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1. Mengniu’s eight new products bombed the “milk flavor” market in spring, and introduced “living bacteria” into bubble water for the first time
2. Coca Cola Chunyue promotes the first functional soda water, ah! Ha! Bubble water popular in North America enters China
3. Black science and technology + grain regimen, Yili grain promotes the first milk that can be directly heated by microwave in China
4. Vitasoy enters the bubble beverage market, and the first new bubble lemon tea comes into the market
5. Voss plus bubble water, protein peptide bubble water 19.8 yuan per can
6. Happy lemon join hands with oulezhi to promote new plant-based milk tea
7. New whey protein energy bar of Schlegel comes on the market
8. McDonald’s light food new products first show, two light shabat delicious products on the market
9. Tims Coffee China completes a new round of financing, Sequoia leads Tencent to increase its holdings
10. Baobaochan obtained over 100 million yuan of a and a + round financing, and Tiantu capital invested exclusively
11. Aiming at the whole industry chain product retail of hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot, lazy bear hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot completed a round of financing of RMB 100 million
12. Positioning high-end products, ramen said to complete the sixth round of financing in five years
13. Riri cook completed $25 million C1 round of financing and will continue to promote fast cooking products
14. With annual sales exceeding 70 million yuan, Yangji Shanye, a fast-food rice noodle brand, received 10 million yuan pre-A round of financing
15. Mosa meat, a Dutch start-up, has completed a round B financing of US $85 million
16. Coca Cola plans to acquire a controlling stake in body armor, a sports drink brand, in an attempt to narrow the brand gap
17. Open up e-commerce channels, Nestle acquires D2c brand simplecook
18. Indofood terminated its partnership with Pepsi and spent $35 million to acquire shares in the joint venture
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Recently, Mengniu has launched eight new series of new products, occupying the spring “milk flavor” market in an all-round way. New products include Zhenyang protein beverage “Qi” xiangruyi, real fruit milk beverage “Hongyou sijichun”, Mengniu reduced sugar and high calcium flavor fermented milk, Mengniu aMule yogurt, Mengniu zero sucrose flavor yoghurt, green mood Zhiqing series ice cream and variable series ice cream, and Aishi Chenxi no cheese stick.
It is worth mentioning that the green mood plant light series is a new herbaceous plant series. It selects high-quality raw materials, controls sweetness / is rich in dietary fiber, and its formula is more healthy. It has three different flavors: blackcurrant, barley RUOYE green group and enzyme green plum. The Changbian series adds a variety of selected ingredients to the new products, including Caramel pearl flavor and sauteed rum flavor, as well as the new products of pistachio and hazelnut crispy ice cream co branded with three squirrels.
In addition, Mengniu’s lactic acid bacteria brand “Youyi C” introduced the concept of “living bacteria” into bubble water for the first time, and launched a 0-fat, low sugar living bacteria bubble water – “living bacteria bubble”, which can help digestion after meals and maintain normal intestinal function. This move not only breaks through the limitation of single category, but also shows Mengniu’s determination to continue to work in the field of qipaoshui. The new products are known to have original taste and red rum, which are not on sale at present.
Recently, Coca Cola’s brand Chunyue entered the soda water circuit and launched two soda water drinks with the main theme of “0 steam, 0 sugar and 0 fat”. One of them added nicotinic acid, a B vitamin indispensable in energy metabolism; the other added zinc, which helps to improve appetite. Chunyue is the first functional soda beverage on the market with a unit price of 4 yuan. It has set up an offline flash shop in Sichuan since February 21, and the product will soon be launched in Sichuan.
Photo source: Chunyue
In addition, ah! Ha! Bubble water, a popular product of Coca Cola family in North America, has also entered the Chinese market and appeared in offline image stores in Chengdu. The main product is “0 sugar, 0 calorie, 0 fat”. It has two flavors of White Peach Oolong and grapefruit sea salt. It adopts 1 + 1 flavor system, natural fruit aroma and unique fresh air, bringing consumers a new experience of drinking freely.
Health preserving with grain method
Recently, Yili cereedo launched the first milk “baonuan milk” that can be directly heated by microwave oven in China. The new product adopts the warm stomach combination of red jujube, medlar and oats, which continues cereedo’s “cereals regimen” route.
