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Chairman Li Jinji has a total wealth of US $17.4 billion. Nongfu Shanquan pushes “isoosmotic scream”. The first KFC food bank in Shanghai is launched. Nestle released the parenting index for the first time in the world, and it is said that Baiguoyuan is going to be listed on the gem

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Laxman Narasimhan, CEO of lijishi, said in a telephone interview yesterday that the strategic assessment of infant nutrition products in Greater China was aimed at solving the problem of the company’s lack of extensive coverage in maternal and infant stores. “It’s a very good business and has a very good brand.” He said. Xiaoshidai introduced the assessment yesterday.

Budweiser group announces 2020 results (Financial Times)

Today, Budweiser group, the world’s largest brewer, announced that its sales in 2020 were lower than expected, and said it expected to perform better this year as the epidemic began to subside. Excluding the impact of acquisitions and disposals, the group’s revenue fell 3.7% to $47 billion last year, while its sales fell 5.7% and profits fell nearly one-third to $5 billion from $7.2 billion in the same period last year as alcohol and social activities decreased worldwide during the epidemic.

Li Wenda, chairman of Li Jinji, has a total wealth of US $17.4 billion (Forbes)

Today, Forbes Asia released its 2021 Hong Kong, China rich list. Li Ka Shing’s wealth soared by 20%, and his total wealth rose to 35.4 billion US dollars, regaining the top of the list. This is mainly due to the soaring share price of zoom, the US listed company he holds, and the rise of his wealth. Li Wenda, the 91 year old chairman of Lee Kam Kee, still ranks sixth with a total wealth of US $17.4 billion, up from US $15.2 billion last year.

Nongfu mountain spring launched isoosmotic Scream (company news)

According to the official wechat of Nongfu spring today, Nongfu spring has launched a series of new products called “isoosmotic scream”. This sports drink is a professional water supplement, which can quickly replenish water and electrolyte in the body, promote the balance of water and electrolyte osmotic pressure in the body, promote the recovery of physical strength, and improve sports endurance. Isoosmotic scream will be launched on Taobao and tmall on March 8.

McDonald’s pilot light food series in Shanghai and Ningbo (surging News)

Yesterday, McDonald’s China launched a new light food series, which are now available in McDonald’s restaurants in Shanghai and Ningbo. McDonald’s China will further decide the adjustment and nationwide promotion of its follow-up products based on consumer feedback from the two cities.

Shanghai’s first KFC food bank launched (public news)

Recently, some people found that there was an extra refrigerator in front of the Nenjiang restaurant of KFC in Yangpu District of Shanghai. In the refrigerator, more than ten bags of packaged KFC original chicken, spicy chicken wings, Golden Chicken Nuggets, waffle, Kesong, etc. are placed neatly. This is a public welfare project launched by Shanghai KFC under the guidance of yinhang street in Yangpu District – KFC food bank. By setting up a “self-service refrigerator” at the door of the restaurant, the surplus food in the restaurant can be provided free of charge to the surrounding citizens in need, so as to reduce the “tip of the tongue waste”.

It is said that Baiguoyuan will be listed on the growth enterprise market


According to today’s IPO news, Baiguoyuan, the world’s largest fruit chain, has decided to be listed on the gem of Shenzhen Stock Exchange. In November 2020, Baiguoyuan and Minsheng securities signed a listing guidance agreement, which is currently in the first phase of guidance work.

Meituan lost the lawsuit for the former monopolistic act and paid a compensation of 1 million yuan (CFA)

Recently, the intermediate people’s Court of Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province, made a judgment on the former Zhejiang Jinhua meituan’s practice of requiring some merchants to enter into exclusive transactions with them, according to the Financial Association today. According to the civil judgment issued, Jinhua Branch of Beijing Sankuai Technology Co., Ltd. has committed unfair competition, which has damaged the legitimate rights and interests of lazas company and should bear civil liability. The court fully supported the claim of Shanghai lazas Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hungry) for Beijing Sankuai Technology Co., Ltd. (meituan) to compensate 1 million yuan for economic losses.

Haoliyou holding’s acquisition of Shandong Lukang biological equity approved (State Administration of market supervision)

According to the case of unconditional approval of concentration from February 8 to February 21 announced on the official website of the State Administration of market supervision, the case of haoliyou Holding Co., Ltd. acquiring the equity of Shandong Lukang Biotechnology Development Co., Ltd. is listed, which has been concluded on February 9, that is, it has obtained unconditional approval of concentration.

Baijiu stocks continue to fall (cover news)

Today, Baijiu stock opened up, then quickly turned green, afternoon decline continued to expand. By the end of the day, Guizhou Maotai had fallen 1.78%, below 2200 yuan to 2150 yuan per share. Since this week, Guizhou Maotai has fallen 12.60% and Wuliangye has fallen 16.11%. Yi Fang Da many funds are heavily holding high-end Baijiu shares such as Guizhou Moutai and Wuliangye, while in the continuous slump, Yi Fang Da Zhong small disk chose to suspend the purchase.



