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McDonald’s should start from “light”?

with surpass sister to jump together, McDonald’s light food first show is really unique!
Just after the Spring Festival, people’s enthusiasm for slimming is growing like spring grass, and the search volume for substitute food and light food is soaring again. However, it’s not easy to find a light meal that is low calorie and delicious and can be eaten persistently.
Recently, McDonald’s has launched a new light shabat series of light food meals. The low sugar and low calorie healthy formula based on high fiber Italian bread, together with the national sister Yang Chaoyue as the “beauty Fairy”, will set off a new light food trend in the spring of the year of the ox.
Facing the light food market which has experienced many twists and turns and needs to be revived urgently, where should chain catering brands grasp the consumption pain points? As a classic Italian bread, how does shabart bear McDonald’s ambition to enter the light food track? From changing the visual system to reducing the menu heat, how did the fast food giant successfully “transform” these years?
How can the light food market regain its vitality after years of silence?
In the past few years, light food is the first industry to witness and experience the upsurge of food trend. It’s like eating grass, eating cold food, lacking taste, and hard to stick to Almost one-sided negative comments let the light food industry bloom and wither rapidly. On the one hand, as a kind of food to replace the dinner, the early light food products were too single to adapt to the Chinese eating habits. On the other hand, in the light food business, the high cost brought by the vulnerable raw materials and the location of stores also makes it difficult for enterprises to adhere to.
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With the industry reshuffle in 2018, the era of light food 1.0, with start-up brands as the main force, has come to an end. Since 2019, with the rapid rise of substitute food products, the industry has begun to re recognize consumers’ demands for healthy low calorie diet. In fact, it’s not perfect. Too much like snacks, lack of dinner experience; single taste, difficult to adhere to Consumer complaint is the next opportunity!
Traditional catering brands may be the best force to revive the light food industry. Looking around in recent years, the whole light food circle is scattered, but lacks leading brands. With the rise and fall of wanghong brands, traditional catering brands have entered the market. Compared with the start-up brand, large chain catering enterprises have great advantages in cost control, product innovation, consumer touch and product concept communication efficiency. For example, Shaxian snacks launched “Shaxian light food”, KFC opened a light food restaurant “kpro” in Hangzhou, and Yoshinoya launched the concept store of light food in Japan.
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Players change, people seem to see the light food industry another spring is coming. Some people in the industry predict that the scale of China’s light food industry is expected to exceed 100 billion in the next three years, and gradually account for about 10% of the total catering revenue in five years. In Shanghai alone, there are more than 1200 light food restaurants. Many post-90s and post-95s even regard light food restaurants as punch in places and become labels of fashionable life.
For the new catering enterprises, how to make light food a delicious low calorie meal, rather than a cold salad chicken breast, not only depends on the brand’s understanding of light food, but also tests the brand’s ability to operate new categories and reach consumers.
Want to be a light eater?
Come to McDonald’s “chabat dance”!
Chabart is no stranger to Western food lovers. It was born in 1982 in Italy. It is named ciabatta (Italian for slippers) because it is similar to slippers. Chabat is made of sticky wet dough, with unique porous structure and soft, chewy taste, which is very suitable for soaking in soup or smearing sauce. It can also be paired with bacon, cheese, vinegar, the embodiment of delicious sandwich bread.
In the 1990s, chabart began to be popular in Europe. At the beginning of this century, it crossed the Atlantic Ocean and became popular in America. Whether it’s a fast food chain or a traditional main restaurant, shabat is always an indispensable staple food on the menu.
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For people who are controlling the card slimming, shabat is a natural slimming delicacy. Due to its unique porous structure and chewy texture, the formula of shabat is basically fixed, and its sugar content is 50% less than that of ordinary hamburger bread.
Today, the domestic trend of light food continues to spread. With a combination of low calorie and delicious food, shabat naturally becomes a favorite food in the light food industry.
On February 24, McDonald’s launched a new design of light shabat series, which combines high fiber bread shabat with low-temperature slow boiled chicken breast, steak and avocado. It is delicious and beautiful, and stands out among many light meals. The total calories of each chabat is less than 400 calories, which is equivalent to the calories of 4 bananas.
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It is reported that the new products will be launched in Shanghai and Ningbo stores simultaneously. The first two flavors are selected from the popular menus of light food lovers.
1. Low temperature slow cooking chicken breast with avocado chabat: select chicken breast, marinate and taste, adopt low temperature slow cooking technology, retain nutrition, lock water to a greater extent, and provide high-quality protein for human body. It tastes mellow and sweet with avocado and egg salad.
2. Original cut steaks shabat: select the original steaks with even and tender meat quality, marinate and taste, and give you the satisfaction of original juice and flavor. With special country salad sauce, sweet and sour tomato slices and crispy romaine lettuce, the taste is rich.
For a long time, McDonald’s, with its outstanding food innovation ability and accurate grasp of food culture and consumption trend, has brought double satisfaction to countless people. The launch of the new light shabat series will be an important milestone for McDonald’s to enter the light food market.
In order to make shabat’s light food image deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, McDonald’s has combined food with sports and fashion, and the three-dimensional marketing has become a classic case of breaking the circle of light food.
In addition to reflecting the light eating characteristics through low calorie, McDonald’s creatively created the concept of “chabart jump”. Eating light food and sports fitness are inseparable. The abstract concept of “light” is transformed into a concrete action symbol, which makes people form a deep memory instantly.