In the packaging, the new product uses new materials to replace the original metal aluminum foil layer, which not only avoids the risk of metal materials in the process of microwave heating, but also can well block light and oxygen, prevent water vapor evaporation and odor infiltration. In addition, the unique packaging material heating and sealing technology also ensures the tightness and sterility of the carton in the process of transportation; a cup of warm milk can be obtained by heating for 30-40 seconds.
Photo source: Granada
Recently, Vita milk launched its first bubble lemon tea, officially entering the bubble beverage market. It is reported that the product follows the packaging of Vita lemon tea, highlighting the bubble element with the words “very impressive” and bubble pattern, making a distinction from the traditional lemon tea products. The new product is canned, and the product specifications are 310ML and 200ml. At present, it has not been put on the market in a large area.

Foodaily has put forward “fancy bubbles, an irreversible new trend” in the commercial hot spots in 2020. In recent years, bubble elements have indeed set off a boom in the food and beverage industry, and Nongfu Shanquan, Yili, Meng and other giants have also entered the market.

Recently, Voss FOSS of Huabin group launched protein peptide bubble water, expanding bubble water territory again. New products have litchi rose, citronella two flavors, add sturgeon collagen peptide, with antioxidant, free radical scavenging, detoxification, enhance the body’s immune capacity and other functions.
The inspiration of the new product comes from the high-end food material “caviar”. Through the leading bio refining technology, the nutritional value of sturgeon is given to bubble water to create a high-end nutritional bubble water drink. The price of the product is 249ml / can / 19.8 yuan.
Recently, happy lemon and plant-based beverage brand oulezhixuan launched two new milk tea products based on plant protein milk: purple potato taro round milk tea shake and red bean fried pearl milk tea shake. The purple sweet potato and taro round taste includes Bigen broken fruit, purple sweet potato rice paste and small taro round, with thick base; the red bean fried bead taste is full of bursting point, perfectly integrated with the extremely low calorie milk of padanmu.
The new product is designed to cover lactose intolerance, vegetarians, people who control sugar and reduce fat, and fitness talents. It has been launched in more than 1000 happy lemon stores in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, etc.
Photo source: Shanghai
Foodaily found that Schlegel has introduced its whey protein energy bar products to China. The products retain Schlegel’s classic Caramel peanut flavor, and contain 20g high-quality protein (including whey protein, milk protein and calcium caseinate), 8g dietary fiber and 0 trans fatty acid, which can relieve hunger and bring a sense of continuous satiety and replenish energy anytime, anywhere. At present, the product has been put on the shelves of tmall flagship store, and the activity price is 57g * 5 pieces / 99 yuan.
Photo source: snicker tmall flagship store
Recently, McDonald’s launched two new light food products for the first time, namely low-temperature slow boiled chicken breast with shea butter and original cut steak. Together with keep, McDonald’s created the exclusive “shea butter light exercise” and 400 calories Yoga Challenge.
Among the new products, shabat comes from Italian “slipper bread”, which is not only flexible and chewy, but also high in fiber and low in sugar. The two new products are rich in high-quality protein and dietary fiber, and the calories are no more than 400kcal! With egg salad, sliced tomato and romaine lettuce, the taste is smooth and fresh, benefiting mouth and body. At present, the launch of new products is limited to McDonald’s restaurants in Ningbo, Shanghai.
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Photo source: McDonald’s
It is reported that Tim Hortons Coffee China has completed a new round of financing, which is led by Sequoia Capital China fund, increased by Tencent, and followed by Zhongding capital. This is also the second financing it has obtained after entering China for two years. This round of funds will be used for store expansion, digital infrastructure and brand building.
Tims is Canada’s “national coffee” brand, officially entered the Chinese market on February 26, 2019. At present, more than 150 cafes have been opened in 10 first – and second tier cities in China, and the store level profits have been realized.
Photo source: Tim Hortons
It is reported that baobaochanle, a brand of baby health food, has completed over 100 million yuan a and a + rounds of financing last year, which is exclusively invested by Tiantu capital. This round of financing will be mainly used for supply chain transformation and brand building.
Founded in 2016, baobaochan is committed to the development of nutritious and delicious food suitable for Chinese babies, which is roughly divided into three categories: food materials, snacks and condiments. At present, there are more than 40 SKUs. Now we have established our own food laboratory and cooperated with more than 30 factories. In 2020, the company’s performance will grow significantly, and in the same year, double eleven will become the first brand of tmall’s “baby snacks” category.