This morning, microblog user “Maotai 900 yuan is really not high” said on the social platform that it had reported to the State Bureau of letters and visits that Maotai Group used Xi liquor company to compete with Guizhou Maotai in the same industry, according to the Financial Association today. Detailed reasons are listed in the report letter, pointing out that there is a high degree of overlap between Xijiu and Maotai in terms of flavor, alcohol degree, price and consumer groups. Previously, the microblog user had sued Maotai for violating the articles of association with 197 minority shareholders, and Maotai subsequently cancelled the donation.

Sichuan: unswervingly support Wuliangye and Luzhou Laojiao to become bigger and stronger (Interface)


According to the news of the interface news today, Sichuan issued several measures to promote the quality development of Sichuan Baijiu industry (Draft). The draft proposes to unswervingly support Wuliangye, Luzhou Laojiao, Jiannanchun, Langjiu, tuopaishede and Shuijingfang “six Golden Flowers” enterprises to become bigger and stronger, establish a personalized and accurate service mechanism, strengthen the integration of factor resources, and support enterprises to become large-scale, stronger main businesses and better brands. The implementation of the “superior step” award scheme for superior Baijiu enterprises is implemented. The provincial industrial development funds give Baijiu enterprises a reward for their fast growth in annual sales revenue and large contribution to tax revenue.


Starbucks’ first sign language store in Midwest opens in Chengdu (Xinhuanet)


On February 24, Starbucks’ first sign language store in Midwest opened in Chengdu. Starbucks sign language store is the quietest Starbucks store, and its staff include some hearing-impaired people. Previously, Starbucks China has opened sign language stores in Guangzhou, Beijing, Hangzhou and Shanghai, each of which provides employment opportunities for the local hearing-impaired.

China Wangwang bought back 4.521 million shares, involving 26.0599 million yuan (Caihua Society)


China Wangwang announced that it would buy back 4.521 million shares on February 24, 2021, with a buyback price of HK $5.70 to HK $5.79 per share, involving a capital of RMB 26.0599 million, Caihua news agency reported today. The cumulative number of securities repurchased so far this year (since the adoption of the ordinary resolution) is 287 million shares, accounting for 2.314% of the issued shares at the time of the adoption of the ordinary resolution.


Tianrun dairy plans to invest 100 million yuan to establish Bachu Tianrun (Zhitong Finance)


According to Zhitong financial news yesterday, Tianrun dairy announced that it plans to invest 100 million yuan to establish Bachu Tianrun animal husbandry Co., Ltd. (tentatively named “Bachu Tianrun animal husbandry”). It is reported that the people’s Government of Bachu county has designed and constructed the infrastructure and supporting ancillary facilities of the 5000 head standardized dairy cattle breeding demonstration project according to the needs of the company’s dairy cattle breeding. After completion, the subsidiary established by this investment will lease and operate, invest biological assets on its own, and dispatch a production and operation team to be responsible for production and operation management. The announcement shows that this external investment is conducive to strengthening the construction of the demonstration project The company in southern Xinjiang market development, further optimize the company’s industrial layout.

Yili was awarded as “national advanced group for poverty alleviation” (company news)

Today, Pan Gang, Secretary of the Party committee, chairman and President of Yili Group, attended the summary and commendation meeting of national poverty alleviation held at the Great Hall of the people in Beijing. The meeting commended 1981 “national advanced individuals” and 1501 “national advanced collectives”. It is understood that Yili Group is also the only “national poverty alleviation advanced collective” in the national dairy industry. Pan Gang said that as an enterprise across the primary, secondary and tertiary industries, Yili connects 1.4 billion consumers and millions of farmers and herdsmen. The development of the enterprise is inseparable from their trust and support. At the same time, Yili should be grateful for its rapid development, actively repay and feed back the society, not only provide consumers with high-quality healthy food, but also lead farmers and herdsmen to get rid of poverty and become rich.

Fonterra raises bottom line of fy2021 earnings guidelines (company news)

Today, Fonterra announced to raise the bottom line of earnings guidance for fiscal year 2021 from NZ 20-35 per share to NZ 25-35 per share. Fonterra’s chief executive officer, miles Hurrell, said that despite the challenge and impact of the epidemic, his team remained firm and disciplined, and the company’s demand for New Zealand milk was strong and had been bringing its products to the market.

Fonterra to subsidize sustainable, high value milk (company news)

Today, Fonterra released details of the cost of paying dairy farmers for sustainable, high-value milk. From June 1, 2021, the company will pay up to NZ 10 cents for each farm’s milk, depending on the farm’s sustainability certificate and milk quality.

