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Oatly, the world’s largest oat drink brand, announced its IPO! In China, it has entered tens of thousands of cafes

Oatly is ready to go to the United States! Taking advantage of the trend of plant-based diet, this oat plant protein brand from Sweden has been growing up strongly in the Chinese market in recent years.


Xiaoshidai noted that on February 23, oatly announced in an announcement on its global official website that Havre global AB (oatly’s parent company) had submitted a confidential document to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to conduct an initial public offering (IPO), and the number and price range of the offering had not been determined.


“The IPO is expected to take place after the SEC completes the review process and will be subject to market and other conditions.” The company said.


Today, oatly also confirmed the news to xiaoshidai. “Oatly has initiated procedures for the possibility of potential listing, and submitted a draft registration statement on form F-1 for IPO (initial public offering) in the United States to the securities and Exchange Commission in private. However, due to the confidentiality of the relevant procedures, we are unable to provide information other than press releases. “


Let’s take a look.


Rumor seeks a valuation of about $10 billion


According to official data, the Oatmeal Milk Company, headquartered in Malm ü, Sweden, was founded in the 1990s by Rickard Ö ste and Bjorn Ö ste, and now sells oatly products in more than 20 countries. It is the largest oatmeal beverage company in the world. The company uses technology based on the research results of Lund University in Sweden to produce oat plant protein products.


In fact, oatly’s planned listing has long been known in the industry.


In August last year, after a new round of financing, Forbes quoted people familiar with the matter as saying that oatly would be listed in the next 18-24 months. In January, US media CNBC quoted people familiar with the matter as saying that oatly plans to conduct an IPO in 2021. Earlier this month, a number of foreign media reported that oatly was seeking an IPO and was expected to land on the New York Stock Exchange as soon as may this year.


Oatly is considering seeking a listing valuation of about $10 billion, according to a report by Bloomberg this month.


The largest shareholder of oatly is verinvest, a Belgian family owned investment company. It is one of the earliest investors of oatly. They bought shares in 2016, but the data has not been disclosed, according to a report by Bloomberg yesterday.


In addition, public information shows that in July last year, oatly announced the sale of a small amount of equity to raise $200 million. The round is led by Blackstone Group Inc., with former chairman and CEO Howard Schultz of Starbucks, famous talk show host Oprah, actress Natalie Portman and entertainment company ROC nation founded by rapper Jay-Z.


Rapid development in China


Although the first stop for this oat milk brand to enter China three years ago was the supermarket, for Chinese consumers, most of them know oatly from the coffee shop.

Xiaoshidai learned that up to now, from coffee giants to all kinds of boutique coffee shops and wanghong cafes, oalty has entered tens of thousands of cafes across the country. Many tea, dessert, baking and other brands have also cooperated with oalty to launch oat based products.


Among the channels expanded by oatly, catering accounts for a relatively large part of sales. In addition, there are retail, e-commerce and special channels. According to the “2020 plant protein beverage innovation trend” released by tmall new product innovation center, consumers in tier 1-2 cities have the highest preference for oat based beverage, and oatly is the plant protein beverage brand with the highest preference for consumers in tier 1-2 cities.


At present, oatly has launched a number of oat based products in the Chinese market.


In addition to coffee master, mellow oatmeal syrup, original oatmeal syrup and other oatmeal drinks, there are oatmeal based cream, oatmeal yogurt, oatmeal ice cream and other foods. Xiaoshidai introduced that oatly oatmeal based cream made its debut in China in December last year. It is said that the oatmeal based cream meets the popular low-fat demand in the market. The fat content is less than 70% of dairy cream, and it does not contain trans fat. It can be used to prepare Oatmeal Milk covered tea.


Today, oatly China said to the snack agent that oatly has a rich product matrix and a variety of product forms. The products can be drunk directly, with coffee, milk tea, baked goods or even cocktails. It is suitable for breakfast, sports supply and daily drinking.


According to the data obtained by xiaoshidai from Euromonitor International today, in the Chinese market, the market scale of RTD ready to drink milk substitutes (including soybean milk, almond milk, coconut milk, oat milk, etc.) will be about 39.8 billion yuan in 2020. Among them, soybeans accounted for the largest proportion, about 11.2 billion yuan, while other milk substitutes (mostly from grains or nuts) accounted for about 28.5 billion yuan.


At present, China has become one of oatly’s most important growth markets in the world. In addition, oatly’s Singapore plant under construction is expected to be completed this year, which may supply to the Chinese market in the future.

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