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This time, McDonald’s invited Yang Chaoyue, the younger sister of the Chinese people, to be a fairy. In the propaganda film, Yang Chaoyue wears a white and green dress with a spring look. Holding warm and low calorie, chabart is delicious. With the original chabart jump, it shows light posture and light mood, and vividly deduces the experience after light eating.
On the day of the new product launch, McDonald’s opened the off-line scene marketing with a light fashion show at the McDonald’s store of Shimao shopping mall on Nanjing East Road in Shanghai. The models wear the light fashion brand Neiwai (inside and outside), and wear accessories composed of small and fresh food patterns to perform the light beauty on the streets of Shencheng in spring.
At the flash scene, McDonald’s and keep, a professional fitness platform, jointly launched the “online 400 card Yoga Challenge”. The challenge is initiated by keep popular fitness talents and fans are invited to participate. Through a series of challenges, the new product of shabat has established a strong connection with the light eaters who pay attention to sports, and the communication effect has been maximized.
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McDonald’s and Neiwai’s “light sports gift bag” was also distributed to the light eaters. The transparent bag with fashionable brand feeling and built-in “light sports suit” make you “chabart jump” anytime and anywhere.
Flash shop, fashion show, fitness challenge, light sports suit, coupled with fragrant Shabbat delicacy, McDonald’s uses a dream linkage of multiple “light” dimensions, starting from the “light food” circle, to enter multiple circles of fashion and fitness, from the light food crowd to the public to express the “light” concept of life, demonstrate the “light” body state, and open up online and offline marketing Scene, to achieve a win-win situation of volume and sales.
Launch simple vision system, push control card package,
Increase the proportion of fruits and vegetables McDonald’s is becoming more and more light
As an international fast food giant with a history of 66 years, McDonald’s is trying to change its inherent impression in the hearts of consumers and make itself lighter and lighter in recent years.
Not long ago, Pearlfisher, an international design brand, officially unveiled its brand packaging vision system for McDonald’s. This new design will be launched to all stores around the world in two years.
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In the new visual system, the former gorgeous pictures are replaced by simple, small and fresh style illustrations. Whether it’s the blue wave of Maixiang fish, the huge egg yolk of Maiman, or the red wave of maixuan, or the two flowing orange cheeses on the double-layer cheeseburger, the most iconic and recognizable part of each food is selected in the new package, and then expressed by multiple color matching, simple plane illustration and geometric shape, making the overall vision brighter , relaxed and lively.
In the past, every packaging update of McDonald’s deeply reflects the social and fashion trend at that time. This simple and flat design style is more suitable for the current diversified consumer groups and social networks, and helps to achieve broader communication.
Changing the visual impression is just the first step for McDonald’s. In order to meet the consumption trend of low calorie control sugar, McDonald’s products caloric value is also trying to “slim down”.
In the early spring of 2019, McDonald’s will launch a combination of 500 kcal packages, including 482 kcal “no meat no pleasure” packages and 464 kcal “rare vegetarian” packages, covering breakfast, Chinese food, afternoon tea and other different periods. In order to enhance interactivity, McDonald’s also selected nine combinations including hamburgers and snacks, and called on fans to vote on social media to select the three most popular ones, which will be added to the menu list in the future.
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McDonald’s has developed an online nutrition computing service for consumers. Consumers can input “500” in the official micro signal background of McDonald’s, and then they can get a set meal combination of 500 cards randomly recommended. If the combination is arranged according to one meal per day, it will not be repeated within three months. McDonald’s is full of heart and sincerity to pass on the concept of meal heat control to consumers in a digital way by means of food combination.
Globally, calorie control has become an urgent public nutrition policy. From May 7, 2018, the United States began to implement a regulation formulated by the FDA: restaurants with more than 20 stores, companies operating vending machines, and other places selling cooked food must list food calories on the menu or food identification board. In China, body control and slimming have become consumption trends. How to respond to consumer demands on the menu has become a test paper that every catering enterprise must submit, and also an important means to win consumers in the fierce market competition. Facts have proved that McDonald’s digital strategy is quite effective for a large group of light eaters.
In October 2019, McDonald’s upgraded its happy meal from three piece set to four piece set, especially increasing the selection and proportion of fruits and vegetables to provide a richer and more balanced meal. McDonald’s aims at the children group and cultivates their scientific diet concept from childhood, which not only reflects their sense of social responsibility, but also locks in the future audience of McDonald’s.
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Light food is the product of conforming to the trend of the times. The ultimate goal of light food industry is to provide people with healthy (low calorie) and fast food with good eating experience. The recovery of light food industry depends not only on competitive products and mature and stable business model, but also on younger marketing methods, breaking the circle layer by layer and interacting with consumers without gap, so as to quickly complete the mental implantation and solidification of the brand.
This time, McDonald’s launched shabat, obviously more than its “predecessors” understand light food consumers. On the one hand, it borrows young people’s idols to hold up the fashion and delicious food, on the other hand, it relies on social marketing to break the circle, circle the powder, and move online and offline together. This kind of multi-dimensional and three-dimensional marketing can accurately grasp the preference of light food crowd, which is exactly where McDonald’s brand competitiveness lies, and is also the biggest contribution of shabat to the whole light food industry.
In the spring of the year of the ox, we look forward to China’s light food market blooming again!
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