world.”. According to xiaoshidai, last year, Jianhe group announced that its newh? Innovation investment fund had agreed to make a strategic investment in else nutrition. The two sides also signed a memorandum of understanding to sell else products, including milk free, non soybean infant formula and children’s nutrition drinks, in mainland China, Hong Kong, China, cross-border channels in China, France, Australia and Italy.

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Who gives COVID-19 end time forecast (overseas network)

Hans Kruger, director of the European Regional Office of the World Health Organization, said on the 23rd that the new pandemic will end in early 2022, Russian satellite news agency reported on the 24th. However, he also stressed that this is only a prediction, because no one can say exactly how the situation will develop. Kruger added that the worst is over and that the world has a more comprehensive understanding of the new coronavirus than it did when it first began to spread in 2020.


On February 20, the General Administration of Market Supervision announced the cancellation of the qualification certificates of three inspection and testing institutions, including the China Federation of Commerce food quality supervision, inspection and Testing Center (Harbin). Details are as follows.



3800 kg of illegally imported cold chain food destroyed in Cangxi, Sichuan Province

According to the market supervision bureau of Sichuan Province today, the market supervision bureau of Cangxi County recently carried out harmless destruction of 3800 kg of imported frozen cattle by-products illegally purchased at the harmless disposal point of Ziyun Industrial Park, which is the second public destruction of unqualified food since the County launched the “spring thunder operation 2021” and the cold chain logistics epidemic prevention and control law enforcement action. It is understood that the 3800 kg imported frozen cattle by-products, including frozen tripe and frozen yellow throat, could not provide effective “two certificates, one report and one information”.

The market supervision bureau of Guangrao County in Shandong Province launched a special inspection on the quality and safety of imported whey powder (Qilu Evening News)

According to Qilu Evening News today, a few days ago, the Dawang Market Supervision Office of Guangrao County Market Supervision Bureau of Shandong province carried out a special inspection on the quality and safety of imported whey powder in accordance with the requirements of the Provincial Bureau. The market supervision bureau of Guangrao County conducted a comprehensive inspection on the whey powder industry, sorted out the hidden dangers, and targeted inspection on the maternal and infant products and cake industry. At the same time, we also checked whether the product meets the relevant requirements of epidemic prevention and control, whether there is an entry new crown acid test report, etc.; we carried out a comprehensive inspection on the maternal and infant products stores and cake shops under our jurisdiction, urged the business units to strictly fulfill the main responsibility of food safety; we mobilized qualified maternal and infant products stores and cake shops to participate in the creation activities of assured consumer units, and guided them to combine with the actual operation In order to improve the operation and management level, we should make a reasonable layout, improve the business environment.

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