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Domestic sports drinks track differentiation, launch “isotonic” new products

Nongfu Shanquan officially launched the layout of scream brand, and “isoosmosis” entered the innovation field of sports drinks.
In the context of great health, sports equipment, fat reducing meal substitutes, nutritional supplements and other kinds of segmented products emerge in endlessly. Sports drinks, which occupy a considerable share in the beverage market, are also in a good state.
Foodaily found that on February 25, the classic scream brand of Nongfu Shanquan guanxuan launched a new product, the third generation of isotonic “scream”, containing sea salt pomelo flavor (isotonic sports drink) and sea salt blueberry flavor (isotonic electrolyte drink).
It is understood that “isotonic scream” will be put on the shelves in Nongfu Shanquan Jingdong self operated store and tmall flagship store first, which means Nongfu Shanquan has announced to enter the “isotonic” innovation field of sports drinks, as well as the official layout of scream brand in 2021.
Isoosmotic concept, positioning professional sports water supplement A631
The concept of sports drinks, energy drinks, functional drinks and nutrient drinks on the market is very complicated. The advertising videos cross deliver many kinds of scenes, such as sports fitness, refreshing, replenishing water and energy. For consumers, it is almost “dazzling” and difficult to find the products that are really suitable for professional sports replenishment.
In view of this pain point, scream innovatively puts forward the concept of “sports water supplement, professional infiltration”, positioning scream from the sports beverage category to a more professional and more subdivided height.
An excellent sports drink should not only have water, electrolyte, proper sugar and energy, but also absorb quickly and reduce the burden. On the market, there are few brands strictly in line with sports drinks, and few brands are in line with the “isotonic ratio” to promote rapid absorption. Scream the launch of new products, just as professional athletes unique sports drink supplement formula, is isotonic sports drink. Bottled isotonic beverage is the best choice for those who have professional water supplement needs, such as fitness talents, sports fans and people who reduce fat and shape.
From this product positioning, the new face of “isoosmosis” concept is unknown. In fact, isotonic beverage refers to the beverage balanced with body fluid, and the osmotic pressure is 250-340 mosmol / L. Compared with the high osmotic beverage with high salt and high sugar (osmotic pressure > 340mosmol / L), the low osmotic beverage without electrolyte (osmotic pressure > 340mosmol / L)
What are the advantages of the new products?
Scream is a well-known brand for many people. The unique bottle design and thirst quenching taste are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. The multi-function cap carries the childhood memory of the post-90s. Under these impressions, it’s easy to forget that scream is actually a professional sports drink, which has been dedicated to replenishing water and electrolytes. What’s the difference between the two new models?
In terms of formula, the electrolytes of the two products contain sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium. Why is it such a ratio?
According to the information of scream’s external products, isoosmotic scream scientifically matches water and electrolytes. These four elements are the main components of electrolytes in sweat. The osmotic pressure of drink is similar to that of body fluid, and the components are similar to that of natural sweat, which can quickly supplement the loss of water and electrolytes caused by sweating. In addition, the proportion of sugar has also been scientifically adjusted. One is sugar containing “isotonic sports drink” and the other is sugar free “isotonic electrolyte drink”. The sports scenes are further subdivided to meet the water supplement needs under different exercise intensities. It can be seen that the new scream has made great efforts in refining the functions and understanding the needs of consumers.
In the face of high-intensity sports, the popular sugar free soft drink market is not really scientific. Adding appropriate proportion of sugar in the beverage can accelerate water absorption, replenish energy consumed rapidly for the body, and help maintain sports endurance performance under high-intensity exercise. Scream isotonic sports drink sea salt grapefruit flavor is suitable for basketball, football, high-intensity strength training and other high-intensity sports. It can also meet the needs of high temperature outdoor activities, strong physical labor and a large number of sweating people.
For people who prefer sugar free and low-intensity exercise, scream new products also provide isotonic electrolyte drink sea salt green orange flavor (sugar free). While providing electrolytes, sugar free can prevent excessive intake of energy, which is suitable for aerobic exercise or people with the purpose of weight loss, such as jogging, swimming, yoga and other short-term exercise with little physical consumption. After the investigation, it is found that sports people tend to prefer cool drinks with slightly sweet taste when they sweat more, so the sweetness of the two products are specially adjusted to meet the taste demand.
Sports subdivide blue ocean, scream and set up wind vane
The prospectus of Nongfu Shanquan quoted frost Sullivan report. It is estimated that the compound annual growth rate of China’s energy beverage market will be 9.65% from 2019 to 2024, and the market scale will reach 124.6 billion yuan in 2024. The market potential of energy drinks and sports drinks is huge. In this “big cake”, the market segment of professional sports rehydration is far from being fully developed.
During the epidemic period, schools, sports venues and other consumer places were closed, which greatly affected the overall performance of the functional beverage market. However, according to the mid-term report of Nongfu Shanquan in 2020, the income of functional beverage products reached 1.448 billion yuan, accounting for 12.5% of the total. Functional beverage is still a powerful strategic product for farmers.
Photo source: Nongfu mountain spring 2020 interim report
It is not difficult to see that in 2021, when the epidemic is about to subside, the whole sports beverage industry is about to usher in a retaliatory rebound in consumption, and the isotonic new products may occupy the commanding height of the professional sports water supplement scene through the positioning of “sports water supplement, professional isotonic”, so as to lead the industry trend.
There are many scientific research achievements on osmotic pressure and sports water supplement abroad, but isotonic beverage is still a new scientific concept in China. Isotonic beverage market can be called a blue ocean, and few enterprises dare to be the first to “eat crabs”. As the most innovative and pragmatic leader in the beverage industry, Nongfu Shanquan once again set up the industry vane and ran ahead.
Referring to the development law of overseas mature market, the continuous subdivision of product form and function is one of the development characteristics of sports nutrition and health market. The professional concept of isoosmosis is in line with the trend from “niche” to “mass”, so as to meet the increasingly diversified and professional endogenous needs of consumers.
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