Nestle releases “parenting index” for the first time in the world (company news)

Recently, Nestle has launched the Nestl é parenting initiative – making parents’ lives easier (NPI), in which the parenting index is Nestl é’s first study of parenting experience in 16 countries around the world. Thierry philardeau, head of Nestle’s nutrition strategy business unit, said the parenting index hopes to help novice parents around the world find and solve problems, adding that Nestle’s mother and child promise to help 50 million children live healthier and happier lives by 2030. According to reports, Nestle mother and baby has optimized the global parenting support policy, and expanded Nestle mother group service (providing parents with online education and service platform) to provide more extensive support for parents. In the future, Nestle will release the “parenting index” every two to three years. In November last year, Nestle’s modern parenting guide was released in the nest mom group, providing a practical list for novice parents. In addition, in view of the parenting and emotional problems of Chinese novice parents, Nestle has joined hands with the authoritative organization “one mind” to provide services such as relieving anxiety for novice parents, and added parenting concepts such as “communication”, “social interaction” and “financial quotient” on the basis of traditional maternal and child education.

Temasek invests in next gen foods, a plant based chicken manufacturer, which has completed a $10 million seed round of financing jointly led by Temasek international, a rare early investment by the Singapore state-owned investment company. Investors involved in this round of financing also include K3 ventures and NX food, according to the news yesterday. According to reports, next gen foods products are made from soybean and Lipi, a plant-based material that can provide chicken flavor. Meng Xiong Kuok, chief executive of K3 ventures, said: “the ability to build non GM soybean products helps to ensure and lay the foundation for their access to the Chinese market.” UBS predicts that by 2025, the market value of vegetal based meat products will exceed US $51 billion, accounting for about 2.5% of the whole meat market.

Nestle’s acquisition of British recipe pack company simplycook (company news)

Nestle recently announced that it has agreed to buy British recipe pack company simplycook. According to reports, simplycook was founded in 2014, and its recipes include pre matched condiments and easy to cook recipes. Since its launch, the company has provided more than 20 million recipes to families across the UK. Simplycook will continue to be led by its founding team in London, with Nestle’s expertise and operational support. Nestle said home dining has become more important than ever, and the acquisition has further expanded the product portfolio of its retail and consumer businesses.

Hennessy becomes NBA’s first global liquor partner (company news)


Today, cognac brand Hennessy and the National Basketball Association (NBA) announced a global expansion of their partnership, designating Hennessy as “the official liquor of NBA”. The multi-year agreement is the first time that NBA has established a global partnership with liquor brands, which further expands the relationship on the basis of the North American agreement announced in February 2020. This partnership will be deepened in Africa, the Asia Pacific region, Europe and South America, and the Hennessy x NBA: lines Promo will be launched at the same time. Fans around the world will be able to taste the new Hennessy Limited Edition vs and VSOP specially designed to commemorate this partnership. The limited edition is now available in the United States and is scheduled to be available worldwide in the second quarter of 2021.  

Quick reading of food industry information


Recently, the General Administration of market supervision answered a message from netizens about “Internet community group buying platform dumping the market at a low price”: on December 22, 2020, the General Administration of market supervision, together with the Ministry of Commerce, held an administrative guidance meeting to standardize the order of community group buying, which was held by Alibaba, Tencent, Jingdong, meituan and Pinpin Duoduo, didi and other six Internet platform enterprises attended the meeting. The meeting seriously pointed out the prominent problems of low price dumping and disturbing the market order in the current community group buying, and required the relevant enterprises to strictly abide by the “nine Musts”, including not abusing the independent pricing power through low price dumping, price collusion, price coaxing and price fraud. In the next step, the market supervision department will study and judge in time, master the market dynamics of community group buying, and increase the supervision of Internet platform

Scientific Research Report on dietary guidelines for Chinese residents (2021) officially released (Economic Daily)

Today, the scientific research report on dietary guidelines for Chinese residents (2021), organized and compiled by the Chinese Nutrition Society, is officially released. The report points out that obesity has become the primary risk factor threatening the health of Chinese residents, and long-term adherence to a balanced diet is an important cornerstone of healthy longevity. The report summarizes the dietary factors associated with reduced risk of major health outcomes, including whole grains, vegetables, fruits, soybeans and their products, milk and its products, fish, nuts, drinking water (tea), etc. Excessive intake of dietary factors that can increase the risk of adverse health outcomes include livestock meat, smoked meat, salt, alcohol, sugary drinks, fat and so on.

Scotch whisky exports to China grow by 20.4% in 2020


Recently, the Scotch Whisky Association released the export data of Scotch whisky in 2020. The data showed that its total export value was 3.8 billion pounds (about 34.7 billion yuan), a year-on-year decrease of 22.6%; the annual total export volume was 1.14 billion bottles, a year-on-year decrease of 12.6%. Among them, the total export value of China in 2020 was 107 million pounds, an increase of 20.4% compared with 89 million pounds last year. For the first time, China ranked 10th in the top ten Scotch Whisky export value list.

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