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Thirty years of quick frozen dumplings, multi brand and multi taste rise

in the past 30 years, quick frozen dumplings have created brilliance, and will continue to create brilliance in the future!
When it comes to the Lantern Festival, it’s natural to have the leading role of tangyuan. Did you have Tangyuan yesterday?
Tangyuan, meaning reunion, can be said to be the most traditional Chinese cuisine.
During the Lantern Festival, there are many scenes that can not be forgotten in the memory of the Chinese people, such as making lanterns, eating dumplings, sitting around the family and having the lights on.
Nowadays, frozen dumplings have become an indispensable beautiful scenery on the Chinese table, accompanying people to spend the most beautiful and warm reunion time in the middle of every year.
From 1991, the first frozen dumpling was born in the hands of Chen Zemin, to 2021, just 30 years.
In the past 30 years, a small dumpling has developed into a huge industry of nearly 50 billion, becoming a representative product of China’s quick-frozen food, concentrating the development process of China’s quick-frozen food industry.
30 and stand, 30 and “beautiful”. Quick frozen dumplings, more and more colorful.
On the occasion of the Lantern Festival, Mr. cold food brings you a plate of quick-frozen dumplings for the past 30 years.
Not long ago, Sanquan launched the 30th anniversary version of Tangyuan, which aroused many people’s feelings in the industry: in the twinkling of an eye, quick-frozen Tangyuan has been born for 30 years, which means that China’s quick-frozen food industry has gone through 30 years of development.
As the father of Chinese quick-frozen dumplings and the pioneer of Chinese quick-frozen food industry, Chen Zemin, founder of Sanquan food, personally appeared on the camera, shooting advertising films and endorsing products.
Photo source: video capture
In the camera, he holds the patent certificate of quick-frozen dumplings in one hand and a bag of simple frozen dumplings in the other hand, saying: “I’ve been working for 30 years since the invention of quick-frozen dumplings.”
In a word, it brings people’s mind back to the scene of the birth of the first quick-frozen dumpling in the 1990s.
development history of quick frozen dumplings
At that time, Chen Zemin was still the vice president of Zhengzhou second people’s hospital. In order to save money for his two sons to marry their wives, he and his wife set up Sanquan cold drink department, specializing in soft ice cream. Ice cream has obvious seasonality. In winter, workers have nothing to do. To retain workers, Chen wants to do something else.
In the early years, when he worked in Sichuan, he learned how to make tangyuan. He usually made some for his relatives and friends, which everyone liked very much. He saw the northeast people put the endless dumplings outside to freeze, so he had the idea of making “frozen dumplings”.
In his early years, Chen Zemin used a small stone mill to push rice flour and make dumplings to share with his relatives and friends
The road to innovation is not easy. When he began to make dumplings, he filled the stuffing into the outer skin and then frozen it. The outer skin of dumplings always cracked, and the filling was not firm.
Later, he learned from the practice of sandwich ice cream, first frozen the stuffing, then frozen the upper layer twice, and finally successfully made frozen dumplings. Chen Zemin called this method “second quick freezing”.
This technology makes Tangyuan really move from normal temperature to quick-frozen, and the quick-frozen Tangyuan industry is born.
At that time, it happened that a TV play called lingtangyuan was popular. Chen Zemin was keen to smell the business opportunities and named the developed Tangyuan, and registered many trademarks such as “Ling”, “sanquanling” and “Sanquan” for the first time.
The success of product development is only the first step, more important is to sell.
At that time, Chen Zemin rode a tricycle after work at 5 p.m. every day, with cooking utensils and pots and pans, and made trial meals along the streets to sell dumplings to non-staple food stores. For this new thing, many stores are holding a try mentality at the beginning, leaving two pieces to “sell and see”. Unexpectedly, the sales situation is very good.
“Basically, as long as the door-to-door delivery once, the next time the buyer will definitely take the initiative to ask for the goods.” Chen Zemin once said this in an interview with the media.
In order to promote Sanquan Tangyuan, Chen Zemin also went to Lanzhou to participate in the fair, which was also a great success.
