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Sweet invitation: meet in Shenzhen and go to “sweet 1” together

Looking forward to, looking forward to, Shenzhen spring food exhibition, coming!
Huang caiyue, general manager of Shenzhen joy Food Co., Ltd
In this sweet day of spring blooming and circular growth, Shenzhen joy Food Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “joy food”) issued a sweet invitation, inviting you to go to the “sweet 1 pie” appointment, so that sweet 1 pie snacks can fill your stomach and your heart.
brings 6 categories to Shenzhen
In the spring total food exhibition, you can taste all kinds of delicious snacks, which is unique sweetness. Joy food will bring six categories of jelly pudding, dried beans, meat products, vegetables, drinks and hawthorn to the whole food exhibition, which will bring you 100% sweet feeling.
1. Smooth q-ball, natural sweet fruit flavor, 1-pie jelly, with milk rich and mellow milk pudding, as long as you eat one mouthful, you will harvest full vitality!

2. What can dried bean taste like? Sweet 1 selected soybean, made of bean curd tender and delicious, full of chewiness.
3. Meat products pay attention to crispness, sweet 1 pie through layers of process, produce crispness and delicious meat products, let you fall in love with this solid meat!
4. When tasting meat products, if you add a small dish, you will feel that your life has reached the peak! Sweet 1 pie is sweet and sweet of course; delicious side dishes, delicious to stop!
Tired and thirsty? Sweet 1 provides sweet drinks, anytime, anywhere, enjoy delicious; at this time, it is a little astringent and special thirst quenching lemon tea, you are worth having!
6. After tasting a circle of delicious food, you can use Hawthorn to appetizer, so as to enjoy more delicious food.
Six categories, sweet together, this spring, sweet together!
is designed to share sweet
with dealers
In 2021, Shenzhen spring total food exhibition invites many industry celebrities to share business opportunities. Joy food naturally to make the greatest efforts for this food event! Sharing sweet cooperation is based on common aspiration. Therefore, joy food has formulated strict cooperation principles
1. Looking for powerful distributors. General manager Huang caiyue said: “the distributors we cooperate with should have their own distribution warehouse and channel network, and have strong advantages in the cooperative market area.”
2. Only with complete software and hardware, strong financial strength and channel resources can dealers provide better services for channel network, promote products and build brands.
3. Credit is the guarantee. President Huang takes “credit” as his life creed. He said: “in business, we must be trustworthy. Only in this way can we get the recognition of both sides of the cooperation, and the business can last a long time.”
insists on leading the market by brand. Joy food will continue to explore the markets in South China, East China and southwest China, and expand the markets in Central China, North China, Northwest China and Northeast China.
As a local enterprise in Shenzhen, joy food will usher in a stronger development by taking this opportunity of spring whole food exhibition. To this end, joy food has formulated policies:
First of all, adhere to the brand introduction, and strive to build “sweet 1” into the preferred brand of China’s high-end jelly pudding industry. Only by persisting in brand guiding the market can we go further.
Secondly, improve the cost performance of products. “What we need to do is to make the milk pudding into the best cost-effective product, which is the shortcut and the most effective way to win the trust of channel customers and end consumers,” Mr. Huang said
Finally, we should continue to expand sales channels, get rid of geographical limitations, and promote sweet 1 pie milk pudding and six categories to the whole country; only more dealers join joy food can we open the national market and push the brand to a higher position.
March 4-6, 2021
Meet with “sweet 1” Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center
120 m2 luxury special decoration booth No.: 15b11
Never see you again! Contact: Mr. Cui 15662223888
Source: Snack express original reprint authorization
Editor in chief: Li Jun
Author: Guo Jia editor: Song Guanchu

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