Photo source: Baby greedy
On February 24, it was reported that lazy bear hotpot had recently completed a round of financing of nearly 100 million yuan, which was led by XingTuo capital, followed by Guosheng capital, an old shareholder, and BYD capital. This round of funds will be mainly used for digital system research and development and market expansion.
Established in October 2019, lazy bear hotpot is a retail brand of hotpot products in the whole industry chain. The categories of its stores are mostly hotpot ingredients and semi-finished products, with 350-400 SKUs. Around the different needs of three meals a day, lazy bear hotpot covers breakfast ingredients such as hand-made cakes and dumplings. Besides hotpot ingredients and semi-finished products, it also cooperates with 100 + restaurants such as Northwest cuisine and Sichuan Hunan cuisine to launch dishes.
Image source: Google
According to tianyancha app, on January 7, new food brand Ramen said it had completed the latest round of financing. This round of financing is exclusively invested by maixing capital, which is also the sixth round of financing completed within nearly five years since the establishment of ramen.
Ramen said was founded in 2016, positioning high-end product line, mainly aimed at contemporary young people. In February 2018, it settled in tmall flagship store, and the sales volume of double 11 exceeded 10 million in the same year. According to statistics, the sales volume of ramen in 2020 has reached 600 million, and it is the only instant noodle brand that has entered the top 10 of tmall FMCG in 2020.
Photo source: Ramen story
Recently, the gourmet lifestyle brand ririricook announced the completion of US $25 million C1 round of financing, led by the private investment fund of Henderson real estate and Dr. Li Jiajie, chairman of Hong Kong China gas. This round of financing is mainly used to continuously promote fast cooking products and expand food technology R & D business.
Established in Hong Kong, China in 2012, riricook entered the mainland market in 2015. It is a start-up enterprise that produces all kinds of food ingredients and promotes home cooking. At the same time, it builds a resource sharing platform for entrepreneurs in the field of food and life. Its core belief is to promote healthy home cooking.
It is reported that Yangji Shanye, a fast-food rice noodle brand, has completed a round of pre-A financing of 10 million yuan last year. The investor is Sanqi mutual entertainment, and this round of financing funds will be used for new product development.
Yangjishanye was founded in 2017, taking “Nanchang mixing powder” as the marketing focus to strengthen the user’s mind. At present, the product has a total of 10 flavors, with pricing ranging from 7 yuan to 33 yuan. In 2020, “yangjishanye” will sell more than 10 million boxes of rice noodles, ranking first in the category of “Nanchang mixed rice noodles” of Taoxi e-commerce.
Photo source: yangjishanye flagship store
15、荷兰人造肉初创公司Mosa Meat完成8500万美元B轮融资
Recently, Mosa meat, a cell meat start-up, completed a US $10 million round B financing, bringing the total amount of round B financing to US $85 million. The funds will be used to expand the pilot production facility in Maastricht, the Netherlands, as well as to develop industrial scale production lines and construction teams.
Mosa meat was founded in 2013, focusing on the development of laboratory grown “artificial meat”. In the same year, it launched the world’s first “artificial beef hamburger”, in which “beef” was grown from bovine cells.
Photo source: Mosa meat
Coca Cola is trying to close the gap between its powerade and PepsiCo’s Gatorade by acquiring a controlling stake in body armor, a fast-growing sports drinks brand. In 2018, Coca Cola took a stake in bodyarmor. The investment aims to create value for both companies while laying the foundation for future ownership.
At present, the two companies will continue to follow the existing agreement and maintain their independent operation. But Coca Cola said on February 21 that it had filed a pre acquisition filing with the Federal Trade Commission.
Photo source: bodyarmor
It is reported that nestle will establish its position in e-commerce by acquiring simplecook, a British recipe kit company. Simplecook, founded in 2014, aims to provide thousands of families with easy to make and delicious recipes.
Nestle said the deal reflected growing consumer interest in food and subscription services and provided a huge growth opportunity. Meanwhile, as part of the deal, the company will continue to be led by its founding team.  
Photo source: simplecook
On February 17, Indian food company Pt indofood CBP sukses MAKMUR (icpb) bought shares in Pepsi Cola and its joint venture fritolay MAKMUR (IFL) for us $35.13 million. According to the terms of the agreement, IFL will stop producing and selling Pepsi Cola products such as lay’s and Doritos. Meanwhile, PepsiCo cannot sell any competitive products in the country. After the completion of the transaction, indofood’s equity in IFL increased from 51% to 99.99%.
Image source: Google
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