Chen Zemin promoted Tangyuan at the production and marketing meeting in his early days
Later, Sanquan launched an advertisement on CCTV, and the slogan “Sanquan lingtangyuan is delicious, fragrant and sweet” became popular all over the country.
Sanquan’s glutinous rice dumplings are selling very well, and factories of all sizes in Zhengzhou have begun to launch quick-frozen glutinous rice dumplings. Among them, there is Miss food which is close to Sanquan food.
Li Wei, the founder of Miss food, graduated from the Journalism Department of Zhengzhou University and worked as a civil servant and reporter. Later, he felt that he still liked to do business, so he got the agency right of Helu Xue in Zhengzhou and got the first pot of gold in his life.
When making cold drinks, Li Wei encountered the same problem as Chen Zemin – obvious seasonality. Seeing that Sanquan’s dumplings sold well, he built a factory, that is, missing food.
Li Wei has his own idea in the production of glutinous rice dumplings: “following others can never be the first, the enterprise must have its own core products.”
They found that the mainstream dumplings in the market at that time were 30g large dumplings, and there were few enterprises producing small dumplings, but the market acceptance was very high. Miss immediately decided to “small hit big”, the production of 10 grams of small soup round jade pearl.
As soon as Xiaotang Yuanyu Pearl was listed on the market, it became popular rapidly, even in the off-season. In order to better meet the market demand, in 1998, Miss food introduced a production line with a daily output of 40 tons. According to relevant statistics, in 1998, the sales of Miss dumplings exceeded 40 million yuan.
Missing jade pearl has become one of the most classic cases in the history of tangyuan. Miss food is relying on this product to gain a firm foothold in the frozen dumpling industry, and officially has the strength to “fight” with Sanquan food. Quick frozen food was born and began to compete secretly.
From 1991 to 2007, it should be regarded as the stage of barbaric development of the industry. In the case of a large number of production enterprises and serious homogenization, the glutinous rice dumpling consumer market began to weaken. How to increase the attractiveness to consumers has become a problem for many enterprises.
This time, miss is ahead of Sanquan.
In 2007, Miss food made a collection of high-end products and launched yutangyuan series, which not only optimized the taste, but also adjusted the gram weight of the product from 10g to 20g, which was between the big and small tangyuan.  
Sanquan food later launched runtangyuan. At that time, it happened before and after the Olympic Games, so runtangyuan also had the color of the times, and its full name was “Sanquan champion runtangyuan”.
Miss yutangyuan, Sanquan champion runtangyuan
Miss yutangyuan and sanquanrun Tangyuan have opened a new world for the Tangyuan industry. The competition among enterprises has shifted from price to quality – the materials used for the products are better and the packaging is more exquisite. From then on, the quick-frozen dumpling industry entered the “high-end era”.
The birth of fruit dumplings has brought about a qualitative change in the industry.
In 2010, Sanquan love fruit Tangyuan was born, tangyuan industry entered the “fruit era”.
Sure enough, they like to use fruits as stuffing, which is more nutritious and healthy. They have torn off the label of “high oil, high sugar, unhealthy” of traditional dumplings, which is more in line with the taste of young consumers. More importantly, it is the first time to endow Tangyuan with the attribute of desserts.
From staple food to leisure desserts, tangyuan is more fashionable, has higher added value, and the seasonal characteristics are weakened, so daily consumption becomes possible.
This change of orientation has epoch-making significance, and also has a profound impact on the later development of tangyuan. After the fruit dumplings, whether it’s crystal dumplings from Wanchai wharf, Miss Flower Fairy dumplings, or three full-color dumplings, they all have desserts labels in their positioning, which continue to promote the development of sweet dumplings.
Sure enough, as soon as Aifu was listed, it quickly caused a “fruit storm” in the whole industry. Miss, Cody, Bingyu and other large and small enterprises have launched fruit dumplings. This makes the weak glutinous rice dumpling market rejuvenate and expand its capacity again.
Fruit dumplings are innovative in stuffing, while crystal dumplings are “revolutionary” in skin.
In November 2013, Wanchai wharf put lotus root flour into the skin and launched crystal dumplings. Red, black and yellow fillings can be seen through the skin. After Miss yutangyuan uses colorful pattern skin, the appearance of Tangyuan is upgraded.
Image source: Internet
In 2014, Sanquan food also launched crystal dumplings, and boldly used the image of red lips on the packaging, with full visual impact.
From the final market feedback, crystal dumplings is not a successful “commodity”, but the innovative spirit of enterprises in the dumpling skin is still worthy of recognition.
When Wanchai wharf and Sanquan are innovating in the shell of dumplings, miss the choice to break through from the filling.
In 2014, Miss launched huaxianzi Tangyuan, which includes roses, chrysanthemums, osmanthus and other edible flowers in the stuffing, making Tangyuan not only delicious, but also “romantic”.
The addition of flower elements makes Tangyuan a step forward on the road of desserting.
If the “romantic” attribute of Miss huaxianzi dumplings reaches its peak, then the three full-color dumplings are delicious, good-looking, and fun, and are promoted to the Internet red.
In October 2015, Sanquan launched colorful dumplings, the skin of which is made of seven colors of natural fresh fruits and vegetables; the weight is only 5g, but the filling content is as high as 25%.
image source: Internet
In addition to the “dazzling” color, the most surprising thing about this product is that for the first time, it uses a spiral tray and colorful dumplings, which are displayed on a tray similar to Zuma game, increasing interaction with consumers!
From this point on, the criteria for judging whether a dumpling is good or not are not only “good or not”, “good or not”, but also “good or not”.
Sanquan, which has tasted the sweetness from it, will innovate again in September 2019. On the basis of colorful small dumplings, we introduced the classic food material “taro yuan” of desserts. At the same time, we pioneered the innovation of special-shaped cartoon taro yuan in the industry, and formed a cross-border CP of Tangyuan and taro yuan, which is a big step in the direction of desserts.
Tangyuan, which has been labeled as “high in oil and sugar”, is not a healthy food. However, from fruit dumplings to flower fairy dumplings, and then to colorful dumplings, and sugar free dumplings and other new product development, dumplings have been trying to tear down the unhealthy label.
Dahuang rice dumplings, which began to “fire” in 2017, have become the biggest beneficiaries by virtue of health preservation and health attributes.
The first to sell rice dumplings is Shandong dalie food. As early as 2015, the company launched rice dumplings. Since 2017, with the concept of health preservation, high appearance value, and with the help of emerging e-commerce channels such as wechat, Dahuang rice dumpling has become a popular “yellow fat man” and has continued to this day.
A6022 image source: Internet
In 2018, Shandong Dique, Henan Furun and other small and medium-sized enterprises joined, and then Sanquan, Xiangxiang, Qianwei central kitchen and other large enterprises began to follow up. Glutinous rice dumplings have become another super product in the industry after fruit glutinous rice dumplings.
It is worth noting that this round of “food fashion” is led by small and medium-sized enterprises, and large enterprises only join after they have formed a certain market influence. Accordingly, there are new breakthroughs in the sales channels of Dahuang rice dumplings.
It was first sold by micro businesses. Later, with more and more enterprises producing it, it gradually entered the traditional super offline channels. It can be said that it is a “grassroots counter attack” product.
At present, in new channels such as community group buying, Dahuang rice dumplings are still popular and hot
30 years is a short time.
30 years is also very long, condensing the painstaking efforts of countless people.
frozen dumplings keep changing:
The appearance of Tangyuan is becoming more and more colorful from white to colorful patterns; the content of Tangyuan is becoming more and more diversified from black sesame and peanut nuts to black sesame, fruit, flowers and rice; the packaging of Tangyuan is becoming more and more rich from transparent plastic bags in the early stage to hardcover with carrying box in the later stage to cartons now The packaging is becoming more and more exquisite; the Tangyuan channel has changed from early street sales to later supermarket sales, and now it is sold through all channels
frozen dumplings have not changed, always reposing people’s hope for family reunion and happiness.
looking back, is to better start! In the past 30 years, quick-frozen dumplings have created brilliance and will continue to create brilliance in the future!
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